James A. Contner

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : James Contner

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Réalisation de séries

Crime Story (Les Incorruptibles de Chicago)
1x17 The Kingdom of Money30/01/1987
The Equalizer (1985) (Equalizer)
3x14 Video Games27/01/1988
3x20 Regrets Only30/03/1988
4x05 The Day of the Covenant07/12/1988
21 Jump Street
2x16 Orpheus 3.328/02/1988
3x02 Slippin' Into Darkness11/11/1988
3x09 Swallowed Alive05/02/1989
3x18 Next Victim07/05/1989
Miami Vice (Deux flics à Miami)
5x07 Asian Cut13/01/1989
1x08 Burnout14/04/1989
Island Son (Médecin à Honolulu)
1x06 Life Sentences23/10/1989
1x09 Everyday People13/11/1989
Midnight Caller (Jack Killian, l'homme au micro)
2x18 Three for the Money03/04/1990
3x02 The Language Barrier05/10/1990
3x11 That's Amore04/01/1991
The Flash (1990) (Flash (1990))
1x18 Twin Streaks13/04/1991
Sisters (Les Sœurs Reed)
1x05 Of Mice and Women08/06/1991
2x16 The Four Elements15/02/1992
3x10 Rivals05/12/1992
5x09 Paradise Lost19/11/1994
6x27 War & Peace (1)04/05/1996
Palace Guard
1x01 Pilot18/10/1991
Reasonable Doubts (La voix du silence)
1x08 Aftermath15/11/1991
Mann & Machine
1x05 Torch Song09/06/1992
Raven (1992)
1x02 The Unseen Enemy01/07/1992
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Brisco County)
1x04 Brisco in Jalisco17/09/1993
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Loïs et Clark, les nouvelles aventures de Superman)
1x12 Honeymoon in Metropolis12/12/1993
SeaQuest DSV (SeaQuest, police des mers)
1x14 Nothing But the Truth09/01/1994
The X-Files (X-Files : Aux frontières du réel)
2x23 Soft Light05/05/1995
American Gothic (1995)
1x05 Dead to the World13/10/1995
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Hercule)
2x06 Under the Broken Sky20/10/1995
Dark Skies (Dark Skies : l'impossible vérité)
1x14 White Rabbit01/02/1997
1x17 Both Sides Now08/03/1997
Pensacola: Wings of Gold (Pensacola)
1x07 Road Warriors27/10/1997
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy contre les vampires)
2x16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered10/02/1998
3x03 Faith, Hope & Trick13/10/1998
3x07 Revelations17/11/1998
3x12 Helpless19/01/1999
3x19 Choices04/05/1999
4x03 The Harsh Light of Day19/10/1999
4x07 The Initiative16/11/1999
4x11 Doomed18/01/2000
4x13 The I In Team08/02/2000
4x19 New Moon Rising02/05/2000
4x21 Primeval (2/2)16/05/2000
5x03 The Replacement10/10/2000
5x15 I Was Made to Love You20/02/2001
5x20 Spiral08/05/2001
6x13 Dead Things05/02/2002
6x18 Entropy30/04/2002
6x22 Grave (2/2)21/05/2002
7x03 Same Time, Same Place08/10/2002
7x12 Potential21/01/2003
7x19 Empty Places29/04/2003
Prey (ADN, menace immédiate)
1x07 Transformations12/03/1998
1x09 Vallery of the Dolls21/11/1998
Charmed (1998)
1x08 The Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts25/11/1998
1x14 Secrets and Guys17/02/1999
2x15 Give Me a Sign24/02/2000
6x11 Witchstock11/01/2004
1x02 Lonely Hearts12/10/1999
1x06 Sense & Sensitivity09/11/1999
1x10 Parting Gifts14/12/1999
1x18 Five by Five25/04/2000
2x03 First Impressions10/10/2000
2x10 Reunion19/12/2000
2x18 Dead End24/04/2001
3x04 Carpe Noctem15/10/2001
3x15 Loyalty25/02/2002
4x10 Awakening29/01/2003
4x14 Release12/03/2003
5x02 Just Rewards (2)08/10/2003
5x21 Power Play12/05/2004
The Invisible Man (2000) (Invisible Man)
1x07 The Devil You Know21/07/2000
2x09 Bad Chi20/07/2001
2x01 Skin and Bones02/10/2000
2x08 Meet the Dupes (1)20/11/2000
Dark Angel
1x11 Art Attack06/02/2001
1x05 Cool13/11/2001
Star Trek: Enterprise
1x13 Dear Doctor23/01/2002
2x02 Carbon Creek25/09/2002
2x03 Minefield02/10/2002
2x08 The Communicator13/11/2002
2x20 Horizon16/04/2003
The Dead Zone (Dead Zone)
1x06 The House21/07/2002
1x11 War Stories06/12/2002
Las Vegas
2x13 Sperm Whales and Spearmint Rhinos10/01/2005
Jane Doe (Miss Détective)
1x01 Vanishing Act21/01/2005
2x03 Ties That Bind17/03/2007
2x04 How to Fire Your Boss08/05/2007
Point Pleasant (Point Pleasant, entre le bien et le mal)
1x08 Swimming With Boyd17/03/2005
The Inside (The Inside : dans la tête des tueurs)
1x05 Loneliest Number06/07/2005
Killer Instinct (Instinct de tueur)
1x03 13 going on 3007/10/2005
1x06 Who's Your Daddy?04/11/2005
The Dresden Files (Dresden, enquêtes parallèles)
1x02 The Boone Identity28/01/2007
1x07 Echoes27/03/2009