Ian Stokes

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Warehouse 13
1x10 Breakdown08/09/2009
2x05 13.103/08/2010
3x06 Don't Hate the Player15/08/2011
3x11 Emily Lake / Stand03/10/2011
4x03 Personal Effects06/08/2012
4x12 Parks and Rehabilitation06/05/2013
Teen Wolf
3x21 The Fox and the Wolf03/03/2014
4x04 The Benefactor14/07/2014
4x10 Monstrous24/08/2014
4x11 A Promise to the Dead01/09/2014
5x04 Condition Terminal13/07/2015
5x06 Required Reading27/07/2015
5x10 Status Asthmaticus24/08/2015
Marvel's Iron Fist
1x07 Felling Tree with Roots17/03/2017
1x11 Lead Horse Back to Stable17/03/2017