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Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024)
1x07 Episode 700/00/0000
1x08 Episode 800/00/0000
All Saints
11x23 Blood Lines15/07/2008
11x32 Training Wheels30/09/2008
11x37 Secrets and Lies04/11/2008
City Homicide (City Homicide : l'enfer du crime)
4x05 Ratters04/08/2010
4x06 Last Seen11/08/2010
5x05 If It Bleeds, It Leads (3)09/03/2011
5x06 Tangled Web (4)16/03/2011
Winners & Losers
1x19 We Are Family02/08/2011
1x20 It's Written in the Stars09/08/2011
2x15 Footprints02/10/2012
2x16 A Whole New World09/10/2012
3x21 The Right Wrong Choice11/03/2014
3x22 You Choose You Lose18/03/2014
5x09 The Woman in the Mirror23/08/2016
5x10 Best Laid Plans30/08/2016
1x15 Episode 1513/10/2011
1x16 Episode 1620/10/2011
1x21 Episode 2124/11/2011
1x22 Episode 2201/12/2011
Packed to the Rafters
5x17 Keeping Step05/03/2013
5x18 That Heady Rush12/03/2013
1x07 Something Dies12/06/2013
1x08 Mind Games19/06/2013
4x05 Love and Hate07/06/2016
4x06 Divide and Conquer14/06/2016
Wonderland (AU)
1x07 Hooking Up02/10/2013
1x08 Macho09/10/2013
2x02 Standing In Line20/08/2014
2x03 Fear Of Missing Out27/08/2014
Madam Secretary
2x11 Unity Node10/01/2016
3x06 The Statement13/11/2016
3x19 Global Relief23/04/2017
4x17 Baby Come Home27/04/2016
5x20 Speed Trap Town27/07/2017
American Gothic (2016)
1x11 Freedom from Fear31/08/2016
How to Get Away with Murder (Murder)
3x08 No More Blood10/11/2016
3x14 He Made a Terrible Mistake23/02/2017
4x01 I'm Going Away28/09/2017
4x09 He's Dead18/01/2018
4x15 Nobody Else Is Dying15/03/2018
Bull (2016)
1x12 Stockholm Syndrome24/01/2017
Marvel's Iron Fist
1x09 The Mistress of All Agonies17/03/2017
3x08 Stakes on a Plane17/08/2017
Marvel's The Punisher
1x12 Home17/11/2017
2x07 One Bad Day18/01/2019
Marvel's Jessica Jones
2x06 AKA Facetime08/03/2018
Marvel's Daredevil
3x11 Reunion19/10/2018
Wu-Tang: An American Saga
1x05 Cold World18/09/2019
Warrior Nun
1x01 Psalm 46:502/07/2020
1x02 Proverbs 31:2502/07/2020
1x10 Home04/09/2020
First Kill
1x01 First Kiss10/06/2022
1x02 First Blood10/06/2022