James Strong

Royaume-Uni Nationalité britannique

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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2011 United 94
Moyenne de tous ses films13

Réalisation de séries

Doctors (UK)
2x45 The Doctor, the Student, His Wife & Her Lover01/12/2000
2x49 A Model Patient07/12/2000
2x51 Whose Fault Is It Anyway?11/12/2000
2x61 Be Thankful for What You've Got12/03/2001
2x62 Always Something There to Remind Me13/03/2001
2x63 Safe House14/03/2001
2x107 Hush a By18/05/2001
2x108 Sugar and Spice21/05/2001
2x109 Hot Pants22/05/2001
Holby City
4x22 To Have and Have Not05/03/2002
4x23 Fathers and Sons12/03/2002
4x43 Judas Kiss (1)01/08/2002
4x44 Judas Kiss (2)06/08/2002
6x11 Full Circle16/12/2003
6x12 In the Bleak Mid Winter23/12/2003
6x25 Under Pressure23/03/2004
6x26 Pastures New30/03/2004
6x34 Striking a Chord25/05/2004
6x35 In at the Deep End01/06/2004
Doctor Who (2005)
2x08 The Impossible Planet (1)03/06/2006
2x09 The Satan Pit (2)10/06/2006
3x04 Daleks in Manhattan (1)21/04/2007
3x05 Evolution of the Daleks (2)28/04/2007
3x15 Voyage of the Damned24/12/2007
4x01 Partners in Crime05/04/2008
4x15 Planet of the Dead11/04/2009
1x04 Cyberwoman05/11/2006
1x08 They Keep Killing Suzie03/12/2006
1x01 Army of God08/07/2008
1x02 Warriors15/07/2008
1x04 The Cradle of Civilisation29/07/2008
Hustle (Les Arnaqueurs VIP)
5x01 Return of the Prodigal08/01/2009
5x02 New Recruits15/01/2009
Law & Order: UK (Londres, Police Judiciaire)
3x04 Confession30/09/2010
4x05 Help02/12/2010
6x02 Immune13/01/2012
6x07 Fault Lines17/02/2012
Silent Witness (Affaires non classées)
14x09 The Prodigal (1/2)31/01/2011
14x10 The Prodigal (2/2)01/02/2011
Downton Abbey
2x07 Episode Seven30/10/2011
2x08 Episode Eight06/11/2011
Missing (2012) (Missing : au cœur du complot)
1x09 Promise10/05/2012
1x10 Rain on the Evil and on the Good17/05/2012
1x03 Hourglass18/10/2012
1x04 Kismet25/10/2012
1x01 Episode 104/03/2013
1x02 Episode 211/03/2013
1x06 Episode 608/04/2013
1x07 Episode 715/04/2013
1x08 Episode 822/04/2013
2x01 Episode 105/01/2015
2x02 Episode 212/01/2015
The Great Train Robbery
1x02 A Copper’s Tale19/12/2013
1x01 Episode One02/10/2014
1x02 Episode Two09/10/2014
1x04 Episode Four23/10/2014
1x05 Episode Five30/10/2014
Code of a Killer (Le Code du tueur)
1x01 Episode 106/04/2015
1x02 Episode 213/04/2015
11.22.63 (22.11.63)
1x03 Other Voices, Other Rooms29/02/2016
1x08 The Day in Question04/04/2016
Doubt (Doubt : Affaires douteuses)
1x02 Then and Now22/02/2017
Vanity Fair (2018)
1x01 Miss Sharp in the Presence of the Enemy02/09/2018
1x02 Miss Sharp Begins to Make Friends03/09/2018
1x03 A Quarrel About An Heiress09/09/2018
1x05 In Which Battles Are Won And Lost23/09/2018
1x06 In Which a Painter's Daughter Meets a King30/09/2018
1x07 Endings and Beginnings07/10/2018
Council of Dads
1x01 Pilot24/03/2020
1x02 I'm Not Fine30/04/2020
1x01 Episode 129/08/2021
1x02 Episode 230/08/2021
1x03 Episode 305/09/2021
Irvine Welsh's Crime
1x01 Episode 118/11/2021
1x02 Episode 218/11/2021