Gil Junger

Né le 7 novembre 1954 à New York, État de New York (États-Unis) (66 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Scénario / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2020 Think Like a DogN-C
Moyenne de tous ses films11.78

Production / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2004 Si seulement... (If Only) 92
Moyenne de tous ses films14.4

Réalisation de séries

Hardball (1994)
1x06 Lee's Bad, Bad Day16/10/1994
4x01 Give Me Equity or Give Me Death18/09/1996
4x02 A Deer Head for Joe25/09/1996
4x03 Splitsville, Man02/10/1996
4x04 The Parent Trap16/10/1996
4x05 Looking Out for Number One23/10/1996
4x06 The Bubble Gum Incident30/10/1996
4x08 Not So Great Expectations13/11/1996
4x10 Kiss My Bum27/11/1996
4x17 Ellen's Deaf Comedy Jam12/02/1997
4x18 Hello, Dalai19/02/1997
4x19 Secrets & Ellen26/02/1997
4x20 Reversal of Misfortune04/03/1997
4x21 The Clip Show Patient08/04/1997
4x22 The Puppy Episode (1)30/04/1997
4x23 The Puppy Episode (2)30/04/1997
4x24 Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah07/05/1997
4x25 Moving On14/05/1997
5x01 Guys or Dolls24/09/1997
5x02 Social Climber01/10/1997
5x04 Gay Yellow Pages15/10/1997
5x06 G.I. Ellen05/11/1997
5x10 All Ellen, All the Time03/12/1997
5x11 Break Up17/12/1997
5x13 The Funeral14/01/1998
5x14 Escape from L.A.28/01/1998
5x15 Ellen in Focus11/02/1998
5x17 It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay World!25/02/1998
5x19 Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute (1)13/05/1998
5x20 Ellen: A Hollywood Tribute (2)13/05/1998
5x21 When Ellen Talks, People Listen15/07/1998
Chicago Sons (Nés à Chicago)
1x04 To Have and to Hold29/01/1997
1x07 Love in the Time of Cicadas19/02/1997
1x08 The Belligerent Waitress and the Surly Fry Cook05/03/1997
1x11 Beauty and the Butt18/06/1997
Dharma & Greg
1x16 Dharma and Greg's First Romantic Valentine's Day Weekend11/02/1998
2x06 A Closet Full of Hell28/10/1998
Two of a Kind (Les jumelles s'en mêlent)
1x01 Putting Two 'n Two Together25/09/1998
1x03 Prelude to a Kiss09/10/1998
1x04 First Crush16/10/1998
1x10 Peeping Twins27/11/1998
Two Guys and a Girl (Un toit pour trois)
2x14 Two Guys, a Girl and a Proposal13/01/1999
2x16 Two Guys, a Girl and Valentine's Day10/02/1999
Odd Man Out (Merci les filles)
1x01 The First Girlfriends Club24/09/1999
1x02 Good Will Hunting01/10/1999
1x03 The Unbelievable Truth08/10/1999
1x13 My Life as a Dog07/01/2000
1x06 Twelfth Step to Hell28/10/1999
According to Jim
1x04 Anniversary24/10/2001
1x08 The Turkey Bowl21/11/2001
1x10 An According to Jiminy Christmas12/12/2001
1x11 The Bad Word16/01/2002
1x12 Model Behavior23/01/2002
1x13 The Money30/01/2002
1x14 Blow-Up13/02/2002
1x15 Racquetball27/02/2002
1x16 Under Pressure06/03/2002
1x18 Birthday Boys20/03/2002
1x19 The Receipt24/04/2002
1x20 Old Friends01/05/2002
1x21 Cheryl's Day Off08/05/2002
8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter (Touche pas à mes filles)
1x01 Pilot17/09/2002
Teachers. (US)
1x04 Golf18/04/2006
1x05 Testing25/04/2006
Kyle XY
1x01 Pilot26/06/2006
Windfall (Windfall : Des dollars tombés du ciel)
1x06 White Knights13/07/2006
In Case of Emergency
1x05 Denial for a While31/01/2007
1x06 Oh, Henry28/02/2007
1x01 Pilot09/07/2007
1x02 Hazed and Confused16/07/2007
1x03 The Rusty Nail23/07/2007
2x05 Pledge Allegiance23/09/2008
'Til Death (Pour le meilleur et pour le pire)
3x03 Dreamguys24/09/2008
Rules of Engagement (Leçons sur le mariage)
3x09 The Challenge04/05/2009
10 Things I Hate About You
1x01 Pilot07/07/2009
1x02 I Want You to Want Me14/07/2009
1x03 Won't Get Fooled Again21/07/2009
1x04 Don't Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation28/07/2009
1x06 You Can't Always Get Want You Want11/08/2009
1x08 Dance Little Sister25/08/2009
1x10 Don't Leave Me This Way08/09/2009
1x12 Don't Trust Me05/04/2010
1x14 Meat is Murder19/04/2010
1x15 The Winner Takes It All26/04/2010
1x18 Changes17/05/2010
1x20 Revolution24/05/2010
1x17 Food Stylist Girl15/04/2011
Devious Maids
3x03 The Awful Truth15/06/2015
3x04 Since You Went Away22/06/2015
K.C. Undercover (Agent K.C.)
2x08 Down in the Dumps15/05/2016
2x09 Dance Like No One's Watching22/05/2016