John Loy

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénario / Long-métrages

Scénariste de séries

Challenge of the GoBots (Le défi des gobots)
1x62 The GoBots That Time Forgot10/12/1985
1x65 Quest for New Earth13/12/1985
Pinky and the Brain (Minus et Cortex)
1x11 Napoleon Brainaparte26/11/1995
1x15 Fly11/02/1996
Young Hercules (Hercule contre Arès)
1x06 Teacher's Pests22/09/1998
1x15 Ares on Trial09/10/1998
1x23 The Mysteries of Life05/11/1998
1x29 Sisters18/11/1998
1x31 Home for the Holidays20/11/1998
1x41 Adventures in the Forbidden Zone24/02/1999
1x48 Apollo12/05/1999
Teen Titans Go!
1x23 Burger vs. Burrito03/09/2013
1x26 The Left Leg25/09/2013
1x27 Books02/10/2013
1x28 Lazy Sunday09/10/2013
1x31 Staring at the Future30/10/2013
1x34 Caged Tiger20/11/2013
1x37 Legs15/01/2014
1x39 Waffles05/02/2014
1x40 Be Mine12/02/2014
1x43 Brain Food05/03/2014
1x44 In and Out12/03/2014
1x45 Little Buddies19/03/2014
1x47 Uncle Jokes09/04/2014
1x48 Mas Y Menos16/04/2014
1x50 Grandma Voice30/04/2014
1x52 Puppets, Whaaaaat?05/06/2014
2x01 Mr. Butt12/06/2014
2x06 Brian31/07/2014
2x08 Salty Codgers14/08/2014
2x13 Caramel Apples18/09/2014
2x18 Serious Business23/10/2014
2x19 Halloween30/10/2014
2x20 Boys vs. Girls06/11/2014
2x26 Hot Garbage15/01/2015
The Lion Guard (La Garde du Roi Lion)
3x03 The Accidental Avalanche03/08/2019