Lee H. Katzin

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États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Branded (Le Proscrit)
2x07 Salute the Soldier Briefly24/10/1965
2x11 The Greastest Coward on Earth21/11/1965
The Wild Wild West (Les Mystères de l'Ouest)
1x16 The Night of the Steel Assassin07/01/1966
1x18 The Night of the Flaming Ghost21/01/1966
The Rat Patrol (Commando du désert)
1x02 The Life Against Death Raid19/09/1966
1x04 The Kill or Be Killed Raid03/10/1966
1x07 The Blind Man's Bluff Raid24/10/1966
1x09 The Blow Sky High Raid07/11/1966
1x11 The Deadly Double Raid21/11/1966
1x12 The Gun Runner Raid28/11/1966
1x20 The Last Chance Raid23/01/1967
Mission: Impossible (1966)
1x21 Snowball in Hell18/02/1967
1x25 Shock25/03/1967
1x27 The Traitor15/04/1967
2x01 The Widow10/09/1967
2x05 The Slave (1)08/10/1967
2x06 The Slave (2)15/10/1967
2x13 The Astrologer03/12/1967
2x15 The Photographer17/12/1967
2x20 The Counterfeiter04/02/1968
2x22 The Killing28/02/1968
3x09 The Play08/12/1968
1x11 A Catalogue of Sins02/12/1967
It Takes a Thief (Opération vol)
1x09 When Good Friends Get Together12/03/1968
The Mod Squad (La nouvelle équipe)
1x01 The Teeth of the Barracuda24/09/1968
1x10 Love10/12/1968
Space: 1999 (Cosmos 1999)
1x01 Breakaway17/10/1975
1x10 Black Sun19/12/1975
Man from Atlantis (L'homme de l'Atlantide)
0x01 The Man from Atlantis04/03/1977
5x27 Force Seven23/05/1982
1x01 Automan15/12/1983
Miami Vice (Deux flics à Miami)
1x04 Cool Runnin'05/10/1984
1x07 One-Eyed Jack02/11/1984
Partners in Crime (1984)
1x05 Duke20/10/1984
MacGyver (1985)
1x03 Thief of Budapest13/10/1985
1x04 The Gauntlet21/10/1985
1x06 Trumbo's World10/11/1985
1x10 Target MacGyver22/12/1985
In the Heat of the Night (Dans la chaleur de la nuit)
2x03 Family Secret06/12/1988
Mystery Science Theater 3000
3x05 Stranded in Space29/06/1991
2x07 Disciples of Dawn13/03/1993
Renegade (Le Rebelle)
3x09 The Late Shift07/11/1994

Scénariste de séries

Chicago Story
1x10 Dutton's Law07/05/1982