Louis J. Zivot

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

The New Adventures of Robin Hood (Les Nouvelles Aventures de Robin des Bois)
4x11 The Time Machine00/00/0000
Big Bad Beetleborgs (Beetleborgs)
1x24 Bye, Bye Frankie31/10/1996
1x32 Yo Ho Borgs25/11/1996
1x35 Phantom of Hillhurst27/03/1997
1x37 The Curse of Mums' Tomb03/04/1997
1x42 Bride of Frankenbeans18/04/1997
1x46 Svengali, by Golly02/05/1997
1x50 Brotherly Fright16/05/1997
2x06 Headless Over Heels15/09/1997
2x10 Sunset Boo-levard19/09/1997
2x14 Don't Fear the Reaper29/09/1997
2x21 The Poe and the Pendulum06/11/1997
2x26 Lady and the Champs21/11/1997
2x30 Mega Spectra BeetleBorgs09/02/1998
Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog (Les Chevaliers Mystiques de Tir Na Nog)
1x02 Tir Na Nog (2)16/09/1998
1x10 War of the Little People30/09/1998
1x12 Tyrune02/10/1998
1x13 Tyrune Returns03/10/1998
1x15 Battle of the Druids09/10/1998
1x16 Queen Deirdre17/10/1998
1x17 Night of the Spirits31/10/1998
1x21 Garrett and the Princess11/11/1998
1x24 The Mystic Knight of Forest14/11/1998
1x28 The Curse of Kells30/01/1999
1x29 The Trial of Angus04/02/1999
1x30 Mider - King of Temra05/02/1999
1x31 The Buckler of Bre06/02/1999
1x32 Ivar's Revenge08/02/1999
1x36 The Lost King12/02/1999
1x38 The Prisoner Prince20/02/1999
1x40 Rohan's Doubt26/02/1999
1x44 Battle Fury27/04/1999
1x45 Lugad's Challenge28/04/1999
1x49 The Final Battle06/05/1999
1x50 Banished07/05/1999