Larry Brody

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1990 Super Force Terminée

Réalisation de séries

Barnaby Jones
2x24 Foul Play31/03/1974
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
7x15 Computer Killer14/01/1975
1x07 The Biggest Game in Town26/01/1984
1x08 Renegade Run05/03/1984

Scénariste de séries

Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
5x14 The Child Stealers02/01/1973
7x20 And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon18/02/1975
Star Trek: The Animated Series (Star Trek : La série animée)
1x08 The Magicks of Megas-Tu27/10/1973
3x12 Trial by Terror21/11/1973
Barnaby Jones
2x18 A Gold Record for Murder10/02/1974
3x03 The Challenge24/09/1974
3x18 Image of Evil18/02/1975
The Six Million Dollar Man (L'homme qui valait 3 milliards)
1x06 Doomsday, and Counting01/03/1974
The Streets of San Francisco (Les rues de San Francisco)
3x09 Cry Help!07/11/1974
3x21 Asylum20/02/1975
4x22 Alien Country11/03/1976
5x20 Dead Lift05/05/1977
The Fall Guy (L'homme qui tombe à pic)
1x06 Colt's Angels02/12/1981
2x03 Colt Breaks Out (1)10/11/1982
2x04 Colt Breaks Out (2)10/11/1982
2x12 Manhunter19/01/1983
2x13 The Further Adventures of Ozzie & Harold26/01/1983
2x20 P.S., I Love You16/03/1983
1x07 The Biggest Game in Town26/01/1984
1x08 Renegade Run05/03/1984
Partners in Crime (1984)
1x07 Is She or Isn't He?03/11/1984
1x11 The Strangler15/12/1984
1x12 Getting in Shape22/12/1984
Walker, Texas Ranger
3x06 Rainbow Warrior05/11/1994
Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
5x05 Slam-Dunk Dead16/10/1997
Todd McFarlane's Spawn (Spawn)
2x01 Home,Bitter Home15/05/1998
2x02 Access Denied22/05/1998
2x03 Colors of Blood29/05/1998
Spider-Man Unlimited (Les Nouvelles Aventures de Spider-Man)
1x07 Cry Vulture10/02/2001
1x08 Ill-Met By Moonlight17/02/2001
1x09 Sustenance03/03/2001
1x10 Matters Of The Heart10/03/2001
1x11 One Is The Loneliest Number17/03/2001
1x12 Sins Of The Fathers24/03/2001
1x13 Destiny Unleashed31/03/2001