Lawrence Hertzog

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 25 juin 1951 • New York, État de New York (États-Unis)

Décédé le 19 avril 2008 (56 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1995 Nowhere Man (L'Homme de nulle part) Terminée

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Scénariste de séries

Hart to Hart (Pour l'amour du risque)
1x05 You Made Me Kill You23/10/1979
2x05 'Tis the Season To Be Murdered16/12/1980
2x18 Operation Murder12/05/1981
3x06 Murder Up Their Sleeve17/11/1981
3x08 Rhinestone Harts01/12/1981
3x21 Hart and Sole06/04/1982
4x07 Rich and Hartless23/11/1982
4x12 Emily By Hart11/01/1983
4x20 Hartstruck12/04/1983
5x01 Two Harts Are Better Than One27/09/1983
5x05 Harts and Hounds01/11/1983
5x07 Passing Chance15/11/1983
5x10 Year of the Dog13/12/1983
5x13 Whispers in the Wings10/01/1984
5x21 Always, Elizabeth15/05/1984
Hardcastle and McCormick (Le juge et le pilote)
1x21 Did You See the One That Got Away?18/03/1984
1x22 Really Neat Cars and Guys with a Sense of Humor25/03/1984
2x03 You Would Cry Too, If It Happened to You07/10/1984
2x04 D-Day14/10/1984
2x09 It Coulda Been Worse...She Coulda Been a Welder02/12/1984
2x12 There Goes the Neighborhood07/01/1985
2x15 Hardcastle, Hardcastle, Hardcastle and McCormick04/02/1985
2x17 You Don't Hear the One That Gets You18/02/1985
3x04 Something's Going On On This Train14/10/1985
3x09 You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're His25/11/1985
3x12 Duet for Two Wind Instruments16/12/1985
3x15 When I Look Back On All the Things03/02/1986
Stingray (1985)
1x05 Below the Line01/04/1986
1x07 Abnormal Psych15/04/1986
2x07 Autumn27/02/1987
Raven (1992)
1x04 ... And Everything Nice22/07/1992
1x05 Is Someone Crazy in Here or Is It Me29/07/1992
1x06 Prey26/09/1992
2x04 Heat23/01/1993
2x05 Rip-Off30/01/1993
2x08 Something in the Closet20/03/1993
2x13 Flori and Dori24/04/1993
Walker, Texas Ranger
2x17 The Committee12/03/1994
SeaQuest DSV (SeaQuest, police des mers)
2x06 Playtime23/10/1994
2x08 By Any Other Name20/11/1994
2x14 And Everything Nice22/01/1995
2x18 Something in the Air19/03/1995
Nowhere Man (L'Homme de nulle part)
1x01 Absolute Zero28/08/1995
1x02 Turnabout04/09/1995
1x04 Something About Her18/09/1995
1x05 Paradise On Your Doorstep25/09/1995
1x12 It's Not Such A Wonderful Life27/11/1995
1x13 Contact15/01/1996
1x17 Stay Tuned19/02/1996
1x18 Hidden Agenda26/02/1996
1x25 Gemini Man20/05/1996
1x04 I'll Be Watching You26/10/1996
La Femme Nikita (Nikita (1997))
3x13 Beyond the Pale13/06/1999
3x19 Any Means Necessary08/08/1999
4x05 Man in the Middle20/02/2000
4x06 Love, Honor and Cherish27/02/2000
4x07 Sympathy For The Devil05/03/2000
4x12 Hell Hath No Fury23/04/2000
4x16 Catch a Falling Star23/07/2000
4x18 Toys in the Basement06/08/2000
4x20 Face in the Mirror (1)20/08/2000
4x21 Up the Rabbit Hole (2)27/08/2000
5x02 A Girl Who Wasn't There14/01/2001
5x05 The Man Behind the Curtain11/02/2001
5x07 Let No Man Put Asunder25/02/2001
24 (24 Heures Chrono)
1x10 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M.05/02/2002
Missing (2003) (Missing : Disparus sans laisser de trace)
3x11 Patient X18/09/2005
3x18 Exposure29/01/2006
Painkiller Jane
1x02 Toy Soldiers20/04/2007
1x05 Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself11/05/2007
1x09 Trial By Fire15/06/2007
1x12 Something Nasty in the Neighborhood06/07/2007
1x18 Jane 11324/08/2007