Grant Brown

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Murder Call (Murder call, fréquence meurtre)
1x14 Blood Heat10/11/1997
1x16 Heartstopper24/11/1997
2x01 Dared to Death07/07/1998
2x07 Murder in Reverse18/08/1998
2x13 A Dress to Die For06/10/1998
3x19 House of Spirits02/10/2000
All Saints
1x03 Gut Feeling03/03/1998
1x18 Sounds of Silence16/06/1998
1x38 Happy Death Day27/10/1998
2x01 Truth and Consequences (1)09/02/1999
2x05 If These Walls Could Talk02/03/1999
4x24 Reality Bites17/07/2001
4x28 Poles Apart14/08/2001
Stingers (Stingers : unité secrète)
3x06 No Way Out15/08/2000
4x03 Beyond Redemption28/08/2001
4x08 Into the Darkness (3)10/10/2001
McLeod's Daughters (Le Ranch des McLeod)
6x07 What Lies Beneath26/04/2006
6x08 Where The Heart Is03/05/2006
7x09 Sisters are Doing It For Themselves18/04/2007
7x10 Rules Of Engagement25/04/2007
7x17 Grace Under Fire27/06/2007
7x18 Gift Horse11/07/2007
7x27 Knight in Shining Armour12/09/2007
7x28 The Short Cut19/09/2007
8x11 Bright Lights03/01/2009
8x12 Love and Let Die03/01/2009
1x09 Suffer the Children09/04/2008
1x10 Scratched16/04/2008
2x10 The Reckoning20/04/2009
2x11 The Brotherhood20/04/2009
Rush (AUS)
2x05 Don't Check Your Phone13/08/2009
2x09 Don't Drag Race10/09/2009
2x12 Don't Abduct a Baby24/09/2009
2x15 Don't Use Crossbows15/10/2009
2x18 Don't Punch the Senior Sergeant05/11/2009
2x21 Don't Sexually Abuse Anyone26/11/2009
2x22 Don't Contaminate the Water26/11/2009
3x08 Don't Board a Runaway Train09/09/2010
3x20 Don't Screw on My Futon02/12/2010
Winners & Losers
1x09 One Door Opens17/05/2011
1x10 Countdown24/05/2011
1x05 Episode 504/08/2011
1x06 Episode 611/08/2011
House Husbands
2x07 Season 2, Episode 726/05/2013
2x08 Season 2, Episode 802/06/2013
2x13 Season 2, Episode 1307/07/2013
3x01 Season 3, Episode 109/06/2014
3x02 Season 3, Episode 216/06/2014
4x01 Episode 110/08/2015
4x02 Episode 217/08/2015
4x07 Episode 721/09/2015
4x08 Episode 828/09/2015
5x01 Episode 106/02/2017
5x02 Episode 213/02/2017
5x07 Episode 720/03/2017
5x08 Episode 827/03/2017
Reef Doctors
1x08 Episode 803/08/2013
1x09 Episode 910/08/2013
1x10 Episode 1017/08/2013
1x11 Episode 1124/08/2013
1x12 Episode 1231/08/2013
1x13 Episode 1307/09/2013
Janet King
1x01 A Song of Experience27/02/2014
1x02 Every Contact Leaves a Trace06/03/2014
1x03 Natural Justice13/03/2014
Love Child (2014)
1x07 Episode 731/03/2014
1x08 Episode 807/04/2014
3x09 Episode 901/08/2016
3x10 Episode 1001/08/2016
Harrow (Dr Harrow)
2x05 Ab Initio09/06/2019
2x06 Locus Poenitentiae16/06/2019