Jeannot Szwarc

Né le 21 novembre 1939 à Paris (France) (80 ans)

France Nationalité française

Aussi appelé : Jean Szwarc

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Ironside (1967) (L'homme de fer)
2x11 The Macabre Mr. Micawber28/11/1968
2x25 A Matter of Love and Death03/04/1969
It Takes a Thief (Opération vol)
2x25 The Great Chess Gambit15/04/1969
3x02 Who'll Bid Two Million Dollars?21/09/1969
3x03 The Beautiful People09/10/1969
3x12 The Old Who Came in From the Spy11/12/1969
Alias Smith and Jones (Opération danger)
1x03 Exit from Wickenburg28/01/1971
3x01 Lovely but Lethal23/09/1973
Kojak (1973)
1x09 Conspiracy of Fear19/12/1973
1x18 Dead on His Feet06/03/1974
1x20 Mojo27/03/1974
2x01 The Chinatown Murders (1)15/09/1974
2x02 The Chinatown Murders (2)15/09/1974
2x17 Acts of Desperate Men12/01/1975
2x18 Queen of the Gypsies19/01/1975
4x02 A Summer Madness03/10/1976
4x04 Out of the Shadows17/10/1976
4x09 A Shield for Murder (1)21/11/1976
4x10 A Shield for Murder (2)21/11/1976
4x13 Where Do You Go When You Have Nowhere To Go?12/12/1976
4x17 When You Hear the Beep, Drop Dead18/01/1977
The Six Million Dollar Man (L'homme qui valait 3 milliards)
1x01 Population: Zero18/01/1974
The Rockford Files (200 dollars plus les frais)
2x10 2 Into 5.56 Won't Go21/11/1975
3x07 So Help Me God19/11/1976
3x18 New Life, Old Dragons25/02/1977
Baa Baa Black Sheep (Les Têtes brûlées)
1x10 Anyone for Suicide?23/11/1976
The Twilight Zone (1985) (La Cinquième Dimension)
1x52 Red Snow21/03/1986
1x59 The Last Defender of Camelot11/04/1986
Mystery Science Theater 3000
6x08 Code Name: Diamond Head01/10/1994
4x08 Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington10/11/1998
4x10 The Black Jet24/11/1998
4x22 Soul Searching11/05/1999
4x24 Goodbyes25/05/1999
5x02 Rules of Engagement (2)28/09/1999
5x09 Contemptuous Words23/11/1999
5x14 Cabin Pressure01/02/2000
5x15 Boomerang (1)08/02/2000
5x16 Boomerang (2)15/02/2000
5x25 Surface Warfare23/05/2000
6x07 A Separate Peace (1)21/11/2000
6x16 Retreat, Hell27/02/2001
6x18 Liberty27/03/2001
7x20 Port Chicago09/04/2002
7x22 Defending His Honor07/05/2002
8x01 Critical Condition (3)24/09/2002
9x02 Shifting Sands03/10/2003
9x20 Fighting Words30/04/2004
10x03 Retrial15/10/2004
7 Days (Sept jours pour agir)
1x16 There's Something About Olga31/03/1999
The Practice (The Practice : Bobby Donnell & associés)
3x20 Home Invasions18/04/1999
4x06 Marooned07/11/1999
4x11 Blowing Smoke09/01/2000
5x03 Officers of the Court22/10/2000
5x08 Mr. Hinks Goes to Town26/11/2000
5x21 Poor Richard's Almanac06/05/2001
6x02 The Candidate (2)23/09/2001
6x01 The Candidate (1)23/09/2001
6x07 Honor Code18/11/2001
6x15 Man and Superman24/02/2002
6x22 This Pud's for You19/05/2002
7x04 The Cradle Will Rock20/10/2002
7x08 Bad to Worse01/12/2002
7x13 Character Evidence10/02/2003
7x21 Baby Love (1)05/05/2003
8x07 Rape Shield09/11/2003
8x09 Victims' Rights30/11/2003
8x20 Comings and Goings25/04/2004
8x22 Cheers (a.k.a Adjourned: Series Finale)16/05/2004
2x18 Don't Go Changin'31/03/2000
Ally McBeal
3x18 Turning Thirty01/05/2000
4x02 Girls' Night Out30/10/2000
4x12 Hats Off to Larry05/02/2001
5x11 A Kick in the Head04/02/2002
5x13 Woman18/02/2002
Boston Public
2x11 Chapter Thirty-Three28/01/2002
3x06 Chapter Fifty25/11/2002
CSI: Miami (Les Experts : Miami)
1x15 Dead Woman Walking10/02/2003
3x05 Perry29/10/2003
3x13 Velocity11/02/2004
4x08 Spell10/11/2004
4x13 Recruit09/02/2005
4x19 Blank27/04/2005
5x06 Exposed03/11/2005
5x13 Vengeance02/02/2006
5x17 Void06/04/2006
6x05 Reunion26/10/2006
6x20 Noir03/05/2007
8x10 Bride20/11/2008
9x07 Kandor06/11/2009
10x04 Homecoming15/10/2010
10x17 Kent15/04/2011
Boston Legal (Boston Justice)
1x08 Loose Lips28/11/2004
2x21 Word Salad Days28/03/2006
Without a Trace (FBI : Portés Disparus)
3x16 Manhunt24/02/2005
3x23 Endgame19/05/2005
4x02 Safe06/10/2005
4x08 A Day in the Life17/11/2005
4x21 Shattered27/04/2006
4x24 Crossroads18/05/2006
5x03 91108/10/2006
5x08 Win Today12/11/2006
5x16 Without You04/03/2007
5x24 The Beginning10/05/2007
6x08 Fight/Flight22/11/2007
7x24 Undertow19/05/2009
2x10 Bones Of Contention09/12/2005
Cold Case (Cold Case : Affaires classées)
4x10 Forever Blue03/12/2006
5x11 Family 810809/12/2007
5x14 Andy in C Minor30/03/2008
6x21 November 22nd26/04/2009
6x23 Into the Blue (2)10/05/2009
7x17 Flashover21/03/2010
7x22 Shattered02/05/2010
1x14 Distractions05/02/2007
2x06 The Line29/10/2007
3x07 Eris Quod Sum27/10/2008
3x12 Our Father08/12/2008
3x22 Turn and Face the Strange06/04/2009
4x14 Let It Bleed04/01/2010
2x19 Spaceman in a Crater02/05/2007
3x13 The Verdict in the Story05/05/2008
4x05 The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond24/09/2008
5x05 A Night at the Bones Museum15/10/2009
6x05 The Bones that Weren't04/11/2010
7x05 The Twist in The Twister08/12/2011
7x09 The Don't in the Do16/04/2012
8x11 The Archaeologist in the Cocoon14/01/2013
8x21 The Maiden in the Mushrooms01/04/2013
9x07 The Nazi on the Honeymoon04/11/2013
9x23 The Drama in the Queen12/05/2014
10x11 The Psychic in the Soup26/03/2015
10x17 The Lost in the Found07/05/2015
11x07 The Promise in the Palace12/11/2015
11x20 The Stiff in the Cliff23/06/2016
Raising the Bar (Raising the Bar : Justice à Manhattan)
1x03 I Will, I'm Will15/09/2008
2x05 Is There a Doctor in the House?06/07/2009
2x14 O! Say Can You Pee24/12/2009
Grey's Anatomy
5x12 Sympathy for the Devil15/01/2009
6x13 State of Love and Trust04/02/2010
6x18 Suicide is Painless25/03/2010
7x08 Something's Gotta Give11/11/2010
8x13 If/Then02/02/2012
9x16 This Is Why We Fight21/02/2013
10x09 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word14/11/2013
11x12 The Great Pretender19/02/2015
12x06 The Me Nobody Knows05/11/2015
12x18 There's a Fine, Fine Line14/04/2016
13x07 Why Try to Change Me Now03/11/2016
13x13 It Only Gets Much Worse16/02/2017
14x12 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger08/02/2018
14x19 Beautiful Dreamer12/04/2018
15x14 I Want a New Drug21/02/2019
2x10 Grey Matters10/12/2009
3x11 Reciprocity28/01/2011
3x20 6:02 AM EST22/04/2011
4x08 Back to Where You've Never Been13/01/2012
4x18 The Consultant13/04/2012
5x01 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-1128/09/2012
5x02 In Absentia05/10/2012
Private Practice
3x23 The End of a Beautiful Friendship13/05/2010
4x21 God Bless The Child12/05/2011
5x21 Drifting Back08/05/2012
6x05 The Next Episode13/11/2012
6x14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning18/02/2011
7x11 Adventures in Babysitting06/01/2012
8x11 LARP and the Real Girl23/01/2013
9x15 #THINMAN04/03/2014
10x04 Paper Moon28/10/2014
The Protector (2011)
1x13 Safe19/09/2011
2x12 Truth or Consequences31/01/2013
3x03 Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington17/10/2013
3x16 The Fluffer03/04/2014
4x06 An Innocent Man30/10/2014
4x18 Honor Thy Father02/04/2015
Almost Human
1x07 Simon Says06/01/2014
6x14 Dressed to Kill03/02/2014
7x08 Kill Switch24/11/2014
7x22 Dead from New York04/05/2015
8x11 Dead Red15/02/2016
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Esprits criminels : Unité sans frontières)
1x08 De Los Inocentes27/04/2016
2x05 Made In…05/04/2017
Doubt (Doubt: Affaires douteuses)
1x07 Where Do We Go from Here?22/07/2017
Designated Survivor
2x09 Three-Letter Day06/12/2017

Scénariste de séries

Ironside (1967) (L'homme de fer)
2x25 A Matter of Love and Death03/04/1969