Jeff Bleckner

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 12 août 1943 (77 ans) • New York, État de New York (États-Unis)

Jeff Bleckner

Devenir fan

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

1x06 Road Trip00/00/0000
Knots Landing (Côte Ouest)
2x12 Players12/02/1981
2x14 Moments of Truth26/02/1981
3x01 The Vigil12/11/1981
3x08 Mistaken Motives07/01/1982
4x17 The Morning After03/02/1983
Hill Street Blues (Capitaine Furillo)
2x08 The World According to Freedom07/01/1982
3x02 Domestic Beef07/10/1982
3x12 Santaclaustraphobia16/12/1982
3x18 Life in the Minors24/02/1983
5x06 Ewe and Me, Babe08/11/1984
Dynasty (1981) (Dynastie (1981))
2x12 Blake's Blindness03/02/1982
Lou Grant
5x19 Fireworks19/04/1982
Remington Steele (Les Enquêtes de Remington Steele)
1x03 Steele Waters Run Deep22/10/1982
Mancuso, FBI (Nick Mancuso, les dossiers secrets du FBI)
1x01 Suspicious Minds13/10/1989
1x04 I Cover the Waterfront10/11/1989
1x20 Adamant Eve24/04/1990
The Beast (1996) (La Bête)
1x01 Episode 128/04/1996
1x02 Episode 229/04/1996
The Fugitive (2000) (Le fugitif)
1x03 Guilt20/10/2000
The Beast (2001)
1x02 The Damage Done20/06/2001
10-8: Officers on Duty (Shérifs à Los Angeles)
1x03 Gun of a Son12/10/2003
1x06 Mercy, Mercy Me02/11/2003
1x13 Gypsy Road18/01/2004
1x11 Life In A Fishbowl03/08/2004
Medium (Médium)
1x03 A Couple of Choices17/01/2005
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
1x15 Tortured Souls20/02/2005
2x18 Shock and Oww!07/03/2006
2x24 Deep End of the Poole02/05/2006
3x06 The Verdict24/10/2006
3x21 Tea and Sympathy01/05/2007
4x19 The Gods Must Be Crazy14/05/2008
Commander in Chief
1x17 Happy Birthday, Madam President07/06/2006
1x13 Resolution12/08/2007
HawthoRNe (Hawthorne : Infirmière en chef)
1x03 Yielding30/06/2009
1x09 Mother's Day11/08/2009
1x10 Hello and Goodbye18/08/2009
2x01 No Excuses22/06/2010
2x04 Afterglow13/07/2010
2x07 Hidden Truths03/08/2010
2x09 Picture Perfect17/08/2010
2x10 No Exit24/08/2010
Private Practice
3x20 Second Choices22/04/2010
4x15 Two Steps Back24/02/2011
5x06 If I Hadn't Forgotten…03/11/2011
5x09 The Breaking Point17/11/2011
3x11 Nikki Heat03/01/2011
3x19 Law & Murder28/03/2011
3x23 Pretty Dead09/05/2011
4x02 Heroes and Villains26/09/2011
4x11 Till Death Do Us Part09/01/2012
4x17 Once Upon a Crime27/02/2012
8x08 Mr. & Mrs. Castle23/11/2015
Off the Map (Off the Map : Urgences au bout du monde)
1x12 Hold on Tight30/03/2011
The Protector (2011)
1x07 Wings01/08/2011
Made in Jersey
1x05 Wingman22/12/2012
Mistresses (US)
1x11 Full Disclosure26/08/2013