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My Sister Sam (Sam Suffit)
1x02 Patti's Party20/10/1986
1x07 Teacher's Pet01/12/1986
1x13 Almost In-laws26/01/1987
Major Dad
1x05 Wounded Flyboy and the Nurse Who Gave Him Reason to Live08/10/1989
1x15 That Connell Woman08/01/1990
1x20 Officer of the Day12/03/1990
1x21 All Quiet on the Home Front, pt. 102/04/1990
1x26 Face the Music ... and Dance, pt. 221/05/1990
2x15 Learning to Drive21/01/1991
3x04 A Few Good Men07/10/1991
3x13 Who's That Blonde ?16/12/1991
3x22 Charlotte's Web27/04/1992
The Cosby Show (Cosby Show)
7x19 The Return of the Clairettes21/02/1991
6x06 The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking19/11/2003
Beautiful People (US)
1x10 It's All Uphill Here from Here13/03/2006
1x15 Best Face Forward17/04/2006
1x16 And the Winner Is...24/04/2006
Hannah Montana
1x11 Oops! I Meddled Again15/07/2006
Mad Men
1x04 New Amsterdam09/08/2007
1x12 Nixon vs. Kennedy11/10/2007
2x02 Flight 103/08/2008
2x10 The Inheritance05/10/2008
3x08 Souvenir04/10/2009
4x08 The Summer Man12/09/2010
1x17 47 Hours and 11 Minutes05/05/2008
Halt and Catch Fire
3x03 Flipping the Switch30/08/2016
3x03 Clarity12/03/2018