Hugh Davidson

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Année Série Chaine Statut
2017 Nobodies TV Land terminée

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Année Série Rôle Moy. Importance
2017 Nobodies Hugh Davidson
1998 Will & Grace Dan
Moyenne de toutes ses séries10.68
Juste celles en tant que principal ou secondaire6

Scénariste de séries

Robot Chicken
2x11 Adoption's an Option17/09/2006
2x12 The Munnery24/09/2006
2x13 Metal Militia01/10/2006
2x14 Veggies for Sloth08/10/2006
2x15 Sausage Fest15/10/2006
2x16 Drippy Pony22/10/2006
2x18 Lust for Puppets05/11/2006
0x91 2x14A- Blankets in a Pig15/05/2008
3x16 Boo Cocky07/09/2008
3x17 Bionic Cow14/09/2008
3x18 Monstourage21/09/2008
3x19 President Evil28/09/2008
3x20 Chirlaxx05/10/2008
4x01 Help Me07/12/2008
4x02 They Took My Thumbs14/12/2008
4x03 I'm Trapped21/12/2008
4x04 In a DVD Factory28/12/2008
4x08 Two Weeks Without Food25/01/2009
4x11 We Are a Humble Factory26/07/2009
4x12 Maurice Was Caught02/08/2009
4x13 Unionizing Our Labor09/08/2009
4x14 President Hu Forbids It16/08/2009
Mike Tyson Mysteries
1x01 The End27/10/2014
1x01 Mr. First Lady29/03/2017
1x04 Call My Agent19/04/2017
1x05 Not the Emmys26/04/2017
1x06 Too Much of a Good Thing03/05/2017
1x07 Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands10/05/2017
1x08 The Gilded Cage17/05/2017
1x09 Devil in a Red Dress24/05/2017
1x10 The Pledge31/05/2017
1x11 Paul's Muse14/06/2017
1x12 Bring Out the Champagne21/06/2017