Leslie Libman

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2017 Britney Ever After (TV)90
2016 Dans les griffes de Charles Manson (TV) (Manson's Lost Girls (TV))87
2011 DISconnected81
1998 Le meilleur des mondes (TV) (Brave New World (TV)) 87
Moyenne de tous ses films9.5

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2017 Britney Ever After (TV)90
Moyenne de tous ses films7

Réalisation de séries

Homicide: Life on the Street (Homicide)
4x17 Full Moon05/04/1996
5x21 Partners and Other Strangers (1)09/05/1997
6x09 Closet Cases02/01/1998
7x03 Just an Old Fashioned Love Song23/10/1998
1x05 Straight Life04/08/1997
4x13 Blizzard of '0104/02/2001
The Beat
1x02 They Say It's Your Birthday28/03/2000
The Division (Division d'élite)
1x03 Seduced and Abandoned14/01/2001
The Shield
1x09 Throwaway07/05/2002
Crossing Jordan (Preuve à l'appui)
2x04 Payback14/10/2002
Without a Trace (FBI : Portés Disparus)
1x07 Snatch Back07/11/2002
John Doe
1x09 Manifest Destiny06/12/2002
1x09 Get Your Mack On11/12/2002
American Dreams (Mes plus belles années)
1x23 Down the Shore04/05/2003
The Practice (The Practice : Donnell & Associés)
8x02 The Chosen (1)05/10/2003
Jake 2.0
1x07 Jerry 2.029/10/2003
1x15 Dead Man Talking00/00/2004
Keen Eddie
1x13 Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité14/04/2004
The Wire (Sur écoute)
3x06 Homecoming31/10/2004
The 4400 (2004) (Les 4400)
2x01 Wake-Up Call (1)05/06/2005
2x02 Wake-Up Call (2)05/06/2005
2x08 Carrier24/07/2005
4x06 The Marked22/07/2007
Sleeper Cell
1x06 Family12/12/2005
2x06 School15/12/2006
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)
3x13 Deception17/01/2006
3x20 Untouchable18/04/2006
6x12 Caged06/01/2009
7x04 Good Cop, Bad Cop13/10/2009
8x03 Short Fuse05/10/2010
9x07 Devil's Triangle01/11/2011
9x13 A Desperate Man10/01/2012
9x15 Secrets14/02/2012
10x06 Shell Shock (Part I)13/11/2012
11x15 Bulletproof25/02/2014
12x03 So It Goes07/10/2014
13x12 Sister City: Part One05/01/2016
13x21 Return to Sender19/04/2016
14x17 What Lies Above07/03/2017
15x19 The Numerical Limit03/04/2018
16x03 Boom09/10/2018
16x11 Toil and Trouble08/01/2019
1x06 Samyutta 11.1013/08/2006
Medium (Médium)
3x08 The Whole Truth17/01/2007
3x14 Take Out02/02/2007
4x16 Atomic No. 3302/05/2008
The L Word
5x08 Lay Down the Law24/02/2008
Knight Rider (2008) (Le retour de K2000)
1x06 Knight of the Living Dead05/11/2008
In Plain Sight (2008) (US Marshals, protection des témoins)
2x05 Aguna Matatala17/05/2009
NCIS: Los Angeles
1x06 Keepin' It Real03/11/2009
1x19 Course Correction06/05/2010
1x20 The Negotiation13/05/2010
1x06 Bill And Gary's Excellent Adventure15/08/2011
2x05 Gaslight20/08/2012
1x11 Flip the Script05/07/2013
The Vampire Diaries
5x07 Death and the Maiden14/11/2013
5x17 Rescue Me27/03/2014
6x05 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here30/10/2014
6x18 I Never Could Love Like That16/04/2015
7x08 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me03/12/2015
The Tomorrow People (US)
1x09 Death's Door11/12/2013
The Originals
1x11 Après Moi, Le Déluge21/01/2014
1x18 The Big Uneasy15/04/2014
2x09 The Map of Moments08/12/2014
2x20 City Beneath the Sea27/04/2015
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (Guide to Divorce)
1x03 Rule No. 47: Always Take Advantage of16/12/2014
NCIS: New Orleans (NCIS : Nouvelle-Orléans)
1x11 Baitfish06/01/2015
2x06 Insane in the Membrane27/10/2015
1x10 Arm-Ageddon24/11/2015
2x11 The Contingency30/08/2016
1x09 An Innocent Man24/01/2017
1x10 Pure Heroine24/01/2017
Designated Survivor
2x06 Two Ships01/11/2017
2x18 Kirkman Agonistes18/04/2018
Chicago Fire
6x13 Hiding Not Seeking08/03/2018
6x22 One for the Ages10/05/2018
The Rookie (The Rookie : Le flic de Los Angeles)
2x09 Breaking Point01/12/2019
FBI: Most Wanted (Most Wanted Criminals)
1x13 Grudge28/04/2020
The Resident
4x05 Home Before Dark09/02/2021
4x06 Requiems & Revivals16/02/2021