Jerry Jameson

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Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Ironside (1967) (L'homme de fer)
8x18 The Organizer00/00/0000
1x02 Death Chain21/09/1971
1x05 Scream of Silence12/10/1971
1x07 The Girl in the Electric Coffin26/10/1971
2x15 The Dead Samaritan10/01/1973
The Six Million Dollar Man (L'homme qui valait 3 milliards)
1x06 Doomsday, and Counting01/03/1974
1x13 Run, Steve, Run26/04/1974
2x03 Pilot Error27/09/1974
The Streets of San Francisco (Les rues de San Francisco)
3x17 Endgame23/01/1975
Hawaii Five-O (1968) (Hawaï police d'État)
8x08 The Defector24/10/1975
Magnum, P.I. (1980) (Magnum)
6x04 The Kona Winds10/10/1985
6x15 All Thieves on Deck30/01/1986
7x12 Death of the Flowers10/12/1986
Dallas (1978)
9x29 Thrice in a Lifetime02/05/1986
10x15 So Shall Ye Reap02/01/1987
11x07 Last Tango in Dallas30/10/1987
11x09 Hustling13/11/1987
11x11 Lovers and Other Liars27/11/1987
Jake and the Fatman (La loi est la loi)
1x08 Body and Soul03/11/1987
Dynasty (1981) (Dynastie (1981))
9x08 The Wedding12/01/1989
9x20 Here Comes the Son27/04/1989
B.L. Stryker (Un privé nommé Stryker)
1x03 Blind Chess27/03/1989
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
6x16 The Big Show of 196525/02/1990
7x05 The Family Jewels04/11/1990
7x08 The Great Twain Robbery25/11/1990
7x09 Ballad for a Blue Lady02/12/1990
7x16 From the Horse's Mouth24/02/1991
8x09 The Committee01/12/1991
8x12 The Witch's Curse12/01/1992
8x14 The Monte Carlo Murders02/02/1992
8x18 Programmed for Murder05/04/1992
8x22 Murder On Madison Avenue17/05/1992
9x06 Night of the Coyote22/11/1992
9x13 Dead Eye07/02/1993
9x17 The Big Kill07/03/1993
10x12 Proof In The Pudding09/01/1994
10x17 The Dying Game13/03/1994
11x02 Amsterdam Kill02/10/1994
11x07 Fatal Paradise13/11/1994
11x13 Death 'n Denial22/01/1995
11x17 Murder a la Mode26/02/1995
Touched by an Angel (Les anges du bonheur)
1x01 The Southbound Bus21/09/1994
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Docteur Quinn, femme médecin)
3x02 Fathers and Sons01/10/1994
3x14 The Indian Agent07/01/1995
3x23 Permanence of Change08/04/1995
3x26 Sully's Recovery06/05/1995
4x07 Promises, Promises11/11/1995
4x12 Fifi's First Christmas16/12/1995
4x14 Tin Star13/01/1996
Walker, Texas Ranger
3x06 Rainbow Warrior05/11/1994
6x13 Tribe03/01/1998
6x21 Angel18/04/1998
7x02 Trackdown03/10/1998
7x07 Survival07/11/1998
7x11 On the Border12/12/1998
7x14 The Principal06/02/1999
7x17 live-girls.now27/02/1999
7x23 In Harm's Way (1)22/05/1999
8x01 In Harm's Way (2)25/09/1999
8x03 Safe House09/10/1999
8x13 Vision Quest08/01/2000
8x22 Showdown at Casa Diablo (2)06/05/2000
Models Inc.
1x19 Bad Moon Rising30/11/1994
1x27 By Crook or by Hook20/02/1995
2x03 Jinx17/01/1997
The Magnificent Seven (Les 7 mercenaires)
1x08 Manhunt14/03/1998
Mystery Science Theater 3000
10x10 It Lives by Night18/07/1999