Jack Lothian

Royaume-Uni Nationalité britannique

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2012 Sinbad Terminée

Scénariste de séries

Teachers (UK)
3x11 Series Three, Episode Eleven15/10/2003
4x05 Series Four, Episode Five23/11/2004
Hotel Babylon (Hôtel Babylon)
2x04 Series 2, Episode 408/03/2007
Shameless (UK) (Shameless: Very Important Punk)
5x04 Season 5, Episode 422/01/2008
5x10 Season 5, Episode 1004/03/2008
7x05 Series 7, Episode 516/02/2010
11x02 Series 11, Episode 205/03/2013
11x06 Series 11, Episode 602/04/2013
Spooks: Code 9 (Code 9)
1x06 National Catastrophe07/09/2008
1x09 Hour 9 - Name of the Game20/12/2008
Ashes to Ashes
2x06 Truth Canal25/05/2009
3x04 Series 3, Episode 423/04/2010
Doc Martin (UK)
4x01 Better the Devil20/09/2009
4x05 The Departed18/10/2009
4x08 The Wrong Goodbye08/11/2009
5x03 Born With a Shotgun26/09/2011
5x05 Remember Me10/10/2011
5x08 Ever After31/10/2011
7x01 Rescue Me07/09/2015
7x08 The Doctor Is Out02/11/2015
8x01 Mysterious Ways20/09/2017
8x08 All My Trials08/11/2017
1x04 Episode 415/02/2011
Death in Paradise (Meurtres au paradis)
1x07 Music of Murder06/12/2011
2x05 Death Onboard05/02/2013
3x07 The Man with the Golden Gun25/02/2014
Skins (UK)
6x03 Alex06/02/2012
1x01 Pilot08/07/2012
1x05 Hunted05/08/2012
1x07 Homecoming19/08/2012
1x09 Eye of the Tiger02/09/2012
1x12 Land of the Dead23/09/2012
The Halcyon (The Halcyon, un palace dans la tourmente)
1x01 Episode 102/01/2017
1x02 Episode 209/01/2017
1x03 Episode 316/01/2017
1x04 Episode 423/01/2017
1x05 Episode 530/01/2017
1x07 Episode 713/02/2017
1x08 Episode 820/02/2017
Strike Back
6x01 Retribution: Episode 131/10/2017
6x02 Retribution: Episode 207/11/2017
6x03 Retribution: Episode 314/11/2017
6x04 Retribution: Episode 421/11/2017
6x05 Retribution: Episode 528/11/2017
6x10 Retribution: Episode 1028/02/2018
7x01 Silent War: Episode 125/01/2019
7x02 Silent War: Episode 201/02/2019
7x03 Silent War: Episode 308/02/2019
7x04 Silent War: Episode 415/02/2019
7x05 Silent War: Episode 522/02/2019
7x06 Silent War: Episode 601/03/2019
7x07 Silent War: Episode 708/03/2019
7x08 Silent War: Episode 815/03/2019
7x09 Silent War: Episode 922/03/2019