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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Log Horizon
1x01 The Apocalypse05/10/2013
1x02 The Battle of Loka12/10/2013
1x03 The Depths of Palm19/10/2013
1x04 Escape26/10/2013
1x05 Return to Akihabara02/11/2013
1x06 Resolve09/11/2013
1x07 Crescent Moon16/11/2013
1x08 Villain in Glasses23/11/2013
1x09 Round Table Conference30/11/2013
1x10 Grab It in Your Hand07/12/2013
1x11 An Invitation from Eastal14/12/2013
1x12 The Forest of Lagranda21/12/2013
1x13 Shield and Freedom28/12/2013
1x14 World Fraction04/01/2014
1x15 Attack11/01/2014
1x16 Return of the Goblin King18/01/2014
1x17 The Lazy and Cowardly Princess25/01/2014
1x18 Expeditionary Force01/02/2014
1x19 Chasing After Them08/02/2014
1x20 Contract15/02/2014
1x21 The Two of Us Shall Waltz22/02/2014
1x22 Swallow and Young Starling01/03/2014
1x23 Student of the Mage08/03/2014
1x24 Chaos15/03/2014
1x25 The Scale Festival22/03/2014