Kate Barris

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Flash Forward (1996) (Chahut au bahut)
1x08 Dog Day After Lunch00/00/0000
Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series (Anne des pignons verts)
1x18 The Witch of Avonlea27/01/2002
Max and Ruby (Max et Ruby)
1x37 Max's Valentine26/08/2002
1x38 Ruby Flies A Kite26/08/2002
1x39 Super Max26/08/2002
1x01 Ruby's Piano Practice21/10/2002
1x02 Max's Bath21/10/2002
1x03 Max's Bedtime21/10/2002
1x04 Hide and Seek21/10/2002
1x05 Max's Breakfast21/10/2002
1x06 Louise's Secret21/10/2002
1x07 Max Misses the Bus25/10/2002
1x08 Max's Wormcake25/10/2002
1x09 Max's Rainy Day25/10/2002
1x10 Camp Out26/10/2002
1x11 Ruby's Clubhouse26/10/2002
1x12 Max's Picnic26/10/2002
1x13 Max's Halloween27/10/2002
1x14 Ruby's Leaf Collection27/10/2002
1x15 The Blue Tarantula27/10/2002
1x16 Ruby's Merit Badge28/10/2002
1x17 Max's Apple28/10/2002
1x18 Quiet, Max!28/10/2002
1x19 Max Cleans Up29/10/2002
1x20 Max's Cuckoo Clock29/10/2002
1x21 Ruby's Jewelry Box29/10/2002
1x22 Bunny Cakes30/10/2002
1x23 Bunny Party30/10/2002
1x24 Bunny Money30/10/2002
1x31 Max's Chocolate Chicken18/12/2002
1x32 Ruby's Beauty Shop18/12/2002
1x33 Max Drives Away18/12/2002
1x28 Max's Christmas21/12/2002
1x29 Ruby's Snow Queen21/12/2002
1x30 Max's Rocket Run21/12/2002
1x34 Ruby's Lemonade Stand25/12/2002
1x35 Ruby's Rummage Sale25/12/2002
1x36 Ruby's Magic Act25/12/2002
2x13 Ruby's Panda Prize16/01/2003
2x14 Ruby's Roller Skates16/01/2003
2x15 Ghost Bunny16/01/2003
2x01 Max's Work of Art07/03/2003
2x02 Max Meets Morris07/03/2003
2x03 Ruby's Scavenger Hunt07/03/2003
2x07 Max's Froggy Friend17/03/2003
2x08 Max's Music17/03/2003
2x09 Max Gets Wet17/03/2003
2x19 Max's Dragon Shirt21/04/2003
2x20 Max's Rabbit Racer21/04/2003
2x21 Roger's Choice21/04/2003
2x25 Max's Shadow01/03/2004
2x26 Max Remembers01/03/2004
2x27 Ruby's Candy Store01/03/2004
2x31 Ruby's Figure Eight02/04/2004
2x32 Ruby's Surprise Party02/04/2004
2x33 Ruby's Tent02/04/2004
2x37 Max's Thanksgiving29/11/2004
2x38 Max's Pretend Friend29/11/2004
2x39 Fireman Max29/11/2004
3x25 Grandma's Berry Patch17/05/2006
3x26 Ruby's Bunny Scout Banner17/05/2006
3x27 Ruby's Detective Agency17/05/2006
3x28 Max's Rocket Racer18/05/2006
3x29 Max's Blast Off!18/05/2006
3x30 Max's Candy Apple18/05/2006
3x01 Ruby's Easter Bonnet06/04/2007
3x02 Max's Easter Parade06/04/2007
3x03 Max and the Easter Bunny06/04/2007
3x16 Surprise Ruby04/05/2007
3x17 Ruby's Birthday Party04/05/2007
3x18 Max's Present04/05/2007
3x19 Ruby's Puppet Show15/05/2007
3x20 Sugar Plum Max15/05/2007
3x21 Max's Ant Farm15/05/2007
3x37 Grandma's Present07/12/2007
3x38 Max and Ruby's Christmas Tree07/12/2007
3x39 Max and Ruby's Snow Plow07/12/2007
3x40 Max's Snow Day25/01/2008
3x41 Max's Snow Bunny25/01/2008
3x42 Max's Mix Up25/01/2008
4x01 Grandma's Treasure Hunt04/10/2009
4x02 Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle04/10/2009
4x03 Ruby's Recital04/10/2009
4x07 Ruby's Rainbow06/10/2009
4x08 Home Tweet Home06/10/2009
4x09 Max's Mudpie06/10/2009
4x10 Max Saves the Parade11/10/2009
4x11 Max's Big Kick11/10/2009
4x12 Ruby's Horn of Plenty11/10/2009
4x22 Ruby's Gingerbread House30/12/2009
4x23 Max's Christmas Passed30/12/2009
4x24 Max's New Year30/12/2009
4x25 Max's Castle04/01/2010
4x26 Bunny Hopscotch04/01/2010
4x27 Max's Grasshopper04/01/2010
4x31 Ruby's Water Lilly22/01/2010
4x32 Super Max's Cape22/01/2010
4x33 Max Says Goodbye22/01/2010
5x01 Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree10/12/2011
5x02 Max's Christmas Present10/12/2011
5x03 Max and Ruby's Christmas Carol10/12/2011
5x04 Max Says Hello23/01/2012
5x05 Ruby's Spa Day23/01/2012
5x06 Ruby's Tai Chi23/01/2012
5x22 Ruby's Bird Walk15/02/2012
5x23 Max Goes Fishing15/02/2012
5x24 Ruby Tries Again15/02/2012
5x34 Engineer Max14/05/2012
5x35 Max's Toy Train14/05/2012
5x36 Max's Train Ride14/05/2012
5x49 Max and the Magnet12/10/2012
5x50 Ruby's Parrot Project12/10/2012
5x51 Max's Spaghetti12/10/2012
5x55 Max and Ruby's Train Trip23/10/2012
5x56 Go to Sleep Max23/10/2012
5x57 Conductor Max23/10/2012
5x58 Max's Red Rubber Elephant Mystery24/10/2012
5x59 Ruby's Toy Drive24/10/2012
5x60 Max and Ruby's Big Finish24/10/2012
5x64 Ruby & The Beast26/10/2012
5x65 Max & Ruby's Halloween House26/10/2012
5x66 Max's Trick or Treat26/10/2012
5x67 Max and Ruby Give Thanks19/11/2012
5x68 Max Leaves19/11/2012
5x69 Ruby's Fall Pageant19/11/2012
5x70 Ruby's Big Case28/01/2013
5x71 Ruby's Rhyme Time28/01/2013
5x72 Max's Library Card28/01/2013
Pink Panther and Pals (La Panthère rose et ses amis)
1x53 One Too Many Chefs04/07/2010
1x59 AardvARK13/08/2010
Elinor Wonders Why (Elinor veut tout savoir)
1x16 No Need to Shout16/09/2020
1x20 One of These Goats21/09/2020
1x29 Make Music Naturally02/11/2020
1x35 Water You Doing?23/11/2020
1x64 More Than One Right Way17/01/2022