James Burrows

Né le 30 décembre 1940 à Los Angeles, Californie (États-Unis) (79 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1982 Cheers Terminée

Acteur | Séries

Année Série Rôle Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2015 Safe House: Protection de témoins (Safe House) Sam Blackwell
2013 The Crash Ethan Logan
2005 Mon come-back (The Comeback) Jimmy Burrows
Moyenne de toutes ses séries13.98
Juste en tant que principal ou secondaire16.29

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1982 Partners93
Moyenne de tous ses films11

Réalisation / Court-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2007 The Mastersons of Manhattan (TV) (court-métrage)30
Moyenne de tous ses films11

Réalisation de séries

1x05 The First Day30/09/1975
4x04 One is a Number23/10/1977
4x12 Ida Alone15/01/1978
4x13 All Work and No Play22/01/1978
Lou Grant
1x13 Christmas13/12/1977
1x01 Give Me a Ring Sometime30/09/1982
1x02 Sam's Women07/10/1982
1x03 The Tortelli Tort14/10/1982
1x04 Sam at Eleven21/10/1982
1x05 Coach's Daughter28/10/1982
1x06 Any Friend of Diane's04/11/1982
1x07 Friends, Romans, Accountants11/11/1982
1x08 Truce or Consequences18/11/1982
1x09 Coach Returns to Action25/11/1982
1x10 Endless Slumper02/12/1982
1x11 One for the Book09/12/1982
1x12 The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One16/12/1982
1x13 Now Pitching, Sam Malone06/01/1983
1x14 Let Me Count the Ways13/01/1983
1x15 Father Knows Last20/01/1983
1x16 The Boys in the Bar27/01/1983
1x17 Diane's Perfect Date10/02/1983
1x18 No Contest17/02/1983
1x19 Pick a Con ... Any Con24/02/1983
1x20 Someone Single, Someone Blue03/03/1983
1x21 Showdown (1)24/03/1983
1x22 Showdown (2)31/03/1983
2x01 Power Play29/09/1983
2x02 Little Sister Don't Cha13/10/1983
2x03 Personal Business20/10/1983
2x04 Homicidal Ham27/10/1983
2x05 Sumner's Return03/11/1983
2x06 Affairs of the Heart10/11/1983
2x07 Old Flames17/11/1983
2x08 Manager Coach24/11/1983
2x09 They Called Me Mayday01/12/1983
2x10 How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Call You Back08/12/1983
2x11 Just Three Friends15/12/1983
2x12 Where There's a Will22/12/1983
2x13 Battle of the Exes05/01/1984
2x14 No Help Wanted12/01/1984
2x15 And Coachie Makes Three19/01/1984
2x16 Cliff's Rocky Moment26/01/1984
2x17 Fortune and Men's Weight02/02/1984
2x18 Snow Job09/02/1984
2x19 Coach Buries a Grudge16/02/1984
2x20 Norman's Conquest23/02/1984
2x21 I'll Be Seeing You (1)03/05/1984
2x22 I'll Be Seeing You (2)10/05/1984
3x01 Rebound (1)27/09/1984
3x02 Rebound (2)04/10/1984
3x03 I Call Your Name18/10/1984
3x04 Fairy Tales Can Come True25/10/1984
3x05 Sam Turns the Other Cheek01/11/1984
3x06 Coach in Love (1)08/11/1984
3x07 Coach in Love (2)15/11/1984
3x08 Diane Meets Mom22/11/1984
3x09 An American Family29/11/1984
3x10 Diane's Allergy06/12/1984
3x11 Peterson Crusoe13/12/1984
3x12 A Ditch in Time20/12/1984
3x13 Whodunit?03/01/1985
3x14 The Heart is a Lonely Snipe Hunter10/01/1985
3x15 King of the Hill24/01/1985
3x16 Teacher's Pet31/01/1985
3x17 The Mail Goes to Jail07/02/1985
3x18 Bar Bet14/02/1985
3x19 Behind Every Great Man21/02/1985
3x20 If Ever I Would Leave You28/02/1985
3x21 The Executive's Executioner07/03/1985
3x22 Cheerio, Cheers11/04/1985
3x23 The Bartender's Tale18/04/1985
3x24 The Belles of St. Clete's02/05/1985
3x25 Rescue Me09/05/1985
4x01 Birth, Death, Love and Rice26/09/1985
4x02 Woody Goes Belly Up03/10/1985
4x03 Someday My Prince Will Come17/10/1985
4x04 The Groom Wore Clearasil24/10/1985
4x05 Diane's Nightmare31/10/1985
4x06 I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday07/11/1985
4x07 2 Good 2 Be 4 Real14/11/1985
4x08 Love Thy Neighbor21/11/1985
4x09 From Beer to Eternity28/11/1985
4x10 The Barstoolie05/12/1985
4x11 Don Juan is Hell12/12/1985
4x12 Fools and Their Money12/12/1985
4x13 Take My Shirt, Please09/01/1986
4x14 Suspicion16/01/1986
4x15 The Triangle23/01/1986
4x16 Cliffie's Big Score30/01/1986
4x18 The Peterson Principle13/02/1986
4x19 Dark Imaginings20/02/1986
4x20 Save the Last Dance For Me27/02/1986
4x21 Fear is My Co-Pilot13/03/1986
4x22 Diane Chambers Day20/03/1986
4x23 Relief Bartender27/03/1986
4x24 Strange Bedfellows (1)01/05/1986
4x25 Strange Bedfellows (2)08/05/1986
4x26 Strange Bedfellows (3)15/05/1986
5x01 The Proposal25/09/1986
5x02 The Cape Cad02/10/1986
5x03 Money Dearest09/10/1986
5x04 Abnormal Psychology16/10/1986
5x05 House of Horrors With Formal Dining and Used Brick30/10/1986
5x06 Tan N' Wash06/11/1986
5x07 Young Dr. Weinstein13/11/1986
5x08 Knights of the Scimitar27/11/1986
5x09 Thanksgiving Orphans27/11/1986
5x10 Everyone Imitates Art04/12/1986
5x11 The Book of Samuel11/12/1986
5x12 Dance, Diane, Dance18/12/1986
5x13 Chambers vs Malone08/01/1987
5x14 Diamond Sam15/01/1987
5x15 Spellbound22/01/1987
5x16 Never Love a Goalie (1)29/01/1987
5x17 Never Love a Goalie (2)05/02/1987
5x18 One Last Fling12/02/1987
5x19 Dog Bites Cliff19/02/1987
5x20 Dinner at Eight-ish26/02/1987
5x21 Simon Says05/03/1987
5x22 The Godfather, Part III19/03/1987
5x23 Norm's First Hurrah26/03/1987
5x25 A House is Not a Home30/04/1987
5x26 I Do and Adieu07/05/1987
6x01 Home is the Sailor24/09/1987
6x02 'I' on Sports01/10/1987
6x03 Little Carla, Happy at Last (1)15/10/1987
6x04 Little Carla, Happy at Last (2)22/10/1987
6x05 The Crane Mutiny29/10/1987
6x06 Paint Your Office05/11/1987
6x07 The Last Angry Mailman12/11/1987
6x09 Pudd'nhead Boyd26/11/1987
6x10 A Kiss is Still a Kiss03/12/1987
6x11 My Fair Clavin10/12/1987
6x12 Christmas Cheers17/12/1987
6x17 To All the Girls I've Loved Before11/02/1988
6x18 Let Sleeping Drakes Lie18/02/1988
6x22 Slumber Party Massacre24/03/1988
6x23 Bar Wars31/03/1988
6x24 The Big Kiss-Off28/04/1988
6x25 Backseat Becky, Up Front05/05/1988
7x01 How to Recede in Business27/10/1988
7x02 Swear to God03/11/1988
7x03 Executive Sweet (1)10/11/1988
7x04 One Happy Chappy in a Sappy Serape (2)17/11/1988
7x05 Those Lips, Those Ice24/11/1988
7x06 Norm, is That You?08/12/1988
7x07 How to Win Friends and Electrocute People15/12/1988
7x08 Jumping Jerks22/12/1988
7x09 Send in the Crane05/01/1989
7x10 Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back12/01/1989
7x11 Adventures in Housesitting19/01/1989
7x12 Please Mr. Postman02/02/1989
7x13 Golden Boyd09/02/1989
7x14 I Kid You Not16/02/1989
7x15 Don't Paint Your Chickens23/02/1989
7x17 Hot Rocks16/03/1989
7x18 What's Up, Doc?30/03/1989
7x19 The Gift of the Woody06/04/1989
7x20 Call Me Irresponsible13/04/1989
7x21 Sisterly Love27/04/1989
7x22 The Visiting Lecher04/05/1989
8x01 The Improbable Dream (1)21/09/1989
8x02 The Improbable Dream (2)28/09/1989
8x03 A Bar is Born12/10/1989
8x04 How to Marry a Mailman19/10/1989
8x12 Sam Ahoy26/10/1989
8x07 Death Takes a Holiday on Ice09/11/1989
8x08 For Real Men Only16/11/1989
8x09 Two Girls for Every Boyd23/11/1989
8x10 The Art of the Steal30/11/1989
8x13 Sammy and the Professor04/01/1990
8x15 Finally! (1)25/01/1990
8x16 Finally! (2)01/02/1990
8x20 50-50 Carla08/03/1990
8x21 Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh15/03/1990
8x22 Loverboyd29/03/1990
8x23 The Ghost and Mrs. Lebec12/04/1990
8x25 Cry Hard (1)26/04/1990
8x26 Cry Harder (2)03/05/1990
9x01 Love is a Really, Really, Perfectly Okay Thing20/09/1990
9x02 Cheers Fouls Out27/09/1990
9x03 Rebecca Redux04/10/1990
9x06 Grease25/10/1990
9x07 Breaking in is Hard to Do01/11/1990
0x09 Cheers 200th Anniversary Special (1 hr Episode)08/11/1990
9x08 Bad Neighbor Sam15/11/1990
9x09 Veggie-Boyd22/11/1990
9x10 Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure06/12/1990
9x11 Woody Interruptus13/12/1990
9x13 Achilles Hill10/01/1991
9x14 The Days of Wine and Neuroses (1)24/01/1991
9x16 I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking it in Your Face07/02/1991
9x17 Sam Time Next Year14/02/1991
9x18 Crash of the Titans21/02/1991
9x20 Cheers Has Chili14/03/1991
9x21 Carla Loves Clavin21/03/1991
9x22 Pitch It Again, Sam28/03/1991
9x24 Home Malone25/04/1991
9x25 Uncle Sam Wants You02/05/1991
10x01 Baby Balk19/09/1991
10x02 Get Your Kicks on Route 66626/09/1991
10x03 Madame LaCarla03/10/1991
10x05 Ma's Little Maggie17/10/1991
10x06 Unplanned Parenthood24/10/1991
10x07 Bar Wars V: the Final Judgement31/10/1991
10x08 Where Have All the Floorboards Gone?07/11/1991
10x10 A Fine French Whine21/11/1991
10x11 I'm Okay, You're Defective05/12/1991
10x12 Go Mate12/12/1991
10x13 Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist02/01/1992
10x14 No Rest For the Woody09/01/1992
10x15 My Son, the Father16/01/1992
10x16 One Hugs, the Other Doesn't30/01/1992
10x17 A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff06/02/1992
10x18 License to Hill13/02/1992
10x19 Rich Man, Wood Man20/02/1992
10x20 Smotherly Love27/02/1992
10x21 Take Me Out of the Ball Game26/03/1992
10x22 Rebecca's Lover... Not23/04/1992
10x24 Heeeeeere's... Cliffy!07/05/1992
10x25 An Old-Fashioned Wedding14/05/1992
11x01 The Little Match Girl24/09/1992
11x02 The Beer is Always Greener01/10/1992
11x04 The Magnificent Six22/10/1992
11x05 Do Not Forsake Me O' My Postman29/10/1992
11x06 Teaching with the Enemy (1)05/11/1992
11x07 The Girl in the Plastic Bubble (2)12/11/1992
11x08 Ill-Gotten Gaines19/11/1992
11x10 Daddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl10/12/1992
11x11 Love Me, Love My Car17/12/1992
11x12 Sunday Dinner07/01/1993
11x14 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar21/01/1993
11x15 Loathe and Marriage04/02/1993
11x16 Is There a Doctor in the Howe? (1)11/02/1993
11x17 The Bar Manager, The Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover (2)18/02/1993
11x18 The Last Picture Show25/02/1993
11x19 Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey18/03/1993
11x20 Look Before You Sleep01/04/1993
11x21 Woody Gets an Election22/04/1993
11x22 It's Lonely on the Top29/04/1993
11x23 Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses (1/2)06/05/1993
11x24 Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses (2/2)06/05/1993
11x25 The Guy Can't Help It13/05/1993
11x26 One for the Road20/05/1993
Dear John (US)
1x01 Pilot06/10/1988
1x02 Ralph's Curse27/10/1988
1x01 The Good Son (Pilot)16/09/1993
1x02 Space Quest23/09/1993
1x03 Dinner at Eight30/09/1993
1x06 The Crucible21/10/1993
1x07 Call Me Irresponsible28/10/1993
1x10 Oops18/11/1993
1x12 Miracle on Third or Fourth Street16/12/1993
1x14 Can't Buy Me Love20/01/1994
1x16 The Show Where Lilith Comes Back03/02/1994
1x18 And the Whimper is...17/02/1994
1x19 Give Him the Chair!17/03/1994
1x21 Travels with Martin14/04/1994
1x22 Author, Author05/05/1994
1x23 Frasier Crane's Day Off12/05/1994
1x24 My Coffee with Niles19/05/1994
2x01 Slow Tango in South Seattle20/09/1994
2x04 Flour Child11/10/1994
2x05 Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye18/10/1994
2x07 The Candidate08/11/1994
2x08 Adventures in Paradise (1)15/11/1994
2x09 Adventures in Paradise (2)22/11/1994
2x11 Seat of Power13/12/1994
2x12 Roz in the Doghouse03/01/1995
2x16 The Show Where Sam Shows Up21/02/1995
2x19 Someone to Watch Over Me28/03/1995
2x23 The Innkeepers16/05/1995
2x24 Dark Victory23/05/1995
3x14 The Show Where Diane Comes Back13/02/1996
3x16 Look Before You Leap27/02/1996
4x09 Dad Loves Sherry, the Boys Just Whine07/01/1997
4x10 Liar! Liar!14/01/1997
4x12 Death and the Dog11/02/1997
1x01 Pilot22/09/1994
1x02 The One with the Sonogram at the End29/09/1994
1x03 The One with the Thumb06/10/1994
1x04 The One with George Stephanopoulos13/10/1994
1x07 The One with the Blackout03/11/1994
1x08 The One Where Nana Dies Twice10/11/1994
1x09 The One Where Underdog Gets Away17/11/1994
1x11 The One with Mrs. Bing05/01/1995
1x14 The One with the Candy Hearts09/02/1995
1x18 The One with All the Poker02/03/1995
1x23 The One with the Birth11/05/1995
2x14 The One with the Prom Video01/02/1996
3x15 The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break (1)13/02/1997
3x16 The One the Morning After (2)20/02/1997
4x15 The One with All the Rugby26/02/1998
Newsradio (Infos FM)
1x01 Pilot21/03/1995
1x02 Inappropriate28/03/1995
1x03 Smoking04/04/1995
1x04 The Crisis11/04/1995
2x08 Negotiation28/11/1995
2x10 Xmas Story19/12/1995
2x12 Bitch Session14/01/1996
2x15 Zoso25/02/1996
2x21 Led Zeppelin II28/04/1996
Chicago Sons (Nés à Chicago)
1x01 Pilot08/01/1997
1x02 A Foursome is Not Necessarily a Good Thing15/01/1997
1x09 Kolchak Swings ... and Kiss That One Goodbye12/03/1997
Dharma & Greg
1x01 Pilot24/09/1997
1x17 The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics25/02/1998
Will & Grace
1x01 Pilot21/09/1998
1x02 A New Lease on Life28/09/1998
1x03 Head Case05/10/1998
1x04 Between a Rock and Harlin's Place12/10/1998
1x05 Boo! Humbug26/10/1998
1x06 William, Tell09/11/1998
1x07 Where There's a Will, There's No Way16/11/1998
1x08 The Buying Game30/11/1998
1x09 The Truth About Will & Dogs15/12/1998
1x10 The Big Vent05/01/1999
1x11 Will on Ice12/01/1999
1x12 My Fair Maid-y02/02/1999
1x13 The Unsinkable Mommy Adler09/02/1999
1x14 Big Brother Is Coming (1)16/02/1999
1x15 Big Brother Is Coming (2)23/02/1999
1x16 Yours, Mine or Ours02/03/1999
1x17 Secrets & Lays23/03/1999
1x18 Grace, Replaced08/04/1999
1x19 Will Works Out22/04/1999
1x20 Saving Grace29/04/1999
1x21 Alley Cats06/05/1999
1x22 Object of My Rejection13/05/1999
2x01 Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner21/09/1999
2x02 Election28/09/1999
2x03 Das Boob02/11/1999
2x04 Whose Mom Is It Anyway?09/11/1999
2x05 Polk Defeats Truman16/11/1999
2x06 To Serve & Disinfect23/11/1999
2x07 Homo for the Holidays25/11/1999
2x08 Terms of Employment30/11/1999
2x09 I Never Promised You an Olive Garden14/12/1999
2x10 Tea & A Total Lack of Sympathy11/01/2000
2x11 Seeds of Discontent25/01/2000
2x12 He's Come Undone08/02/2000
2x13 Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me in the Closet and I'm So Sad15/02/2000
2x14 Acting Out22/02/2000
2x15 Advise & Resent29/02/2000
2x16 Hey La, Hey La, My Ex-Boyfriend's Back14/03/2000
2x17 The Hospital Show28/03/2000
2x18 Sweet & Sour Charity04/04/2000
2x19 An Affair to Forget18/04/2000
2x20 Girls, Interrupted02/05/2000
2x21 There but for the Grace of Grace09/05/2000
2x22 My Best Friend's Tush16/05/2000
2x23 Ben? Her? (1)23/05/2000
2x24 Ben? Her? (2)23/05/2000
3x01 New Will City12/10/2000
3x02 Fear & Clothing19/10/2000
3x03 Husbands & Trophy Wives19/10/2000
3x04 Girl Trouble26/10/2000
3x05 Grace 0, Jack 200002/11/2000
3x06 Love Plus One09/11/2000
3x07 Gypsies, Tramps & Weed16/11/2000
3x08 Lows in the Mid-Eighties (1)23/11/2000
3x09 Lows in the Mid-Eighties (2)23/11/2000
3x10 Three's a Crowd, Six Is a Freak Show14/12/2000
3x11 Coffee & Commitment04/01/2001
3x12 Swimming Pools... Movie Stars11/01/2001
3x13 Crazy in Love01/02/2001
3x14 Brothers, a Love Story08/02/2001
3x15 My Uncle the Car15/02/2001
3x16 Cheaters (1)22/02/2001
3x17 Cheaters (2)22/02/2001
3x18 Mad Dogs & Average Men15/03/2001
3x19 Poker? I Don't Even Like Her29/03/2001
3x20 An Old-Fashioned Piano Party19/04/2001
3x21 The Young & the Tactless26/04/2001
3x22 Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore03/05/2001
3x23 Last of the Really Odd Lovers10/05/2001
3x24 Sons & Lovers (1)17/05/2001
3x25 Sons & Lovers (2)17/05/2001
4x01 The Third Wheel Gets the Grace27/09/2001
4x02 Past & Presents04/10/2001
4x03 Crouching Father, Hidden Husband11/10/2001
4x04 Prison Blues18/10/2001
4x05 Loose Lips Sink Relationships25/10/2001
4x06 Rules of Engagement01/11/2001
4x07 Bed, Bath & Beyond08/11/2001
4x08 Star-Spangled Banter15/11/2001
4x09 Moveable Feast (1)22/11/2001
4x10 Moveable Feast (2)22/11/2001
4x11 Stakin' Care of Business06/12/2001
4x12 Jingle Balls13/12/2001
4x13 Whoa, Nelly10/01/2002
4x14 Grace in the Hole17/01/2002
4x15 Dyeing Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard31/01/2002
4x16 A Chorus Lie07/02/2002
4x17 Someone Old, Someplace New (1)28/02/2002
4x18 Something Borrowed, Someone's Due (2)07/03/2002
4x19 Cheatin' Trouble Blues28/03/2002
4x20 Went to a Garden Potty04/04/2002
4x21 He Shoots, They Snore11/04/2002
4x22 Wedding Balls18/04/2002
4x23 Fagel Attraction25/04/2002
4x24 Hocus Focus02/05/2002
4x25 A Buncha White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin'09/05/2002
4x26 A.I.: Artificial Insemination (1)16/05/2002
4x27 A.I.: Artificial Insemination (2)16/05/2002
5x01 ...And the Horse He Rode in On26/09/2002
5x02 Bacon and Eggs03/10/2002
5x03 The Kid Stays Out of the Picture10/10/2002
5x04 Humongous Growth17/10/2002
5x05 It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown31/10/2002
5x06 Boardroom & a Parked Place07/11/2002
5x07 The Needle & Omelet's Done14/11/2002
5x08 Marry Me a Little (1)21/11/2002
5x09 Marry Me A Little More (2)21/11/2002
5x10 The Honeymoon's Over05/12/2002
5x11 All About Christmas Eve12/12/2002
5x12 Field of Queens09/01/2003
5x13 Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward16/01/2003
5x14 Fagmalion Part Two: Attack of the Clones30/01/2003
5x15 Homojo06/02/2003
5x16 Women & Children First13/02/2003
5x17 Fagmalion Part Three: Bye, Bye, Beardy20/02/2003
5x18 Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me13/03/2003
5x19 Sex, Losers, & Videotape03/04/2003
5x20 Leo Unwrapped17/04/2003
5x21 Dolls & Dolls24/04/2003
5x22 May Divorce Be With You01/05/2003
5x23 2308/05/2003
5x24 2415/05/2003
6x01 Dames at Sea25/09/2003
6x02 Last Ex to Brooklyn02/10/2003
6x03 Home Court Disadvantage09/10/2003
6x04 Me & Mr. Jones23/10/2003
6x05 A-Story, Bee-Story30/10/2003
6x06 Heart Like a Wheelchair06/11/2003
6x07 Nice in White Satin13/11/2003
6x08 Swimming from Cambodia20/11/2003
6x09 Strangers with Candice04/12/2003
6x10 Fanilow11/12/2003
6x11 The Accidental Tsuris15/01/2004
6x12 A Gay/December Romance22/01/2004
6x13 Ice Cream Balls10/02/2004
6x14 Looking for Mr. Good Enough19/02/2004
6x15 Flip-Flop (1)26/02/2004
6x16 Flip-Flop (2)04/03/2004
6x17 East Side Story11/03/2004
6x18 Courting Disaster18/03/2004
6x19 No Sex 'n' the City25/03/2004
6x20 Fred Astaire & Ginger Chicken01/04/2004
6x21 I Never Cheered for My Father08/04/2004
6x22 Speechless22/04/2004
6x23 I Do (1)29/04/2004
6x24 Oh, No, You Di-In't (2)29/04/2004
7x01 FYI: I Hurt, Too16/09/2004
7x02 Back Up Dancer23/09/2004
7x03 One Gay at a Time30/09/2004
7x04 Company07/10/2004
7x05 Key Party14/10/2004
7x06 The Newlydreads21/10/2004
7x07 Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine04/11/2004
7x08 Saving Grace, Again (1)11/11/2004
7x09 Saving Grace, Again (2)18/11/2004
7x10 Queens for a Day (1)25/11/2004
7x11 Queens for a Day (2)25/11/2004
7x12 Christmas Break09/12/2004
7x13 Board Games06/01/2005
7x14 Partners13/01/2005
7x15 Bully Woolley03/02/2005
7x16 Dance Cards & Greeting Cards10/02/2005
7x17 The Birds & the Bees17/02/2005
7x18 The Fabulous Baker Boy24/02/2005
7x19 Sour Balls17/03/2005
7x20 The Blonde Leading the Blind21/04/2005
7x21 It's A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World05/05/2005
7x22 From Queer to Eternity10/05/2005
7x23 Friends with Benefits (1)19/05/2005
7x24 Kiss & Tell (2)19/05/2005
8x01 Alive and Schticking29/09/2005
8x02 I Second That Emotion06/10/2005
8x03 The Old Man & The Sea13/10/2005
8x04 Steams Like Old Times20/10/2005
8x05 The Hole Truth03/11/2005
8x06 Love is in the Airplane10/11/2005
8x07 Birds of a Feather Boa17/11/2005
8x08 Swish Out Of Water24/11/2005
8x09 A Little Christmas Queer08/12/2005
8x10 Von Trapped05/01/2006
8x11 Bathroom Humor12/01/2006
8x12 Forbidden Fruit19/01/2006
8x13 Cop To It26/01/2006
8x14 I Love L. Gay02/02/2006
8x15 The Definition Of Marriage09/02/2006
8x16 Grace Expectations16/03/2006
8x17 Cowboys & Iranians23/03/2006
8x18 Buy, Buy Baby30/03/2006
8x19 Blanket Apology06/04/2006
8x20 The Mourning Son27/04/2006
8x21 Partners 'N' Crime04/05/2006
8x22 Whatever Happened To Baby Gin?11/05/2006
8x23 The Finale (1)18/05/2006
8x24 The Finale (2)18/05/2006
9x01 Eleven Years Later28/09/2017
9x02 Who's Your Daddy?05/10/2017
9x03 Emergency Contact12/10/2017
9x04 Grandpa Jack19/10/2017
9x05 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying26/10/2017
9x06 Rosario's Quinceañera02/11/2017
9x07 A Gay Olde Christmas05/12/2017
9x08 Friends and Lover04/01/2018
9x09 There's Something About Larry11/01/2018
9x10 The Wedding18/01/2018
9x11 Staten Island Fairy01/02/2018
9x12 Three Wise Men01/03/2018
9x14 The Beefcake and the Cake Beef15/03/2018
9x15 One Job29/03/2018
9x16 It's a Family Affair05/04/2018
1x01 A Side of Chile24/09/1998
Stark Raving Mad
1x01 Pilot23/09/1999
Two and a Half Men (Mon oncle Charlie)
1x01 Pilot22/09/2003
Four Kings
1x01 Pilot05/01/2006
Courting Alex (Alex Rose)
1x01 A Tale of Two Kisses23/01/2006
Teachers. (US)
1x01 Substitute28/03/2006
The Class (La Classe)
1x01 The Class Reunites18/09/2006
1x02 The Class Visits a Hospital25/09/2006
1x03 The Class Learns About Hurricanes02/10/2006
1x04 The Class Blows The Whistle09/10/2006
1x05 The Class Gets Frozen Yogurt16/10/2006
1x06 The Class Goes Trick or Treating23/10/2006
1x07 The Class Goes To A Bar06/11/2006
1x08 The Class Celebrates a Birthday13/11/2006
1x09 The Class Gives Thanks20/11/2006
1x10 The Class Runs Into A Convenience Store27/11/2006
1x11 The Class Celebrates An Anniversary11/12/2006
1x12 The Class Visits A Bad Neighborhood08/01/2007
1x13 The Class Hits It15/01/2007
1x14 The Class Has to Go to a Stupid Museum22/01/2007
1x15 The Class Eats Moroccan Chicken05/02/2007
1x16 The Class Has a Snow Day12/02/2007
1x17 The Class Springs a Leak19/02/2007
1x18 The Class Rides a Bull26/02/2007
1x19 The Class Goes Back to the Hospital05/03/2007
Back to You (Moi et mon public)
1x01 Pilot19/09/2007
1x02 Fish Story26/09/2007
1x03 The First Supper03/10/2007
1x04 A Gentleman Always Leads10/10/2007
1x05 A Night of Possibilities17/10/2007
1x06 Gracie's Bully07/11/2007
1x07 Something's Up There14/11/2007
1x08 Cradle to Grave26/02/2008
1x09 Business or Pleasure27/02/2008
1x10 The Wall of Fame16/04/2008
1x11 Hug & Tell23/04/2008
1x12 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back30/04/2008
1x13 The New Boss07/05/2008
1x14 Chuck and Kelly, Doin' It Again14/05/2008
1x15 Date Night02/07/2008
1x16 House of Tomorrow09/07/2008
1x17 Hostage Watch31/07/2008
The Big Bang Theory
1x01 Pilot24/09/2007
Gary Unmarried (La nouvelle vie de Gary)
1x02 Gary Gets Boundaries01/10/2008
1x03 Gary Marries Off His Ex08/10/2008
1x04 Gary Gets His Stuff Back15/10/2008
1x05 Gary Breaks Up His Ex-Wife and Girlfriend22/10/2008
1x06 Gary Meets the Gang05/11/2008
1x07 Gary & Allison's Restaurant12/11/2008
1x08 Gary and Allison Brooks19/11/2008
1x09 Gary Gives Thanks26/11/2008
1x10 Gary Goes First10/12/2008
1x11 Gary Toughens Up Tom17/12/2008
1x12 Gary Dates Louise's Teacher14/01/2009
1x13 Gary Moves Back In21/01/2009
1x14 Gary and Dennis' Sister11/02/2009
1x15 Gary's Ex-Brother-in-Law18/02/2009
1x16 Gary Uses His Veto11/03/2009
1x17 Gary Hooks Up Allison18/03/2009
1x18 Gary and the Trophy08/04/2009
1x19 Gary and His Half Brother06/05/2009
1x20 Gary Fixes Allison's Garbage Disposal20/05/2009
2x01 Gary Has a Dream23/09/2009
2x02 Gary Promises Too Much30/09/2009
2x03 Gary's Demo07/10/2009
2x04 Gary Shoots Fish in a Barrel14/10/2009
2x05 Gary on the Air21/10/2009
2x06 Gary Tries to Do It All04/11/2009
2x07 Gary and Allison's Friend11/11/2009
2x08 Gary Apologizes18/11/2009
2x09 Gary Keeps a Secret25/11/2009
2x10 Gary Gives Sasha His Full Attention09/12/2009
2x11 Gary Is A Boat Guy16/12/2009
2x12 Gary Feels Tom Slipping Away13/01/2010
2x13 Gary Has to Choose20/01/2010
2x14 Gary Lowers the Bar10/02/2010
2x15 Gary's Big Mouth03/03/2010
2x16 Gary Tries to Find Something for Mitch10/03/2010
2x17 Gary Unmarried?17/03/2010
Romantically Challenged
1x01 Don't Be Yourself19/04/2010
1x02 The Charade26/04/2010
1x03 Perry and Rebecca's High School Reunion03/05/2010
1x04 Rebecca's One Night Stand17/05/2010
Better with You
1x01 Pilot22/09/2010
$#*! My Dad Says
1x01 Pilot23/09/2010
2 Broke Girls
1x01 Pilot19/09/2011
1x02 And the Break-up Scene26/09/2011
5x13 And the Lost Baggage25/02/2016
5x14 And You Bet Your Ass03/03/2016
Partners (2012)
1x01 Pilot24/09/2012
1x02 Chicken & Stuffing01/10/2012
1x03 The Jeter Exception08/10/2012
1x04 The Key15/10/2012
1x05 2 Broke Guys05/11/2012
1x06 Temporary Insanity12/11/2012
1x08 My Best Friend's Wedding Ring14/12/2012
1x09 Troubled Water21/12/2012
1x07 Pretty Funny28/12/2012
1x10 Straight Man's Best Friend04/01/2013
1x11 The Archives11/01/2013
1x12 Two Nines and a Pair of Queens18/01/2013
1x13 Sperm und Drang25/01/2013
Friends with Better Lives
1x01 Pilot31/03/2014
Mike & Molly
6x13 I See Love16/05/2016
Superior Donuts
1x01 Pilot02/02/2017
1x02 What's the Big Idea?06/02/2017
1x03 Crime Time13/02/2017
1x04 Trust Me20/02/2017
1x05 Takin' It to the Streets27/02/2017
1x06 Arthur's Day Off06/03/2017
1x11 Wage Against the Machine17/04/2017
1x13 Secrets and Spies08/05/2017