James Widdoes

Né le 15 novembre 1953 (66 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Séries

Année Série Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1984 Charles s'en charge (Charles in Charge) Stan Pembroke
Moyenne de toutes ses séries11.25

Réalisation de séries

8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter (Touche pas à mes filles)
2x16 Daddy's Girl00/00/0000
1x02 Wall of Shame24/09/2002
1x03 Bridget's First Job01/10/2002
1x04 Wings08/10/2002
1x05 Son-in-Law15/10/2002
1x06 Cheerleader22/10/2002
1x07 Trick or Treehouse29/10/2002
1x08 By the Book05/11/2002
1x09 Two Boys for Every Girl12/11/2002
1x10 Give It Up19/11/2002
1x11 Paul Meets His Match26/11/2002
1x12 All I Want for Christmas10/12/2002
1x13 Rory's Got a Girlfriend17/12/2002
1x15 Kerry's Big Adventure21/01/2003
1x16 Come and Knock on Our Door28/01/2003
1x17 Drummer Boy (1)04/02/2003
1x18 Drummer Boy (2)11/02/2003
1x19 Cool Parent18/02/2003
1x22 Good Moms Gone Wild25/03/2003
1x24 Queen Bees and King Bees08/04/2003
1x25 Bake Sale29/04/2003
1x27 Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman (1)13/05/2003
1x28 Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman (2)20/05/2003
2x01 Premiere23/09/2003
2x04 Goodbye (1)04/11/2003
2x05 Goodbye (2)04/11/2003
2x06 No Right Way11/11/2003
2x07 What Dad Would Want18/11/2003
2x08 The First Thanksgiving25/11/2003
2x09 The Story of Anne Frank and Skeevy23/12/2003
2x10 YMCA06/01/2004
2x11 Get Real13/01/2004
2x12 Consequences27/01/2004
2x13 Opposites Attract (1)10/02/2004
2x14 Opposites Attract (2)17/02/2004
2x15 Opposites Attract: Night of the Locust (3)24/02/2004
2x17 Mall in the Family16/03/2004
2x18 Let's Keep Going (1)30/03/2004
2x19 Let's Keep Going (2)06/04/2004
2x20 C.J.'s Party20/04/2004
2x23 Finale Part Un (1)18/05/2004
2x24 Finale Part Deux (2)18/05/2004
3x01 First Day of School24/09/2004
3x02 Changes01/10/2004
3x03 School Nurse08/10/2004
3x04 Out of the Box15/10/2004
3x05 Car Trouble22/10/2004
3x07 Coach (a.k.a. Tennis Coach)05/11/2004
3x08 Secrets12/11/2004
3x09 Thanksgiving Guest (a.k.a. Thanksgiving)26/11/2004
3x10 Vanity Unfair03/12/2004
3x11 Princetown Girl10/12/2004
3x12 A Very C.J. Christmas (a.k.a. A Very Cool Christmas)17/12/2004
3x13 The Sub07/01/2005
3x14 C.J.'s Temptation07/01/2005
3x15 Old Flame14/01/2005
3x16 Closure21/01/2005
3x18 Freaky Friday04/02/2005
3x19 Torn Between Two Lovers11/02/2005
3x20 C.J.'s Real Dad18/02/2005
3x22 The Teachers Lounge01/04/2005
3x23 The Sleepover08/04/2005
3x24 Ditch Day15/04/2005
Vinnie & Bobby
1x02 It's in the Bag06/06/1992
1x03 Killer Shiller13/06/1992
1x04 Vinnie Gets Sued20/06/1992
1x05 The Belli Ache27/06/1992
1x06 Spring is in the Air04/07/1992
Empty Nest (La maison en folie)
5x07 It's Not Easy Being Green31/10/1992
Boston Common
1x01 Pilot21/03/1996
1x02 Out, Out, Damn Jack!28/03/1996
1x03 I Thee Endow04/04/1996
1x04 Relationship of Fools11/04/1996
1x06 Virginia Reeling25/04/1996
1x07 Hope Springs a Leak11/08/1996
1x08 Autumn 'Foilage'18/08/1996
1x09 Everybody's Stalking08/09/1996
2x14 Commander-in-Grief09/03/1997
2x15 His and Herpes16/03/1997
Two Guys and a Girl (Un toit pour trois)
1x01 Pilot10/03/1998
The King of Queens (Un gars du Queens)
3x16 Horizontal Hold19/02/2001
4x03 Mean Streak08/10/2001
4x05 No Retreat22/10/2001
4x06 Ticker Treat29/10/2001
4x18 Hero Worship18/03/2002
4x19 Screwed Driver25/03/2002
4x20 Lush Life08/04/2002
4x22 Patrons Ain't06/05/2002
5x16 Golden Moldy17/02/2003
5x17 S'Poor House24/02/2003
5x20 Driving Reign14/04/2003
5x21 Clothes Encounter21/04/2003
5x22 Queens'bro Bridge28/04/2003
My Wife and Kids (Ma famille d'abord)
1x02 The Truth Hurts28/03/2001
1x06 Working It11/04/2001
2x01 Mom's Away (1)26/09/2001
2x02 Mom's Away (2)26/09/2001
2x03 Perfect Dad03/10/2001
2x04 No Rules10/10/2001
2x05 Thru Thick and Thin17/10/2001
2x06 Michael's Garden24/10/2001
2x07 He Heard, She Heard31/10/2001
2x08 Let Them Eat Pie07/11/2001
2x09 Jay Gets Fired14/11/2001
2x10 The Whole World is Watching21/11/2001
2x11 Letting Go28/11/2001
2x12 Learning to Earn It12/12/2001
2x13 Quality Time16/01/2002
2x14 Get Out23/01/2002
2x15 Road Trip30/01/2002
2x18 Double Date13/02/2002
2x22 Working Relationship20/03/2002
2x23 Jr. Kyle, Boy Genius27/03/2002
1x01 Pilot05/10/2001
1x01 Pilot16/09/2005
1x02 Fruit of the Lunatics23/09/2005
1x03 Treat Her Like a Lady30/09/2005
1x04 Twist of Fate07/10/2005
1x05 Really, It's the Thought That Counts14/10/2005
1x06 Model Student21/10/2005
1x07 Halloween Boo28/10/2005
1x08 Horse Sense04/11/2005
1x09 I Love You, You're Fired11/11/2005
1x10 Sister's Keeper18/11/2005
1x11 Musical Chairs09/12/2005
1x12 Blonde Ambition13/01/2006
1x13 Dancin' And Pantsin'20/01/2006
1x14 Sneaks and Geeks27/01/2006
1x15 When I Move, You Move03/02/2006
1x16 The Housing Crisis17/02/2006
1x17 Himbo24/02/2006
1x18 Blasts from the Past03/03/2006
Two and a Half Men (Mon oncle Charlie)
3x23 Arguments for the Quickie15/05/2006
3x24 That Pistol-Packin' Hermaphrodite22/05/2006
4x12 Castrating Sheep in Montana08/01/2007
4x15 My Damn Stalker12/02/2007
5x04 City of Great Racks15/10/2007
5x05 Putting Swim Fins on a Cat22/10/2007
5x06 Help Daddy Find His Toenail29/10/2007
5x11 Meander To Your Dander17/03/2008
5x12 A Little Clammy and None Too Fresh24/03/2008
5x13 The Soil is Moist31/03/2008
5x14 Winky-Dink Time14/04/2008
5x15 Rough Night in Hump Junction21/04/2008
6x01 Taterhead Is Our Love Child22/09/2008
6x02 Pie Hole, Herb29/09/2008
6x04 The Flavin' and the Mavin'13/10/2008
6x06 It's Always Nazi Week03/11/2008
6x07 Best H.O. Money Can Buy10/11/2008
6x17 The 'Ocu' Or The 'Pado'?09/03/2009
6x18 My Son's Enormous Head16/03/2009
6x19 The Two Finger Rule30/03/2009
6x20 Hello, I Am Alan Cousteau13/04/2009
6x21 Above Exalted Cyclops27/04/2009
7x01 818-jklpuzo21/09/2009
7x02 Whipped Unto the Third Generation28/09/2009
7x03 Mmm, fish. Yum.05/10/2009
7x04 Laxative Tester, Horse Inseminator12/10/2009
7x05 For the Sake of the Child19/10/2009
7x06 Give Me Your Thumb02/11/2009
7x07 Untainted by Filth09/11/2009
7x08 Gorp. Fnark. Schmegle.16/11/2009
7x09 Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair23/11/2009
7x10 That's Why They Call It Ball Room07/12/2009
7x11 Warning, It's Dirty14/12/2009
7x12 Fart Jokes, Pie and Celeste11/01/2010
7x13 Yay, No Polyps!18/01/2010
7x14 Crude and Uncalled For01/02/2010
7x15 Aye, Aye, Captain08/02/2010
7x16 Tinkle Like a Princess01/03/2010
7x17 I Found Your Moustache08/03/2010
7x18 Ixnay on the Oggie Day22/03/2010
7x19 Keith Moon is Vomiting in his Grave12/04/2010
7x20 I Called Him Magoo10/05/2010
7x21 Gumby with a Pokey17/05/2010
8x01 Three Girls and a Guy Named Bud20/09/2010
8x02 A Bottle of Wine and a Jackhammer27/09/2010
8x03 A Pudding-Filled Cactus04/10/2010
8x04 Hookers, Hookers, Hookers11/10/2010
8x05 The Immortal Mr. Billy Joel18/10/2010
8x06 Twanging Your Magic Clanger25/10/2010
8x07 The Crazy Bitch Gazette01/11/2010
8x08 Springtime On A Stick08/11/2010
8x09 A Good Time in Central Africa15/11/2010
8x10 Ow, Ow, Don't Stop22/11/2010
8x11 Dead From The Waist Down06/12/2010
8x12 Chocolate Diddlers Or My Puppy's Dead13/12/2010
8x13 Skunk, Dog Crap and Ketchup03/01/2011
8x14 Lookin' for Japanese Subs17/01/2011
8x15 Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak07/02/2011
8x16 That Darn Priest14/02/2011
9x01 Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (1)19/09/2011
9x02 People Who Love Peepholes (2)26/09/2011
9x03 Big Girls Don't Throw Food03/10/2011
9x04 Nine Magic Fingers10/10/2011
9x05 A Giant Cat Holding a Churro17/10/2011
9x06 The Squat and The Hover24/10/2011
9x07 Those Fancy Japanese Toilets31/10/2011
9x08 Thank You For The Intercourse07/11/2011
9x09 Frodo's Headshots14/11/2011
9x10 A Fishbowl Full of Glass Eyes21/11/2011
9x11 What a Lovely Landing Strip05/12/2011
9x12 One False Move, Zimbabwe!12/12/2011
9x13 Slowly and in a Circular Fashion02/01/2012
9x14 A Possum on Chemo16/01/2012
9x15 The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack06/02/2012
9x16 Sips, Sonnets And Sodomy13/02/2012
9x17 Not In My Mouth20/02/2012
9x18 The War Against Gingivitis27/02/2012
9x19 Palmdale, Ech19/03/2012
9x20 Grandma's Pie09/04/2012
9x21 Mr. Hose Says 'Yes'16/04/2012
9x22 Why We Gave Up Women30/04/2012
9x23 The Straw In My Donut Hole07/05/2012
9x24 Oh Look! Al-Qaeda!14/05/2012
10x01 I Changed My Mind About the Milk27/09/2012
10x02 A Big Bag of Dog04/10/2012
10x03 Four Balls, Two Bats and One Mitt11/10/2012
10x04 You Do Know What The Lollipop Is For18/10/2012
10x05 That's Not What They Call It In Amsterdam25/10/2012
10x06 Ferrets, Attack!01/11/2012
10x07 Avoid the Chinese Mustard08/11/2012
10x08 Something My Gynecologist Said15/11/2012
10x09 I Scream When I Pee29/11/2012
10x10 One Nut Johnson06/12/2012
10x11 Give Santa A Tail-Hole13/12/2012
10x12 Welcome to Alancrest03/01/2013
10x13 Grab A Feather And Get In Line10/01/2013
10x14 Run, Steven Staven! Run!31/01/2013
10x15 Paint It, Pierce It or Plug It07/02/2013
10x16 Advantage: Fat, Flying Baby14/02/2013
10x17 Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries21/02/2013
10x18 The 9:04 From Pemberton07/03/2013
10x19 Big Episode. Someone Stole A Spoon14/03/2013
10x20 Bazinga! That's From A TV Show04/04/2013
10x21 Another Night With Neil Diamond25/04/2013
10x22 My Bodacious Vidalia02/05/2013
10x23 Cows, Prepare To Be Tipped09/05/2013
11x01 Nangnangnangnang26/09/2013
11x02 I Think I Banged Lucille Ball03/10/2013
11x03 This Unblessed Biscuit10/10/2013
11x04 Clank, Clank, Drunken Skank17/10/2013
11x05 Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 200324/10/2013
11x06 Justice In Star-Spangled Hot Pants07/11/2013
11x07 Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie14/11/2013
11x08 Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room21/11/2013
11x09 Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer05/12/2013
11x10 On Vodka, on Soda, on Blender, on Mixer!12/12/2013
11x11 Tazed In The Lady Nuts02/01/2014
11x12 Baseball. Boobs. Boobs. Baseball.09/01/2014
11x13 Bite Me, Supreme Court30/01/2014
11x14 Three Fingers of Crème de Menthe06/02/2014
11x15 Cab Fare and a Bottle of Penicillin27/02/2014
11x16 How to Get Rid of Alan Harper06/03/2014
11x17 Welcome Home, Jake13/03/2014
11x18 West Side Story03/04/2014
11x19 Lan Mao Shi Zai Wuding Shang10/04/2014
11x20 Lotta Delis in Little Armenia24/04/2014
11x21 Dial 1-900-Mix-A-Lot01/05/2014
11x22 Oh, WALD-E, Good Times Ahead08/05/2014
12x01 The Ol’ Mexican Spinach30/10/2014
12x02 A Chic Bar in Ibiza06/11/2014
12x03 Glamping in a Yurt13/11/2014
12x04 Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Thirty-Eight20/11/2014
12x05 Oontz Oontz Oontz27/11/2014
12x07 Sex With an Animated Ed Asner11/12/2014
12x08 Family, Bublé, Deep-fried Turkey18/12/2014
12x09 Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Lyndsey08/01/2015
12x10 Here I Come, Pants!15/01/2015
12x11 For Whom the Booty Calls22/01/2015
12x12 A Beer-Battered Rip-Off29/01/2015
12x13 Boompa Loved His Hookers05/02/2015
12x14 Don't Give a Monkey a Gun12/02/2015
12x15 Of Course He's Dead - Part One19/02/2015
12x16 Of Course He's Dead - Part Two19/02/2015
'Til Death (Pour le meilleur et pour le pire)
1x03 The Ring21/09/2006
1x06 Your Mother or Your Wife09/11/2006
1x07 Dream Getaway16/11/2006
1x10 Daddy's Girl21/12/2006
1x11 The Anniversary Party04/01/2007
1x15 The Bachelor Party08/02/2007
1x17 Clay Date14/03/2007
1x19 The Coffeemaker28/03/2007
1x20 That's Ridiculous04/04/2007
1x21 Webby's Not Happy11/04/2007
1x22 Summer of Love11/04/2007
2x01 Performance Anxiety19/09/2007
2x02 Four Neighbors and a Funeral26/09/2007
2x03 Come Out and Play03/10/2007
2x04 The Tale of the Tape10/10/2007
2x05 Mixed Doubles17/10/2007
2x06 Vintage Eddie07/11/2007
2x07 Bedtime Stories14/11/2007
2x10 Really Big Brother25/03/2008
2x11 Raisinette in the Sun16/04/2008
2x14 Second Marriage Guy07/05/2008
3x04 Sugar Dougie01/10/2008
3x06 Circumdecision08/10/2008
3x07 Secret Meatball08/10/2008
4x06 The Ex-Factor25/12/2009
4x04 No Complaints25/12/2009
4x14 The Perfect Couple14/02/2010
4x22 Ally Abroad21/02/2010
4x26 Family Vacation28/02/2010
4x24 Dog Fight21/03/2010
4x30 Brother's Keeper28/03/2010
4x16 Can't Elope04/04/2010
4x10 The Not-So-Perfect Couple25/04/2010
4x35 The Joy of Learning06/06/2010
4x36 Coupon Bob13/06/2010
4x37 Cold Case20/06/2010
According to Jim
6x01 The Punch03/01/2007
6x02 The Flannelsexual03/01/2007
6x03 Guinea Pygmalion10/01/2007
6x07 Cheryl Gone Wild24/01/2007
6x08 Deliverance31/01/2007
6x09 Dino-Mite28/02/2007
6x10 Separate Ways07/03/2007
6x12 Coach Jim28/03/2007
6x18 Jim's Birthday16/05/2007
Men at Work
1x03 Devil's Threesome31/05/2012
1x04 Heterotextual Male07/06/2012
1x05 Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag21/10/2013
1x07 Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast04/11/2013
1x17 Jail, Jail and Japanese Porn24/02/2014
1x21 Broken Dreams and Blocked Arteries31/03/2014
2x19 Mashed Potatoes And A Little Nitrous09/04/2015
2x20 Sick Popes And A Red Ferrari16/04/2015
2x21 Patient Zero And The Chocolate Fountain23/04/2015
2x22 Fun Girl Stuff And Eternal Salvation30/04/2015
3x01 Terrorists and Gingerbread05/11/2015
3x02 Thigh Gap and a Rack of Lamb12/11/2015
3x03 Mozzarella Sticks and a Gay Piano Bar19/11/2015
3x04 Sawdust and Brisket26/11/2015
3x05 A Pirate, Three Frogs and a Prince10/12/2015
3x06 Horny-Goggles and a Catered Intervention17/12/2015
3x08 Snickerdoodle and a Nip Slip14/01/2016
3x09 My Little Pony and a Demerol Drip21/01/2016
3x10 Quaaludes and Crackerjack04/02/2016
3x11 Cinderella and a Drunk MacGyver11/02/2016
3x12 Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride18/02/2016
3x13 Sticky Hands and a Walk on the Wild Side25/02/2016
3x14 Death, Death, Death and a Bucket of Chicken03/03/2016
3x15 Nazi Zombies and a Two-Hundred Pound Baby10/03/2016
3x16 Cornflakes and the Hair of Three Men07/04/2016
3x18 Beast Mode and Old People Kissing21/04/2016
3x19 A Catheter and a Dipsy-doodle28/04/2016
3x20 Pure Evil and a Free Piece of Cheesecake05/05/2016
4x01 High-Tops and Brown Jacket27/10/2016
4x02 Sword Fights and a Dominican Shortstop03/11/2016
4x03 Sparkling Water & Ba-Dinkers10/11/2016
4x04 Curious George and the Big Red Nightmare17/11/2016
4x05 Blow and a Free McMuffin24/11/2016
4x07 Cornbread and a Cashmere Onesie08/12/2016
4x08 Freckled Bananas and a Little Schwinn15/12/2016
4x09 Bad Hand and British Royalty05/01/2017
4x11 Good Karma and the Big Weird19/01/2017
4x12 Wind Chimes and a Bottomless Pit of Sadness02/02/2017
4x13 A Bouncy Castle and an Aneursym09/02/2017
4x14 Roast Chicken and a Funny Story16/02/2017
4x15 Night Swimmin' and an English Muffin23/02/2017
4x16 Martinis and a Sponge Bath09/03/2017
4x18 Tush Push and Some Radishes06/04/2017
4x19 Mushroom Soup and Tantric Sex13/04/2017
4x20 A Cricket and a Hedge Made of Gold27/04/2017
4x21 A Few Thongs and a Hawaiian Funeral04/05/2017
4x22 Lockjaw and a Liquid Diet11/05/2017
5x01 Twinkle Lights and Grandma Shoes02/11/2017
5x02 Fish Town and Too Many Thank You's09/11/2017
5x03 A Seafaring Ancestor and a Bloomin' Onion16/11/2017
5x04 Fancy Crackers and Giant Women23/11/2017
5x05 Poodle Fuzz and a Twinge of Jealousy30/11/2017
5x06 Smooth Jazz and a Weird Floaty Eye07/12/2017
5x07 Too Many Hippies and Huevos Rancheros14/12/2017
5x08 An Epi-Pen and a Security Cat21/12/2017
5x16 Eight Cats and the Hat Show05/04/2018
5x18 Spaghetti Sauce and a Dumpster Fire19/04/2018