John Whitesell

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John Whitesell

Devenir fan

Frère de Sean Whitesell

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2020 Holidate103
2012 Thunderstruck94
2011 Big Mamma : de père en fils (Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son) 107
2006 Voisin contre voisin (Deck the Halls) 93
2006 Big Mamma 2 (Big Momma's House 2) 99
2003 Le rappeur de Malibu (Malibu's Most Wanted) 86
2001 Spot (See Spot Run)83
1993 Calendar Girl90
Moyenne de tous ses films12.21

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2006 Voisin contre voisin (Deck the Halls) 93
Moyenne de tous ses films11.67

Réalisation de séries

Law & Order (New York Police Judiciaire)
1x01 Prescription for Death13/09/1990
1x20 The Troubles26/03/1991
2x08 Out of Control12/11/1991
3x01 The Test18/09/1990
3x02 Friends and Relatives25/09/1990
3x03 Like, a Virgin02/10/1990
3x04 Like, a New Job09/10/1990
3x05 Goodbye, Mr. Right16/10/1990
3x06 Becky, Beds and Boys23/10/1990
3x07 Trick or Treat30/10/1990
3x08 PMS, I Love You06/11/1990
3x09 Bird is the Word13/11/1990
3x10 Dream Lover27/11/1990
3x11 Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?04/12/1990
3x12 Confessions18/12/1990
3x13 The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father08/01/1991
3x14 The Wedding15/01/1991
3x16 Home-Ec05/02/1991
3x17 Valentine's Day12/02/1991
3x18 Communicable Theater19/02/1991
3x19 Vegas Interruptus26/02/1991
3x20 Her Boyfriend's Back12/03/1991
3x21 Troubles with the Rubbles26/03/1991
3x22 Second Time Around02/04/1991
3x24 Scenes from a Barbecue07/05/1991
3x25 The Pied Piper of Lanford14/05/1991
Hardball (1994)
1x01 Pilot04/09/1994
The Cosby Mysteries
1x05 One Day at a Time19/10/1994
1x01 Pilot16/09/1996
1x02 It's My Party23/09/1996
1x03 Neighborhood Watch30/09/1996
1x04 Happily Ever Hilton07/10/1996
1x05 The Best Little Antique Shop in Astoria14/10/1996
1x06 One Foot in Your Mouth21/10/1996
1x07 Natural Born Debtors28/10/1996
1x08 The Two Mr. Lucases04/11/1996
1x09 No Nudes Is Good Nudes11/11/1996
1x10 Basketball Story18/11/1996
1x11 Guard Almighty25/11/1996
1x12 The Broken Reflection02/12/1996
1x13 Tempus Lucas16/12/1996
1x14 Guess Whose President Is Coming to Dinner06/01/1997
1x15 Brave New Hilton13/01/1997
1x16 Lucas Platonicus03/02/1997
1x17 Valentine's Day10/02/1997
1x18 Florida17/02/1997
1x19 Anniversary Waltz24/02/1997
1x20 That Darn Cat03/03/1997
1x21 I'm OK, You're Hilton10/03/1997
1x22 The Return of the Charlites28/04/1997
1x23 My Dinner with Methuselah05/05/1997
1x24 Hilton's Playland12/05/1997
1x25 Social Insecurity19/05/1997
2x01 About My Life15/09/1997
2x02 Wake Up and Smell the Coffeehouse22/09/1997
2x03 The Rules29/09/1997
2x04 Two Cents06/10/1997
2x05 Older and Out13/10/1997
2x06 Lucas Smartypantsicus20/10/1997
2x07 The Last Man Standing27/10/1997
2x08 Dating Games03/11/1997
2x09 The Pilot (Not the Pilot)10/11/1997
2x12 The Two Hilton Lucases15/12/1997
4x11 Loving Madeline29/12/1999
4x12 The Hilton Hilton14/01/2000
4x16 It's a Wonderful Wife10/03/2000
4x17 Perfect Valentine31/03/2000
4x19 Thursday's Child14/04/2000
4x20 Kids Eat the Darndest Things14/04/2000
1x07 If Memory Serves19/02/1999
1x02 Re-enter the Dragon16/09/1999
1x04 Blowhard30/09/1999
Grounded for Life (Parents à tout prix)
1x05 Action Mountain High07/02/2001
Listen Up!
1x05 Quest For Fire18/10/2004
1x08 Only God Knows19/07/2009
The Client List
2x10 What Part of No12/05/2013
Girl Meets World (Le Monde de Riley)
1x01 Girl Meets World27/06/2014
Bella and the Bulldogs (Bella et les Bulldogs)
2x07 Dudes & Chicks11/11/2015