Jorge Montesi

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Something Is Out There (Le Monstre évadé de l'espace)
1x08 The Keeper00/00/0000
1x05 And They Swam Right Over the Dam10/03/1989
The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
4x16 My Dear Watson22/04/1989
21 Jump Street
3x17 Blinded by the Thousand Points of Light30/04/1989
4x09 Mike's P.O.V.20/11/1989
4x18 Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom19/02/1990
4x22 Shirts and Skins30/04/1990
5x01 Tunnel of Love13/10/1990
5x03 Buddy System27/10/1990
5x17 Under the Influence23/03/1991
5x18 Crossfire30/03/1991
Wiseguy (Un flic dans la mafia)
2x18 The One that Got Away03/05/1989
3x14 To Die in Bettendorf17/01/1990
Friday the 13th: The Series (Vendredi 13)
2x22 Wedding Bell Blues20/05/1989
3x18 The Spirit of Television12/05/1990
Island Son (Médecin à Honolulu)
1x03 Sometimes They're Zebras26/09/1989
1x04 Gifts02/10/1989
1x04 High Rise22/10/1989
1x10 Cementhead17/12/1989
Counterstrike (Force de frappe)
1x02 Dead in the Air08/07/1990
1x04 Art for Art's Sake22/07/1990
2x08 Going Home09/11/1991
2x14 Prize Package04/01/1992
3x07 The Curse of the Amber Chamber07/11/1992
The Odyssey (1992) (L'Odyssée Fantastique)
1x01 The Fall09/03/1992
Forever Knight (Le Justicier des ténèbres)
1x07 False Witness04/08/1992
1x09 I Will Repay15/09/1992
1x02 Family Tree10/10/1992
1x04 Innocent Man24/10/1992
1x06 Bad Day in Building A07/11/1992
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (Kung Fu, la légende continue)
1x16 Straitjacket26/05/1993
NYPD Blue (New York Police Blues)
2x15 Bombs Away28/02/1995
2x19 Boxer Rebellion02/05/1995
The Outer Limits (1995) (Au-delà du réel : l'aventure continue)
4x07 Josh06/03/1998
5x04 The Grell12/02/1999
6x13 Decompression30/06/2000
7x08 Think Like a Dinosaur15/06/2001
7x11 In the Blood06/07/2001
First Wave
1x02 Crazy Eddie16/09/1998
1x09 Joshua04/11/1998
1x20 Melody20/01/1999
2x01 Target 11722/09/1999
2x03 The Apostles06/10/1999
2x05 The Channel20/10/1999
2x07 Prayer for the White Man03/11/1999
Total Recall 2070
1x03 Nothing Like the Real Thing19/01/1999
1x04 Self-Inflicted02/02/1999
1x08 First Wave02/03/1999
1x16 Restitution27/04/1999
1x19 Eye Witness18/05/1999
1x20 Personal Effects25/05/1999
Queen of Swords (Tessa à la pointe de l'épée)
1x10 The Serpent20/01/2001
1x14 The Uncle17/02/2001
Relic Hunter (Sydney Fox l'aventurière)
3x13 Fire in the Sky28/01/2002
3x16 Under the Ice18/02/2002
2x12 Ouroboros02/02/2002
2x17 The Things We Cannot Change13/04/2002
3x02 The Shards of Rimni28/09/2002
3x03 Mad to Be Saved05/10/2002
3x05 The Lone and Level Sands21/10/2002
3x17 Vault of the Heavens07/04/2003
3x22 Shadows Cast by a Final Salute12/05/2003
4x01 Answers Given to Questions Never Asked29/09/2003
4x02 Pieces of Eight06/10/2003
4x11 The Torment, the Release26/01/2004
4x13 The Warmth of an Invisible Light09/02/2004
4x18 Trusting the Gordian Maze19/04/2004
5x02 The Weight (2/2)01/10/2004
5x04 Decay of the Angel15/10/2004
5x06 When Goes Around...29/10/2004
5x08 So Burn the Untamed Lands12/11/2004
5x11 Through a Glass Darkly14/01/2005
5x13 Moonlight Becomes You28/01/2005
5x15 The Opposites of Attraction11/02/2005
5x21 The Heart of the Journey (1/2)06/05/2005
5x22 The Heart of the Journey (2/2)13/05/2005
Mutant X
1x18 Ex Marks the Spot27/04/2002
1x21 Dancing on the Razor06/07/2002
2x04 Whose Woods These Are26/10/2002
2x06 No Man Left Behind09/11/2002
2x20 Reality Check28/04/2003
3x02 Wages of Sin06/10/2003
3x03 The Breed13/10/2003
Jake 2.0
1x11 Prince and the Revolution10/12/2003