Glenn Davis

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Canada Nationalité canadienne

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Créateur de série

Année Série Statut Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2019 V-Wars Terminée
2016 Aftermath Terminée
2003 Missing (2003) (Missing : Disparus sans laisser de trace) Terminée
1998 Power Play Terminée
1997 Once a Thief (Les Repentis) Terminée
Moyenne de toutes ses séries12.38

Réalisation de séries

The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
4x03 Ancient Voices12/11/1988

Scénariste de séries

The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) (Alfred Hitchcock présente (1985))
3x08 Prosecutor26/03/1988
3x13 User Deadly21/05/1988
3x14 Career Move28/05/1988
3x15 Full Disclosure18/06/1988
4x03 Ancient Voices12/11/1988
4x10 Skeleton in the Closet11/02/1989
4x11 In the Driver's Seat17/02/1989
4x13 In the Name of Science10/03/1989
4x15 Diamonds Aren't Forever14/04/1989
4x18 The Man Who Knew Too Little08/07/1989
Mann & Machine
1x02 Dating Game12/04/1992
1x04 Water, Water, Everywhere26/04/1992
1x05 Torch Song09/06/1992
1x06 Mann's Fate16/06/1992
Once a Thief (Les Repentis)
0x00 Once a Thief (Pilot)29/09/1996
1x01 The Big Bang Theory15/09/1997
1x02 Rave On22/09/1997
1x03 Trial Marriage29/09/1997
1x07 It Happened One Night27/10/1997
1x12 Last Temptation of Vic31/01/1998
1x21 Family Reunion (1)25/04/1998
Missing (2003) (Missing : Disparus sans laisser de trace)
1x01 Pilot02/08/2003
1x02 They Come as They Go09/08/2003
1x06 Never Go Against the Family13/09/2003
1x11 Deliverance from Evil01/11/2003
1x18 These Dreams Before Me (a.k.a. The Fisher Queen)24/01/2004
2x01 Sea of Love10/07/2004
2x12 Truth or Dare (1)16/10/2004
2x13 Truth or Dare (2)23/10/2004
3x01 Anything for the Baby (1)12/06/2005
3x02 Anything for the Baby (2)19/06/2005
3x09 Analysis21/08/2005
3x19 So Shall Ye Reap?05/02/2006
1x01 RVL 676827/09/2016
1x05 A Clatter and a Chatter25/10/2016
1x11 Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones06/12/2016
1x13 Whispers of Immortality20/12/2016
1x01 Down with the Sickness05/12/2019
1x02 Blood Brothers05/12/2019
1x08 Red Rain05/12/2019
1x10 Bloody but Unbow'd05/12/2019