Kim Manners

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 13 janvier 1951 • États-Unis

Décédé le 25 janvier 2009 (58 ans) • Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2005 Empire (2005) Terminée

Réalisation de séries

Charlie's Angels (1976) (Drôles de Dames)
4x17 Catch a Fallen Angel23/01/1980
5x04 Angels of the Deep07/12/1980
5x07 Hula Angels11/01/1981
5x08 Moonshinin' Angels24/01/1981
5x11 Angel on the Line14/02/1981
5x14 Attack Angels03/06/1981
5x17 Let Our Angel Live24/06/1981
Matt Houston
1x12 The Rock and The Hard Place02/01/1983
1x16 Get Houston20/02/1983
1x21 Fear For Tomorrow03/04/1983
1x24 The Hunted24/04/1983
2x03 The Woman in White16/09/1983
2x04 Love You To Death23/09/1983
2x05 The Centerfold Murders30/09/1983
3x04 Apostle of Death19/10/1984
3x13 The Nightmare Man04/01/1985
3x15 Death Trap18/01/1985
1x03 The Great Pretender29/12/1983
1x06 Flashes and Ashes19/01/1984
1x10 Murder, Take One19/03/1984
1x13 Club Ten09/04/1984
Simon & Simon (Simon et Simon)
3x22 Corpus Delecti22/03/1984
4x08 Break a Leg, Darling15/11/1984
4x20 Mummy Talks21/02/1985
5x06 Have You Hugged Your Private Detective Today?07/11/1985
5x12 Sunrise at Camp Apollo02/01/1986
Hardcastle and McCormick (Le juge et le pilote)
2x15 Hardcastle, Hardcastle, Hardcastle and McCormick04/02/1985
2x21 The Game You Learn From Your Father18/03/1985
3x05 The Career Breaker28/10/1985
3x09 You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're His25/11/1985
3x13 If You Could See What I See06/01/1986
3x14 Hardcastle for Mayor13/01/1986
Street Hawk (Tonnerre mécanique)
1x08 The Unsinkable 45320/02/1985
Riptide (US)
3x04 The Bargain Department05/11/1985
3x16 The Pirate and the Princess07/03/1986
Hunter (1984) (Rick Hunter)
2x18 Death Machine11/03/1986
3x10 The Cradle Will Rock03/01/1987
Stingray (1985)
1x04 Ether25/03/1986
2x02 Gemini16/01/1987
2x03 Playback23/01/1987
2x05 Echoes06/02/1987
Sidekicks (Le Chevalier Lumière)
1x03 Open House03/10/1986
1x11 I Remember Mama, But Does She Remember Me?13/12/1986
1x22 Playing for Keeps06/06/1987
21 Jump Street
1x01 Pilot (1)12/04/1987
1x02 Pilot (2)12/04/1987
1x07 Gotta Finish the Riff17/05/1987
1x08 Bad Influence24/05/1987
2x01 In the Custody of a Clown20/09/1987
2x07 Don't Stretch the Rainbow01/11/1987
2x09 You Ought to Be in Prison15/11/1987
2x11 Christmas in Saigon18/12/1987
2x21 Cory and Dean Got Married08/05/1988
2x22 School's Out22/05/1988
4x01 Draw the Line18/09/1989
4x16 224505/02/1990
4x20 Last Chance High19/03/1990
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
1x17 When the Bough Breaks15/02/1988
Wiseguy (Un flic dans la mafia)
1x19 Blood Dance22/02/1988
Mission: Impossible (1988) (Mission impossible, 20 ans après)
1x03 Holograms06/11/1988
1x05 The Legacy26/11/1988
Baywatch (Alerte à Malibu)
1x05 Second Wave13/10/1989
1x06 Message in a Bottle20/10/1989
1x09 Someone Stole Lucille10/12/1989
1x14 The Life and Death of Chick Sterling11/02/1990
Broken Badges
1x01 Pilot (1)24/11/1990
1x02 Pilot (2)24/11/1990
1x05 Chucky22/12/1990
The Commish (L'as de la crime)
1x04 Nothing to Fear But...26/10/1991
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Brisco County)
1x03 No Man's Land10/09/1993
1x10 Showdown29/10/1993
1x13 Steel Horses19/11/1993
1x16 Bounty Hunter's Convention07/01/1994
1x19 Brooklyn Dodgers11/02/1994
1x20 Bye Bly18/02/1994
1x26 High Treason (1)13/05/1994
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
2x14 Die Hand die Verletzt27/01/1995
2x20 Humbug31/03/1995
3x03 D.P.O.06/10/1995
3x08 Oubliette17/11/1995
3x12 War of the Coprophages05/01/1996
3x14 Grotesque02/02/1996
3x16 Apocrypha (2)16/02/1996
3x18 Teso Dos Bichos08/03/1996
3x22 Quagmire03/05/1996
4x02 Home11/10/1996
4x06 Sanguinarium10/11/1996
4x12 Leonard Betts26/01/1997
4x15 Kaddish16/02/1997
4x18 Max (2)23/03/1997
4x21 Zero Sum27/04/1997
4x23 Demons11/05/1997
5x02 Redux II (3)09/11/1997
5x03 Unusual Suspects16/11/1997
5x07 Emily (2)14/12/1997
5x10 Chinga (orig.08/02/1998
5x13 Patient X (1)01/03/1998
5x16 Mind's Eye19/04/1998
5x19 Folie a Deux10/05/1998
6x01 The Beginning08/11/1998
6x04 Dreamland (1)29/11/1998
6x08 The Rain King10/01/1999
6x11 Two Fathers (1)07/02/1999
6x14 Monday28/02/1999
6x18 Milagro18/04/1999
6x21 Field Trip09/05/1999
7x01 The Sixth Extinction (2)07/11/1999
7x03 Hungry21/11/1999
7x09 Signs and Wonders23/01/2000
7x11 Closure (2)13/02/2000
7x14 Theef12/03/2000
7x18 Brand X16/04/2000
7x22 Requiem21/05/2000
8x01 Within (1)05/11/2000
8x02 Without (2)12/11/2000
8x11 The Gift04/02/2001
8x13 Per Manum18/02/2001
8x14 This is Not Happening (1)25/02/2001
8x20 Essence (1)13/05/2001
8x21 Existence (2)20/05/2001
9x01 Nothing Important Happened Today (1)11/11/2001
9x05 Lord of the Flies16/12/2001
9x08 Hellbound27/01/2002
9x09 Provenance (1)03/03/2002
9x11 Audrey Pauley17/03/2002
9x17 Release05/05/2002
9x19 The Truth (1)19/05/2002
9x20 The Truth (2)19/05/2002
Harsh Realm (Harsh Realm : Le Royaume)
1x05 Reunion21/04/2000
Empire (2005)
1x01 Pilot28/06/2005
1x04 The Hunt12/07/2005
1x06 The Lost Legion26/07/2005
Over There
1x08 Situation Normal14/09/2005
1x03 Dead In The Water27/09/2005
1x08 Bugs08/11/2005
1x11 Scarecrow10/01/2006
1x16 Shadow28/02/2006
1x22 Devil's Trap04/05/2006
2x01 In My Time of Dying28/09/2006
2x04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things19/10/2006
2x06 No Exit02/11/2006
2x13 Houses of the Holy01/02/2007
2x17 Heart22/03/2007
2x22 All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 217/05/2007
3x01 The Magnificent Seven04/10/2007
3x07 Fresh Blood15/11/2007
3x11 Mystery Spot14/02/2008
3x12 Jus in Bello21/02/2008
3x16 No Rest for the Wicked15/05/2008
4x01 Lazarus Rising18/09/2008
4x04 Metamorphosis09/10/2008
4x11 Family Remains15/01/2009