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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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ER (Urgences)
2x18 A Shift in the Night04/04/1996
3x21 Make a Wish08/05/1997
4x15 Exodus26/02/1998
5x05 Masquerade29/10/1998
5x17 Sticks and Stones25/03/1999
6x11 The Domino Heart13/01/2000
6x16 Under Control23/03/2000
7x05 Flight of Fancy09/11/2000
7x12 Surrender01/02/2001
7x13 Thy Will Be Done08/02/2001
7x17 Survival of the Fittest29/03/2001
7x22 Rampage17/05/2001
8x05 Start All Over Again25/10/2001
8x09 Quo Vadis?22/11/2001
8x22 Lockdown16/05/2002
9x05 A Hopeless Wound31/10/2002
9x17 The Advocate13/03/2003
10x08 Freefall20/11/2003
11x01 One for the Road23/09/2004
11x08 A Shot in the Dark02/12/2004
11x18 Refusal of Care21/04/2005
12x01 Cañon City22/09/2005
12x08 Two Ships17/11/2005
12x13 Body and Soul02/02/2006
13x01 Bloodline21/09/2006
13x05 Ames v. Kovac19/10/2006
13x19 Family Business19/04/2007
14x01 The War Comes Home27/09/2007
14x05 Under the Influence25/10/2007
14x10 300 Patients06/12/2007
14x14 Owner of a Broken Heart10/04/2008
15x01 Life After Death25/09/2008
15x09 Let it Snow04/12/2008
15x14 A Long, Strange Trip05/02/2009
15x21 I Feel Good26/03/2009
Mercy (Mercy Hospital)
1x21 Too Much Attitude And Not Enough Underwear05/05/2010
Off the Map (Off the Map : Urgences au bout du monde)
1x06 It's Good16/02/2011
1x10 I'm Home16/03/2011
NCIS: Los Angeles
3x11 Higher Power13/12/2011
3x18 The Dragon and the Fairy20/03/2012
4x11 Drive08/01/2013
4x20 Purity09/04/2013
5x07 The Livelong Day05/11/2013
5x16 Fish Out of Water04/03/2014
6x14 Black Wind02/02/2015
6x19 Blaze of Glory30/03/2015
7x12 Core Values04/01/2016
7x20 Seoul Man28/03/2016
8x08 Parallel Resistors13/11/2016
8x20 From Havana with Love09/04/2017
9x12 Under Pressure07/01/2018
9x24 Ninguna Salida20/05/2018
10x12 The Sound of Silence06/01/2019
10x20 Choke Point14/04/2019
11x08 Human Resources17/11/2019