Larry Shaw

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États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Stingray (1985)
1x03 Ancient Eyes11/03/1986
2x09 The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived20/03/1987
2x15 One Way Ticket to the End of the Line08/05/1987
21 Jump Street
1x03 America, What a Town19/04/1987
2x06 Higher Education25/10/1987
2x17 Champagne High06/03/1988
The Highwayman (Police 2000)
1x02 The Hitchhiker11/03/1988
1x03 'Til Death Duel Us Part18/03/1988
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
2x05 Loud as a Whisper09/01/1989
Hardball (1989) (Duo d'enfer)
1x02 The Silver Scream28/09/1989
Parker Lewis Can't Lose (Parker Lewis ne perd jamais)
2x16 Goodbye Mr. Rips05/01/1992
2x22 Geek Tragedy12/04/1992
3x01 Flamingo Graffiti16/07/1992
3x03 The Kiss30/07/1992
3x05 Love is Hell13/08/1992
3x10 Kohler Buys the Diner27/09/1992
3x11 Parker's Got a Brand New Car21/03/1993
3x15 Write or Die18/04/1993
3x16 The Bitch is Back25/04/1993
3x17 Musso: a Wedding02/05/1993
3x19 Boys Night In23/05/1993
3x21 The Rocky Kohler Picture Show06/06/1993
The X Files (X Files : Aux frontières du réel)
1x10 Fallen Angel19/11/1993
1x12 Fire17/12/1993
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Brisco County)
1x23 Wild Card08/04/1994
Martial Law (Le flic de Shanghai)
1x09 How Sammo Got His Groove Back21/11/1998
Harsh Realm (Harsh Realm : Le Royaume)
1x08 Cincinnati12/05/2000
1x10 Lights, Camera, Action08/08/2000
1x11 Dead Man Floating29/08/2000
Lizzie McGuire
1x04 Pool Party02/02/2001
Threat Matrix (Agence Matrix)
1x06 In Plane Sight23/10/2003
Desperate Housewives
1x02 Ah, But Underneath10/10/2004
1x08 Guilty28/11/2004
1x10 Come Back to Me19/12/2004
1x16 The Ladies Who Lunch27/03/2005
1x19 Live Alone and Like It (a.k.a. An Unexpected Song)17/04/2005
1x21 Sunday in the Park with George08/05/2005
1x23 One Wonderful Day22/05/2005
2x01 Next25/09/2005
2x06 I Wish I Could Forget You06/11/2005
2x09 That's Good, That's Bad27/11/2005
2x13 There's Something About a War22/01/2006
2x20 It Wasn't Meant to Happen30/04/2006
2x23 Remember (1)21/05/2006
3x01 Listen to the Rain on the Roof24/09/2006
3x04 Like It Was15/10/2006
3x07 Bang05/11/2006
3x10 The Miracle Song26/11/2006
3x13 Come Play Wiz Me21/01/2007
3x16 My Husband, the Pig04/03/2007
3x19 God, That's Good22/04/2007
3x22 What Would We Do Without You?13/05/2007
4x01 Now You Know30/09/2007
4x04 If There's Anything I Can't Stand21/10/2007
4x06 Now I Know, Don't Be Scared04/11/2007
4x10 Welcome to Kanagawa06/01/2008
4x12 In Buddy's Eyes20/04/2008
5x01 You're Gonna Love Tomorrow28/09/2008
5x06 There's Always a Woman02/11/2008
5x07 What More Do I Need?09/11/2008
5x10 A Vision's Just a Vision07/12/2008
5x13 The Best Thing That Could Have Happened18/01/2009
5x16 Crime Doesn't Pay08/03/2009
5x19 Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know19/04/2009
5x22 Marry Me a Little10/05/2009
6x01 Nice Is Different Than Good27/09/2009
6x05 Everybody Ought to Have a Maid25/10/2009
6x08 The Coffee Cup15/11/2009
6x16 The Chase28/02/2010
6x19 We All Deserve to Die18/04/2010
6x22 The Ballad of Booth09/05/2010
7x02 You Must Meet My Wife03/10/2010
7x07 A Humiliating Business07/11/2010
7x10 Down The Block There's a Riot12/12/2010
7x16 Searching06/03/2011
7x19 The Lies Ill-Concealed24/04/2011
7x21 Then I Really Got Scared08/05/2011
7x23 Come on Over for Dinner15/05/2011
8x11 Who Can Say What's True?15/01/2012
8x22 Give Me the Blame (1)13/05/2012
Gossip Girl
5x03 The Jewel of Denial10/10/2011
Emily Owens, M.D. (Dr Emily Owens)
1x12 Emily and... the Perfect Storm29/01/2013
5x14 Reality Star Struck11/02/2013
5x19 The Lives of Others01/04/2013
6x03 Need To Know07/10/2013
6x18 The Way of the Ninja17/03/2014
8x03 PhDead05/10/2015
2x03 The Dramaturg19/02/2013
Devious Maids
1x12 Getting Out the Blood15/09/2013
1x13 Totally Clean22/09/2013
1x06 Black Eyes Blue24/07/2014
1x07 Ouroboros31/07/2014
2x08 Slouching Towards Bethlehem07/08/2014
2x09 Painted From Memory14/08/2014
3x03 The Broken Bough19/06/2015
3x04 Dead Air26/06/2015
The Flash (2014) (Flash (2014))
1x07 Power Outage25/11/2014
Recovery Road
1x02 The Art of the Deal01/02/2016
1x03 Exit Wounds27/06/2016
1x04 Blood Ties11/07/2016
1x09 The Crown v Atwood15/08/2016
1x10 What Did You Do?22/08/2016
1x05 Missing20/10/2016