Marcos Siega

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2008 La théorie du chaos (Chaos Theory) 87
2005 Pretty Persuasion 110
2005 Underclassman 95
1999 Blink-182: The Urethra Chronicles62
Moyenne de tous ses films13.25

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2005 Pretty Persuasion 110
Moyenne de tous ses films13.29

Réalisation de séries

1x06 Ray Ray20/11/2002
1x13 Defense (1)31/01/2003
Oliver Beene
2x10 Girly Dad27/06/2004
Veronica Mars
1x09 Drinking the Kool-Aid30/11/2004
1x14 Mars vs. Mars15/02/2005
1x21 A Trip to the Dentist03/05/2005
Cold Case (Cold Case : Affaires classées)
3x06 Saving Patrick Bubley06/11/2005
4x08 Fireflies12/11/2006
6x16 Jackals08/03/2009
6x19 Libertyville29/03/2009
1x06 Whistleblower18/01/2007
1x16 Blind Trust22/02/2007
2x03 Eye of the Beholder07/10/2007
2x09 Burning Sensation18/11/2007
Traveler (Traveler : Ennemis d'État)
1x03 New Haven06/06/2007
The Nine (The Nine : 52 heures en enfer)
1x13 Confessions05/09/2007
2x02 Waiting to Exhale07/10/2007
2x09 Resistance Is Futile25/11/2007
2x11 Left Turn Ahead09/12/2007
3x02 Finding Freebo05/10/2008
3x05 Turning Biminese26/10/2008
3x08 The Damage a Man Can Do16/11/2008
3x11 I Had a Dream07/12/2008
4x01 Living the Dream27/09/2009
4x03 Blinded by the Light11/10/2009
Life (US)
1x09 Serious Control Issues28/11/2007
1x10 Dig a Hole (1)03/12/2007
October Road
2x09 We Lived Like Giants11/02/2008
True Blood
1x07 Burning House of Love19/10/2008
The Vampire Diaries
1x01 Pilot10/09/2009
1x02 The Night of the Comet17/09/2009
1x06 Lost Girls15/10/2009
1x09 History Repeating12/11/2009
1x13 Children Of The Damned04/02/2010
1x14 Fool Me Once11/02/2010
1x19 Miss Mystic Falls22/04/2010
1x22 Founder's Day13/05/2010
2x12 The Descent27/01/2011
2x15 The Dinner Party17/02/2011
Charlie's Angels (2011)
1x01 Angel with a Broken Wing22/09/2011
1x04 Angels in Chains13/10/2011
1x05 Angels in Paradise20/10/2011
5x04 I Love You, Mommy01/08/2012
The Following (Following)
1x01 Pilot21/01/2013
1x02 Chapter Two28/01/2013
1x06 The Fall25/02/2013
1x09 Love Hurts18/03/2013
1x11 Whips and Regret01/04/2013
1x15 The Final Chapter29/04/2013
2x01 Resurrection19/01/2014
2x04 Family Affair10/02/2014
2x08 The Messenger10/03/2014
2x10 Teacher's Pet24/03/2014
2x12 Betrayal07/04/2014
2x15 Forgive28/04/2014
3x01 New Blood02/03/2015
3x05 A Hostile Witness23/03/2015
3x08 Flesh & Blood13/04/2015
3x11 Demons04/05/2015
3x13 A Simple Trade11/05/2015
3x15 The Reckoning18/05/2015
1x07 Preventative Medicine05/08/2014
Blindspot (Blindspot : mémoire tatouée)
1x08 Persecute Envoys09/11/2015
1x10 Evil Handmade Instrument23/11/2015
1x13 Erase Weary Youth14/03/2016
1x15 Older Cutthroat Canyon28/03/2016
Time After Time
1x01 Pilot05/03/2017
1x02 I Will Catch You05/03/2017
1x05 Picture Fades26/03/2017
1x08 If You're Lost24/06/2017
1x12 Skin Deep24/06/2017
1x03 Maybe23/09/2018
1x06 Amour Fou14/10/2018
1x10 Bluebeard's Castle11/11/2018
God Friended Me
1x01 Pilot30/09/2018
1x02 The Good Samaritan07/10/2018
1x04 Error Code 1.6121/10/2018
1x07 The Prodigal Son11/11/2018
1x10 Coney Island Cyclone09/12/2018
1x13 Miracle on 123rd Street13/01/2019
1x15 Two Guys, a Girl, and a Thai Food Place03/03/2019
2x03 From Paris with Love13/10/2019
2x05 The Greater Good27/10/2019
2x07 Instant Karma10/11/2019
2x11 A New Hope05/01/2020
2x13 The Princess and the Hacker16/02/2020
2x15 The Last Little Thing01/03/2020
2x17 Harlem Cinema House15/03/2020
The Passage
1x01 Pilot14/01/2019
1x01 Pilot06/10/2019
1x02 The Rabbit Hole13/10/2019
The Flight Attendant
1x07 Hitchcock Double10/12/2020
1x08 Arrivals and Departures17/12/2020
Dexter: New Blood
1x01 Cold Snap07/11/2021
1x02 Storm of Fuck14/11/2021
1x05 Runaway05/12/2021
1x06 Too Many Tuna Sandwiches12/12/2021
1x09 The Family Business02/01/2022
1x10 Sins of the Father09/01/2022