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Réalisation de séries

Heartbreak High (Hartley, cœurs à vif)
1x31 Episode 3121/09/1994
2x09 Episode 4723/07/1995
4x06 Episode 7121/07/1996
5x05 Episode 9619/02/1997
5x06 Episode 9724/02/1997
5x31 Episode 12221/05/1997
5x32 Episode 12326/05/1997
6x01 Episode 13123/06/1997
6x02 Episode 13225/06/1997
6x07 Episode 13714/07/1997
6x08 Episode 13816/07/1997
All Saints
2x29 Just Like A Woman17/08/1999
2x33 True Love and the Blues14/09/1999
2x37 Lost and Found12/10/1999
3x38 Fate Dances with Lady Luck31/10/2000
Water Rats (Brigade des mers)
5x06 Play it Again28/03/2000
5x11 Saltimbocca (1)02/05/2000
5x12 Jump in the Mouth (2)09/05/2000
5x17 Heavy Metal13/06/2000
5x18 Low Blows20/06/2000
5x19 One Good Turn27/06/2000
5x20 Mozzie04/07/2000
5x33 The Last Hurrah24/10/2000
6x01 Domino06/02/2001
6x02 Happened One Night13/02/2001
6x25 And the Winner is...31/07/2001
6x26 Cats and Pigeons07/08/2001
McLeod's Daughters (Le Ranch des McLeod)
1x21 Friends Like These13/03/2002
1x22 Deep Water20/03/2002
4x02 Double Dealing18/02/2004
4x03 Jack of all Shades25/02/2004
4x04 Day of Reckoning03/03/2004
4x09 Father's Day14/04/2004
4x10 Flesh and Blood21/04/2004
4x16 Magnetic Attraction21/07/2004
4x05 Promises12/07/2002
4x09 A Prefect Murder09/08/2002
4x15 Mental as Anything31/01/2003
4x19 We're So Screwed (1): Fetal Attraction28/02/2003
1x03 I Still Pray20/02/2008
1x04 Cocksure27/02/2008
Rush (AUS)
1x02 Don't Kill Your Boyfriend's Father09/09/2008
1x03 Don't Commit Suicide-by-Cop16/09/2008
1x08 Don't Set Up Your Own Ransom21/10/2008
1x09 Don't Drink-Drive28/10/2008
House Husbands
1x01 Episode 102/09/2012
1x02 Episode 209/09/2012
1x07 Episode 714/10/2012
1x08 Episode 821/10/2012
2x01 Season 2, Episode 108/04/2013
2x02 Season 2, Episode 215/04/2013
3x03 Season 3, Episode 322/06/2014
3x04 Season 3, Episode 429/06/2014
3x09 Season 3, Episode 911/08/2014
3x10 Season 3, Episode 1018/08/2014
Love Child (2014)
1x05 Episode 517/03/2014
1x06 Episode 624/03/2014
2x04 Episode Four26/05/2015
2x05 Episode Five02/06/2015
2x06 Episode Six09/06/2015
3x01 Episode 120/06/2016
3x02 Episode 227/06/2016
3x07 Episode 725/07/2016
3x08 Episode 831/07/2016
4x01 Episode 102/05/2017
4x02 Episode 209/05/2017
4x07 Episode 713/06/2017
4x08 Episode 820/06/2017
The Secret Daughter
1x03 Where Do I Belong?17/10/2016
1x04 Lean on Me24/10/2016
2x03 Rear View Mirror22/11/2017
2x04 Just Another Love Song22/11/2017
5x03 Nothing But the Truth18/04/2017
5x04 Loose Ends25/04/2017
Bite Club
1x01 Episode 115/08/2018
1x04 Episode 405/09/2018
Bad Mothers
1x01 Episode 118/02/2019
1x02 Episode 225/02/2019
1x07 Episode 701/04/2019
1x08 Episode 808/04/2019
Harrow (Dr Harrow)
2x08 Sub Silentio30/06/2019