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Réalisation de séries

5x15 Cyborg16/02/2006
6x06 Fallout02/11/2006
6x13 Crimson01/02/2007
7x08 Blue15/11/2007
7x14 Traveler20/03/2008
8x05 Committed16/10/2008
8x11 Legion15/01/2009
8x15 Infamous12/03/2009
9x08 Idol13/11/2009
9x11 Absolute Justice, Part 1: Society05/02/2010
9x20 Sacrifice30/04/2010
9x21 Hostage07/05/2010
10x02 Shield01/10/2010
1x16 Dead to Rights27/02/2013
2x03 Broken Dolls23/10/2013
2x11 Blind Spot22/01/2014
2x15 The Promise05/03/2014
3x01 The Calm08/10/2014
3x10 Left Behind21/01/2015
4x22 Lost in the Flood18/05/2016
The Flash (2014) (Flash (2014))
1x04 Going Rogue28/10/2014
1x08 Flash vs. Arrow02/12/2014
1x13 The Nuclear Man10/02/2015
2x16 Trajectory22/03/2016
4x01 The Flash Reborn10/10/2017
1x01 Pilot26/10/2015
1x02 Stronger Together02/11/2015
1x11 Strange Visitor from Another Planet25/01/2016
2x01 The Adventures of Supergirl10/10/2016
2x02 The Last Children of Krypton17/10/2016
2x05 Crossfire07/11/2016
2x07 The Darkest Place21/11/2016
2x22 Nevertheless, She Persisted22/05/2017
3x09 Reign04/12/2017
3x14 Schott Through the Heart16/04/2018
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
1x01 Pilot (Part 1)21/01/2016
1x02 Pilot (Part 2)28/01/2016
Blindspot (Blindspot : mémoire tatouée)
2x13 Name Not One Man08/02/2017
3x06 Adoring Suspect08/12/2017
Deception (2018) (Cameron Black : L'Illusionniste)
1x08 Multiple Outs29/04/2018
Doom Patrol
1x01 Pilot15/02/2019
2x05 Finger Patrol09/07/2020
1x01 Pilot18/05/2020
The Flight Attendant
1x05 Other People's Houses03/12/2020