Joo Hwa Mi

Corée du Sud Nationalité sud-coréenne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Yeonaereul gidaehae (Waiting for Love)
1x01 Episode 111/09/2013
1x02 Episode 212/09/2013
Naeseongjeogin boseu (My Shy Boss)
1x01 The Phantom of the Opera16/01/2017
1x02 I'm Sorry, I Cannot Apologize17/01/2017
1x03 I'm Not An Easygoing Person23/01/2017
1x04 I Do Not See Anyone24/01/2017
1x05 The Unspeakable Secret of 3 Years Ago06/02/2017
1x06 How Does a Person Change?07/02/2017
1x07 The Dignity of a Supporting Role13/02/2017
1x08 Unsocial Sociability, Immanuel Kant14/02/2017
1x09 If You Listen20/02/2017
1x10 The Pointless Yet Most Helpful Confessions21/02/2017
1x11 The Tall Shadow of Mr. Smith27/02/2017
1x12 The Difficulty of Doing Nothing28/02/2017
1x13 Confession06/03/2017
1x14 My Funny Valentine07/03/2017
1x15 A Reason Bigger Than 99 Other Reasons13/03/2017
1x16 It's Okay to Be Shy14/03/2017