Jane Espenson

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Née le 14 juillet 1964 (57 ans) • Ames, Iowa (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créatrice de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2011 Husbands Terminée
2009 Warehouse 13 Terminée
2008 Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy (Webisodes) Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries16.58

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2009 Battlestar Galactica : The Plan (Battlestar Galactica: The Plan)112
Moyenne de tous ses films14.96

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2007 Battlestar Galactica : Razor (Battlestar Galactica: Razor)101
Moyenne de tous ses films16.68

Scénariste de séries

Dinosaurs (Dinosaures)
4x04 Driving Miss Ethyl29/06/1994
4x11 Variations on a Theme Park28/09/1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
4x17 Accession26/02/1996
Nowhere Man (L'Homme de nulle part)
1x23 Zero Minus Ten06/05/1996
5x09 Like a Virgin26/11/1997
5x12 Womyn Fest07/01/1998
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy contre les vampires)
3x06 Band Candy10/11/1998
3x11 Gingerbread12/01/1999
3x18 Earshot21/09/1999
4x03 The Harsh Light of Day19/10/1999
4x08 Pangs23/11/1999
4x11 Doomed18/01/2000
4x12 A New Man25/01/2000
4x17 Superstar04/04/2000
5x03 The Replacement10/10/2000
5x11 Triangle09/01/2001
5x12 Checkpoint23/01/2001
5x15 I Was Made to Love You20/02/2001
5x18 Intervention24/04/2001
6x03 After Life09/10/2001
6x04 Flooded16/10/2001
6x05 Life Serial23/10/2001
6x12 Doublemeat Palace29/01/2002
7x03 Same Time, Same Place08/10/2002
7x07 Conversations with Dead People12/11/2002
7x08 Sleeper19/11/2002
7x14 First Date11/02/2003
7x16 Storyteller25/02/2003
7x21 End of Days13/05/2003
Angel (US)
1x05 Rm w/a Vu02/11/1999
2x06 Guise Will Be Guise07/11/2000
1x05 Shindig01/11/2002
The O.C. (Newport Beach)
1x03 The Gamble19/08/2003
Gilmore Girls
4x04 Chicken or Beef?14/10/2003
4x16 The Reigning Lorelai02/03/2004
Tru Calling (Tru Calling : Compte à rebours)
2x03 In the Dark07/04/2005
The Inside (The Inside : dans la tête des tueurs)
1x02 Old Wounds15/06/2005
1x09 Little Girl Lost27/07/2005
1x12 Gem17/08/2005
1x13 Skin and Bone24/08/2005
Jake in Progress
2x08 The Two Jakes30/09/2006
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
3x10 The Passage08/12/2006
3x16 Dirty Hands25/02/2007
4x04 Escape Velocity25/04/2008
4x09 Hub06/06/2008
4x16 Deadlock20/02/2009
Andy Barker, P.I.
1x02 Fairway, My Lovely22/03/2007
Dollhouse (US)
1x10 Haunted24/04/2009
1x11 Briar Rose01/05/2009
Warehouse 13
1x01 Pilot07/07/2009
1x04 Gravedancing19/02/2010
1x18 Apotheosis04/01/2011
Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones : Le Trône de Fer)
1x06 A Golden Crown22/05/2011
4x03 Dead of Night28/07/2011
4x05 The Categories of Life11/08/2011
4x07 Immortal Sins25/08/2011
4x08 End of the Road01/09/2011
4x10 The Blood Line15/09/2011
1x01 Waking Up in Vegas13/09/2011
1x02 We Can't Be Married15/09/2011
1x03 Being Britney!20/09/2011
1x04 A Decent Proposal22/09/2011
1x05 IDEHTW27/09/2011
1x06 Haley,The Life Coach29/09/2011
1x07 Normal People04/10/2011
1x08 This Together Thing06/10/2011
1x09 Instant Love11/10/2011
1x10 Return of the Zebra13/10/2011
1x11 Winky Face18/10/2011
2x01 Appropriate Is Not the Word15/08/2012
2x02 The Straightening29/08/2012
2x03 A Better Movie of What We're Like12/09/2012
3x01 I Do Over (1)15/08/2013
3x02 I Do Over (2)22/08/2013
3x03 I Do Over (3)29/08/2013
3x04 I Dream of Cleaning (1)19/09/2013
3x05 I Dream of Cleaning (2)26/09/2013
3x06 I Dream of Cleaning (3)03/10/2013
Once Upon a Time
1x05 That Still Small Voice27/11/2011
1x08 Desperate Souls08/01/2012
1x12 Skin Deep12/02/2012
1x15 Red-Handed11/03/2012
1x19 The Return22/04/2012
1x21 An Apple Red as Blood06/05/2012
2x02 We Are Both07/10/2012
2x06 Tallahassee04/11/2012
2x12 In The Name of the Brother20/01/2013
2x16 The Miller's Daughter10/03/2013
2x20 The Evil Queen28/04/2013
3x03 Quite a Common Fairy13/10/2013
3x13 Witch Hunt16/03/2014
3x18 Bleeding Through20/04/2014
4x02 White Out05/10/2014
4x11 Shattered Sight07/12/2014
4x18 Heart of Gold12/04/2015
4x22 Operation Mongoose (1)10/05/2015
5x03 Siege Perilous11/10/2015
5x07 Nimue08/11/2015
5x14 Devil's Due20/03/2016
5x20 Firebird01/05/2016
6x03 The Other Shoe09/10/2016
6x07 Heartless06/11/2016
6x12 Murder Most Foul12/03/2017
6x15 A Wondrous Place02/04/2017
7x02 A Pirate's Life13/10/2017
7x06 Wake Up Call10/11/2017
7x10 The Eighth Witch15/12/2017
7x16 Breadcrumbs06/04/2018
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
1x01 Down the Rabbit Hole10/10/2013
1x07 Bad Blood05/12/2013
Marvel's Jessica Jones
3x11 A.K.A Hellcat14/06/2019
The Nevers
1x02 Exposure18/04/2021
1x06 True16/05/2021
Fantasy Island (2021) (L'île fantastique (2021))
1x02 His and Hers/The Heartbreak Hotel17/08/2021