Jeffrey Lewis

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1998 L'odyssée du Pôle Nord (Glory & Honor)94

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1983 Bay City Blues Terminée

Scénariste de séries

Diff'rent Strokes (Arnold & Willy)
3x18 Drummond's Fair Lady18/03/1981
Hill Street Blues (Capitaine Furillo)
2x05 Fruits of the Poisonous Tree03/12/1981
2x07 Chipped Beef17/12/1981
2x09 Pestolozzi's Revenge14/01/1982
2x10 The Spy Who Came In from Delgado21/01/1982
2x11 Freedom's Last Stand28/01/1982
2x12 Of Mouse and Man11/02/1982
2x13 Zen and the Art of Law Enforcement18/02/1982
2x14 The Young, the Beautiful and the Degraded25/02/1982
2x15 Some Like It Hot-Wired18/03/1982
2x16 Personal Foul25/03/1982
2x17 Shooter06/05/1982
2x18 Invasion of the Third World Mutant Body Snatchers13/05/1982
3x02 Domestic Beef07/10/1982
3x03 Heat Rash14/10/1982
3x04 Rain of Terror21/10/1982
3x10 Phantom of the Hill02/12/1982
3x12 Santaclaustraphobia16/12/1982
3x13 Gung Ho!20/01/1983
3x14 Moon Over Uranus27/01/1983
3x15 Moon Over Uranus: the Sequel03/02/1983
3x16 Moon Over Uranus: The Final Legacy10/02/1983
3x17 The Belles of St. Mary's17/02/1983
3x18 Life in the Minors24/02/1983
3x19 Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back03/03/1983
3x20 Spotlight on Rico28/04/1983
3x21 Buddy, Can You Spare a Heart?05/05/1983
3x22 A Hill of Beans12/05/1983
4x01 Here's Adventure, Here's Romance13/10/1983
4x05 Doris in Wonderland10/11/1983
4x06 Praise Dilaudid17/11/1983
4x07 Goodbye, Mr. Scripps24/11/1983
4x08 Midway to What?01/12/1983
4x09 Honk If You're a Goose08/12/1983
4x10 The Russians are Coming15/12/1983
4x11 Ratman and Bobbin12/01/1984
4x12 Nichols from Heaven19/01/1984
4x13 Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!26/01/1984
4x14 Grace Under Pressure02/02/1984
4x15 The Other Side of Oneness09/02/1984
4x16 Parting is Such Sweep Sorrow16/02/1984
4x17 The End of Logan's Run01/03/1984
4x18 The Count of Monty Tasco08/03/1984
4x19 Nutcracker Suite15/03/1984
4x20 Hair Apparent03/05/1984
4x21 Lucky Ducks10/05/1984
4x22 Eva's Brawn17/05/1984
5x01 Mayo, Hold the Pickle27/09/1984
5x02 Watt a Way to Go04/10/1984
5x03 Rookie Nookie18/10/1984
5x04 Fowl Play25/10/1984
5x05 Bangladesh Slowly01/11/1984
5x07 Blues for Mr. Green15/11/1984
5x08 Fuched Again22/11/1984
5x09 Low Blow29/11/1984
5x12 Intestinal Fortitude10/01/1985
5x13 Of Human Garbage17/01/1985
5x14 Dr. Hoof and Mouth24/01/1985
5x15 Davenport in a Storm31/01/1985
5x17 Passage to Libya14/02/1985
5x18 El Capitan21/02/1985
5x19 The Life and Time of Dominic Florio Jr.21/03/1985
5x20 G.Q.28/03/1985
5x21 Queen for a Day11/04/1985
5x22 You're in Alice's09/05/1985
5x23 Grin and Bear It16/05/1985
6x01 Blues in the Night26/09/1985
6x02 Hacked to Pieces03/10/1985
6x03 Seoul on Ice17/10/1985
6x04 In the Belly of the Bus24/10/1985
6x10 The Virgin and the Turkey12/12/1985
6x11 Two Easy Pieces09/01/1986
6x12 Say It as It Plays16/01/1986
6x13 Das Blues23/01/1986
6x14 Scales of Justice30/01/1986
6x16 Remembrance of Hits Past13/02/1986
6x17 Larry of Arabia27/02/1986
6x18 Iced Coffey06/03/1986
6x19 Jagga the Hunk13/03/1986
6x20 Look Homeward, Ninja20/03/1986
7x04 Bald Ambition30/10/1986
7x09 Fathers and Guns09/12/1986
7x22 It Ain't Over Till It's Over12/05/1987