Leonard R. Garner Jr.

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Film Rôle Moy. Importance
1980 Les Blues Brothers (The Blues Brothers) Un gardien du hall
Moyenne de tous ses films15.55

Réalisation de séries

The Naked Truth (Une fille à scandales)
1x17 Women Rises in World, Falls on Face!07/02/1996
Just Shoot Me! (Voilà !)
1x03 Secretary's Day12/03/1997
1x04 Nina's Birthday19/03/1997
2x01 The Experiment23/09/1997
2x02 The Assistant30/09/1997
2x08 Sweet Charity09/12/1997
2x13 Pass the Salt29/01/1998
2x19 Bravefinch26/03/1998
2x20 Jack's Old Partner09/04/1998
2x25 War and Sleaze12/05/1998
3x01 What the Teddy Bear Saw22/09/1998
3x02 Steamed29/09/1998
3x04 Funny Girl03/11/1998
3x06 The Withholder17/11/1998
3x08 The List24/11/1998
3x09 How Nina Got Her Groove Back08/12/1998
4x10 Jack Gets Tough14/12/1999
4x11 Prescription for Love11/01/2000
Newsradio (Infos FM)
3x19 Office Feud19/03/1997
Jenny (US)
1x04 A Girl's Gotta Spike02/11/1997
1x06 A Girl's Gotta Lie01/12/1997
1x08 A Girl's Gotta Love a Wedding22/12/1997
Two Guys and a Girl (Un toit pour trois)
2x11 Two Guys, a Girl and a Limo09/12/1998
3x05 Sunday in the Apartment20/10/1999
3x06 Halloween 2: Mind Over Body27/10/1999
3x14 The Wedding Dress19/01/2000
3x15 The Monitor Story26/01/2000
3x24 El Matrimonio Loco26/04/2000
4x01 The Bear06/10/2000
4x02 Meat13/10/2000
4x04 The Satanic Curses27/10/2000
4x06 A Germ Runs Through It10/11/2000
4x08 Drip24/11/2000
4x09 The One Without Dialogue08/12/2000
1x19 Truth and Consequences19/04/1999
2x19 The Bearer of Bad Tidings20/03/2000
4x19 Too Much, Too Late15/04/2002
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
4x20 She's Baaaack!14/04/2000
4x22 The End of an Era05/05/2000
Girlfriends (US)
1x01 Toe Sucking11/09/2000
1x02 One Night Stand?18/09/2000
1x04 Hip-Ocracy02/10/2000
1x05 I Pity the Fool09/10/2000
1x06 The Remains of the Date30/10/2000
1x09 Fried Turkey20/11/2000
2x03 A Full Court Conspiracy24/09/2001
2x07 Trick or Truth29/10/2001
2x13 Sister, Sistah04/02/2002
2x17 Childs in Charge18/03/2002
3x09 The Mommy Returns18/11/2002
3x10 A Little Romance25/11/2002
3x23 The Fast Track & the Furious12/05/2003
4x01 Some Enchanted Evening15/09/2003
4x02 If It's Broke, Fix It22/09/2003
5x10 Porn to Write29/11/2004
5x11 All the Creatures Were Stirring13/12/2004
The King of Queens (Un gars du Queens)
3x06 Strike Too06/11/2000
3x07 Strike Out13/11/2000
My Wife and Kids (Ma famille d'abord)
1x04 Of Breasts and Basketball04/04/2001
1x05 Making the Grade11/04/2001
1x08 He Said, She Said18/04/2001
1x09 Breaking Up and Breaking It25/04/2001
1x10 A Little Romance02/05/2001
2x19 Failure to Communicate22/02/2002
1x04 You Make Me Sick26/10/2001
1x07 Tea and Antipathy16/11/2001
2x10 Cookies for Santa13/12/2002
2x11 A Moment in Time10/01/2003
1x03 She Snoops to Conquer29/09/2003
1x08 Hi Mom17/11/2003
1x21 They've Come Undone (1)24/05/2004
2x02 Self Helpless28/09/2004
2x09 Above Average Joe30/11/2004
2x17 Moral Minority29/03/2005
2x18 Real Women Have Nerves19/04/2005
2x19 Testing Testing HIV26/04/2005
According to Jim
3x07 Dana Dates Jim28/10/2003
4x04 The Garage Door19/10/2004
4x22 The Clock12/04/2005
5x01 Foul Ball20/09/2005
5x06 Anec-Dont's18/10/2005
5x10 Lean on Me29/11/2005
5x11 The Gift of the Maggie13/12/2005
7x01 Jim Almighty01/01/2008
7x02 The Hot Wife01/01/2008
7x03 Safety Last08/01/2008
7x07 Period Peace12/02/2008
Quintuplets (Les Quintuplés)
1x15 Teacher's Pet10/11/2004
Listen Up!
1x18 Couch Potato07/03/2005
1x04 Rich Man, Broke Man14/03/2005
Courting Alex (Alex Rose)
1x07 The Mattress22/03/2006
The Game (US)
1x09 The Trey Wiggs Fallout Episode27/11/2006
1x10 There's No Place Like Home11/12/2006
1x17 God Bless The Girl That's Got Her Own19/03/2007
2x15 The Commitments13/04/2008
2x16 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee20/04/2008
2x17 Before the Parade Passes By27/04/2008
2x18 The Lord Givens and the Lord Taketh Away04/05/2008
Surviving Suburbia
1x09 Nothing For Money10/07/2009
Ruby and the Rockits
1x05 Papas Don't Preach18/08/2009
1x08 We Aren't the Champions08/09/2009
1x10 Smells Like Teen Drama22/09/2009
Rita Rocks
2x10 Bad Company02/11/2009
2x13 Anchors Aweigh09/11/2009
2x16 Sympathy for the Devil23/11/2009
Rules of Engagement (Leçons sur le mariage)
4x12 Harassment17/05/2010
5x19 The Set Up31/03/2011
6x09 A Big Bust05/04/2012
Wendell & Vinnie
1x06 Big Dogs & Bicycles30/03/2013
1x16 Vinnie & the Man Crush25/08/2013
Men at Work
2x03 The New Boss18/04/2013
2x04 Downshift25/04/2013
The Thundermans
3x10 Give Me A Break Up04/11/2015
3x14 Kiss Me Nate02/04/2016
4x07 Date of Emergency04/02/2017
4x13 Come What Mayhem17/06/2017
Liv and Maddie
3x11 Coach-a-Rooney24/01/2016
3x15 Home-Run-a-Rooney10/04/2016
3x17 Choose-A-Rooney08/05/2016
3x18 Friend-A-Rooney22/05/2016
4x08 Roll Model-A-Rooney13/01/2017
4x09 Falcon-A-Rooney20/01/2017