Hunt Baldwin

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Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2009 Trust Me (US) Terminée

Scénariste de séries

1x19 Overkill28/03/2003
The Closer (The Closer : L.A. enquêtes prioritaires)
1x07 You Are Here25/07/2005
1x11 L.A. Woman22/08/2005
2x03 Slippin'26/06/2006
2x06 Out of Focus17/07/2006
2x11 Borderline21/08/2006
2x14 Serving the King (1)04/12/2006
3x02 Grave Doubts25/06/2007
3x09 Blindsided13/08/2007
4x02 Speed Bump21/07/2008
4x07 Sudden Death25/08/2008
5x13 The Life07/12/2009
6x11 Old Money06/12/2010
Trust Me (US)
1x01 Before and After26/01/2009
1x02 All Hell the Victors02/02/2009
1x07 Damage Control10/03/2009
1x10 Thanks, I Needed That31/03/2009
1x13 The More Things Change07/04/2009
1x01 Pilot03/06/2012
1x03 A Damn Shame17/06/2012
1x06 The Worst Kind of Hunter08/07/2012
1x10 Unfinished Business12/08/2012
2x01 Unquiet Mind27/05/2013
2x05 Party's Over24/06/2013
2x10 Election Day05/08/2013
2x13 Bad Medicine26/08/2013
3x01 The White Warrior02/06/2014
3x04 In the Pines23/06/2014
3x07 Population 2514/07/2014
3x10 Ashes to Ashes04/08/2014
4x01 Down by the River10/09/2015
4x03 High Noon10/09/2015
4x07 Highway Robbery10/09/2015
4x10 What Happens on the Rez...10/09/2015
5x01 A Fog That Won't Lift23/09/2016
5x02 One Good Memory23/09/2016
5x07 From This Day Forward23/09/2016
5x10 The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of23/09/2016
6x01 The Eagle and the Osprey17/11/2017
6x02 Fever17/11/2017
6x03 Thank You, Victoria17/11/2017
6x04 A Thing I'll Never Understand17/11/2017
6x05 Burned Up My Tears17/11/2017
6x06 No Greater Character Endorsement17/11/2017
6x07 Opiates and Antibiotics17/11/2017
6x08 Cowboy Bill17/11/2017
6x09 Running Eagle Challenge17/11/2017
6x10 Goodbye is Always Implied17/11/2017