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Lynn Hegarty

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Réalisation de séries

Police Rescue (Sydney Police)
1x12 Saving the Princess13/06/1991
Heartbreak High (Hartley, cœurs à vif)
5x28 Episode 11912/05/1997
6x03 Episode 13330/06/1997
Water Rats (Brigade des mers)
5x09 Chinese Checkers11/04/2000
5x10 The Trouble With Gary18/04/2000
5x26 Final Chapter15/08/2000
5x27 Silent Running22/08/2000
5x35 Family Values07/11/2000
5x36 True Believer14/11/2000
6x07 Mates Rates20/03/2001
6x08 Hungry Bear Blues27/03/2001
Stingers (Stingers : unité secrète)
3x08 No Pain, No Gain29/08/2000
4x12 One of Us (1)30/10/2001
5x09 In the Gun (1)02/04/2002
All Saints
10x02 The Hardest Word20/02/2007
10x08 What Lies Beneath03/04/2007
10x28 Nowhere To Hide21/08/2007
10x36 Open Hearts16/10/2007
11x03 Comfort Zone26/02/2008
Packed to the Rafters
1x05 Lines of Communication23/09/2008
1x06 Facing Demons30/09/2008
1x11 Away From It All04/11/2008
1x12 Removing the Block11/11/2008
1x17 Changes17/02/2009
1x20 Losing the Touch10/03/2009
2x03 Living by the List14/07/2009
2x04 Glittering Prizes21/07/2009
2x15 It's My Party06/10/2009
2x16 Mr. Fix-It13/10/2009
3x07 A Delicate Balance03/08/2010
3x08 Rites of Passage10/08/2010
3x17 Spark of Life12/10/2010
3x18 Between the Covers19/10/2010
4x07 Sweet Sorrow23/08/2011
4x10 Big Kids13/09/2011
5x05 Judgement Day15/05/2012
5x06 Secret Fears22/05/2012
6x09 Role Reversals18/06/2013
6x10 Head vs Heart25/06/2013
1x07 Episode 718/08/2011
1x08 Episode 825/08/2011
1x13 Episode 1329/09/2011
1x14 Episode 1406/10/2011
1x19 Episode 1910/11/2011
1x20 Episode 2017/11/2011
Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries (Les nouvelles enquêtes de Miss Fisher)
1x03 Space for Murder07/03/2019