Jamie Rhonheimer

Né le 24 novembre 1954 (65 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Listen Up!
1x14 Weekend With Bernie31/01/2005
1x16 Colon-Oopscopy14/02/2005
1x21 Ebony and Irony18/04/2005
Will & Grace
8x09 A Little Christmas Queer08/12/2005
8x20 The Mourning Son27/04/2006
How I Met Your Mother
2x05 World's Greatest Couple16/10/2006
2x15 Lucky Penny12/02/2007
3x10 The Yips26/11/2007
3x18 Rebound Bro05/05/2008
4x06 Happily Ever After03/11/2008
4x18 Old King Clancy23/03/2009
5x09 Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap23/11/2009
5x22 Robots Versus Wrestlers10/05/2010
6x03 Unfinished04/10/2010
7x05 Field Trip10/10/2011
The Ranch
1x03 The Boys of Fall01/04/2016
1x06 Better as a Memory01/04/2016
1x08 Til It's Gone01/04/2016
1x12 Living and Living Well07/10/2016
1x14 Let's Fall to Pieces Together07/10/2016
1x17 I've Come to Expect It from You07/10/2016
1x19 Leavin's Been Comin' (For a Long, Long Time)07/10/2016
2x02 Things Change16/06/2017
2x05 My Best Friend16/06/2017
2x09 Last Dollar (Fly Away)16/06/2017
2x11 Learning to Live Again15/12/2017
2x14 Much Too Young (To Feel This Old)15/12/2017
2x17 Do What You Gotta Do15/12/2017
2x19 Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up)15/12/2017
3x04 Baby I'm Burning15/06/2018
3x06 Tie Our Love (In a Double Knot)15/06/2018
3x09 It Ain't Fair that It Ain't Right15/06/2018
3x10 Change15/06/2018