Julian Farino

Angleterre Nationalité anglaise

Époux de Branka Katic (depuis 2000)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2017 The Child in Time (TV)90
2011 Love next door (The Oranges) 90
1999 The Last Yellow93
Moyenne de tous ses films12.09

Réalisation de séries

Our Mutual Friend
1x01 Part 109/03/1998
1x02 Part 216/03/1998
1x03 Part 323/03/1998
1x04 Part 430/03/1998
Sex and the City
6x17 The Cold War01/02/2004
6x18 Splat!08/02/2004
Entourage (US)
1x02 The Review25/07/2004
1x03 Talk Show01/08/2004
1x06 Busey and the Beach22/08/2004
1x08 New York12/09/2004
2x01 The Boys Are Back in Town05/06/2005
2x03 Aquamansion19/06/2005
2x04 An Offer Refused26/06/2005
2x06 Chinatown10/07/2005
2x07 The Sundance Kids17/07/2005
2x09 I Love You Too31/07/2005
2x10 The Bat Mitzvah07/08/2005
2x13 Exodus28/08/2005
2x14 The Abyss04/09/2005
3x01 Aquamom11/06/2006
3x02 One Day in the Valley18/06/2006
3x03 Dominated25/06/2006
3x09 Vegas Baby, Vegas!06/08/2006
3x10 I Wanna Be Sedated13/08/2006
3x12 Sorry, Ari27/08/2006
3x13 Less Than 3008/04/2007
3x15 Manic Monday22/04/2007
4x08 Gary's Desk05/08/2007
5x05 Tree Trippers05/10/2008
6x06 Murphy's Lie16/08/2009
1x04 Stealing From Saturn18/09/2005
Big Love
1x09 A Barbecue For Betty07/05/2006
1x12 The Ceremony04/06/2006
2x12 Oh, Pioneers26/08/2007
The Office (US)
3x12 Back From Vacation04/01/2007
4x12 The Deposition15/11/2007
How to Make It in America
1x01 Pilot14/02/2010
1x02 Crisp21/02/2010
1x03 Paper, Denim & Dollars28/02/2010
1x04 Unhappy Birthday07/03/2010
1x08 Never Say Die04/04/2010
2x01 I'm Good02/10/2011
2x02 In or Out09/10/2011
2x04 It's Not Even Like That23/10/2011
The Newsroom
2x06 One Step Too Many18/08/2013
Hello Ladies
1x05 Pool Party27/10/2013
1x06 Long Beach03/11/2013
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
1x13 The Bet14/01/2014
1x02 Raise Up28/06/2015
1x03 Move the Chains05/07/2015
1x04 Heads Will Roll12/07/2015
1x09 Head-On16/08/2015
1x10 Flamingos23/08/2015
2x01 Face Of The Franchise17/07/2016
2x02 Enter the Temple24/07/2016
2x03 Elidee31/07/2016
2x04 World of Hurt07/08/2016
2x09 Million Bucks in a Bag18/09/2016
2x10 Game Day25/09/2016
3x01 Seeds of Expansion23/07/2017
3x09 Crackback17/09/2017
3x10 Yay Area24/09/2017
4x01 Rough Ride12/08/2018
4x02 Don't You Wanna Be Obama?19/08/2018
4x03 This Is Not Our World26/08/2018
1x01 Episode 117/10/2019
1x02 Episode 224/10/2019
1x03 Episode 331/10/2019
1x04 Episode 407/11/2019