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Life As We Know It (US) (La vie comme elle est)
1x11 You Must be Trippin'20/01/2005
1x07 Rock Vote13/11/2007
Worst Week
1x05 The Club20/10/2008
1x15 The Epidural16/02/2009
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Philadelphia)
6x05 Mac and Charlie: White Trash14/10/2010
6x11 The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods02/12/2010
7x09 The Gang Gets Trapped10/11/2011
8x05 The Gang Gets Analyzed08/11/2012
New Girl
1x07 Bells29/11/2011
1x10 The Story of the 5017/01/2012
1x11 Jess and Julia31/01/2012
1x20 Normal10/04/2012
2x11 Santa11/12/2012
2x20 Chicago26/03/2013
3x03 Double Date01/10/2013
3x17 Sister II25/02/2014
3x23 Cruise06/05/2014
5x08 The Decision23/02/2016
5x22 Landing Gear10/05/2016
6x01 House Hunt20/09/2016
6x20 Misery21/03/2017