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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

2x17 Joey and the Big Move00/00/0000
1x08 Joey and the Dream Girl (1)04/11/2004
1x09 Joey and the Dream Girl (2)11/11/2004
1x19 Joey and the Fancy Sister24/02/2005
1x20 Joey and the Neighbor24/03/2005
2x09 Joey and the Musical17/11/2005
2x12 Joey and the Tijuana Trip15/12/2005
2x13 Joey and the Christmas Party15/12/2005
2x14 Joey and the Snowball Fight07/03/2006
The Drew Carey Show (Le Drew Carey Show)
1x12 Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics20/12/1995
1x21 Drew Gets Motivated01/05/1996
2x13 Hello/Goodbye15/01/1997
2x20 Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar19/03/1997
Muppets Tonight (Les Muppets)
1x01 Michelle Pfeiffer08/03/1996
1x03 Billy Crystal22/03/1996
1x06 Tony Bennett12/04/1996
1x07 Sandra Bullock23/06/1996
1x08 Jason Alexander30/06/1996
1x09 Whoopi Goldberg07/07/1996
1x10 Martin Short14/07/1996
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996) (Sabrina, l'apprentie sorcière)
1x02 Bundt Friday04/10/1996
1x04 Terrible Things18/10/1996
1x05 A Halloween Story25/10/1996
1x07 Third Aunt From the Sun08/11/1996
1x09 Geek Like Me22/11/1996
1x16 Mars Attracts07/02/1997
1x21 As Westbridge Turns25/04/1997
1x22 The Great Mistake02/05/1997
1x23 The Crucible09/05/1997
2x01 Sabrina Gets Her License (1)26/09/1997
2x02 Sabrina Gets Her License (2)26/09/1997
2x03 Dummy for Love03/10/1997
2x04 Dante's Inferno10/10/1997
2x07 A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It31/10/1997
2x08 Inna-Gadda-Sabrina07/11/1997
2x09 Witch Trash14/11/1997
2x14 Five Easy Pieces of Libby23/01/1998
2x15 Finger Lickin' Flu30/01/1998
2x19 When Teens Collide06/03/1998
3x13 What Price Harvey?15/01/1999
3x14 Mrs. Kraft29/01/1999
3x15 Sabrina and the Pirates05/02/1999
3x16 Sabrina the Matchmaker12/02/1999
3x17 Salem, the Boy19/02/1999
3x18 Sabrina, the Teenage Writer26/02/1999
3x20 Sabrina's Pen Pal12/03/1999
3x21 Sabrina's Real World09/04/1999
3x22 The Long and Winding Short Cut30/04/1999
3x23 Sabrina the Sandman07/05/1999
9x09 Roseambo19/11/1996
9x10 Home is Where the Afghan Is26/11/1996
9x11 Mothers and Other Strangers03/12/1996
9x17 Some Enchanted Merger (2)11/02/1997
9x19 The Miracle25/02/1997
9x23 Into That Good Night (1)20/05/1997
9x24 Into That Good Night (2)20/05/1997
Everybody Loves Raymond (Tout le monde aime Raymond)
2x11 The Letter08/12/1997
2x13 Civil War15/12/1997
3x26 How They Met24/05/1999
5x01 Italy (1)02/10/2000
5x02 Italy (2)02/10/2000
5x03 The Wallpaper09/10/2000
5x11 Christmas Present11/12/2000
5x13 Super Bowl05/02/2001
5x16 Fairies12/02/2001
5x15 Silent Partners19/02/2001
5x17 Stefania Arrives26/02/2001
5x18 Humm Vac19/03/2001
5x21 Let's Fix Robert09/04/2001
5x19 The Canister23/04/2001
6x01 The Angry Family24/09/2001
6x07 Jealous Robert29/10/2001
6x06 Frank Goes Downstairs05/11/2001
6x08 It's Supposed to Be Fun12/11/2001
6x09 Older Women19/11/2001
6x10 Raybert26/11/2001
6x11 The Kicker10/12/2001
6x14 Snow Day14/01/2002
6x15 Cookies28/01/2002
6x16 Lucky Suit04/02/2002
6x17 The Skit25/02/2002
6x22 Mother's Day (1)06/05/2002
6x23 The Bigger Person (2)13/05/2002
6x24 The First Time (3)20/05/2002
7x03 Homework30/09/2002
7x11 The Thought That Counts09/12/2002
7x14 Just a Formality03/02/2003
7x18 The Plan10/03/2003
7x19 Sleepover at Peggy's31/03/2003
7x20 Who's Next14/04/2003
7x22 Baggage05/05/2003
7x23 The Bachelor Party12/05/2003
8x01 Fun with Debra22/09/2003
8x04 Misery Loves Company13/10/2003
8x05 The Contractor20/10/2003
8x06 Peter on the Couch03/11/2003
8x09 The Bird24/11/2003
8x10 Jazz Records15/12/2003
8x11 Debra at the Lodge05/01/2004
8x12 Slave12/01/2004
8x13 Whose Side Are You On?02/02/2004
8x16 Security23/02/2004
8x17 The Ingrate01/03/2004
8x18 Crazy Chin22/03/2004
8x20 Blabbermouths03/05/2004
8x21 The Model10/05/2004
8x22 The Mentor17/05/2004
8x23 Golf for It24/05/2004
9x02 Not So Fast27/09/2004
9x07 Debra's Parents22/11/2004
9x11 The Faux Pas07/02/2005
9x16 Finale16/05/2005
4x10 The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie18/12/1997
5x02 The One with All the Kissing01/10/1998
5x06 The One with the Yeti05/11/1998
5x07 The One Where Ross Moves In12/11/1998
5x09 The One with Ross's Sandwich10/12/1998
5x20 The One with the Ride-Along29/04/1999
5x21 The One with the Ball06/05/1999
5x22 The One with Joey's Big Break13/05/1999
6x03 The One with Ross's Denial07/10/1999
6x04 The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance14/10/1999
6x05 The One with Joey's Porsche21/10/1999
6x07 The One Where Phoebe Runs11/11/1999
6x08 The One with Ross's Teeth18/11/1999
6x12 The One with the Joke13/01/2000
6x13 The One with Rachel's Sister (1)03/02/2000
6x17 The One with Unagi24/02/2000
6x18 The One Where Ross Dates a Student09/03/2000
6x22 The One Where Paul's the Man04/05/2000
6x23 The One with the Ring11/05/2000
7x03 The One with Phoebe's Cookies19/10/2000
7x05 The One with the Engagement Picture02/11/2000
7x06 The One with the Nap Partners09/11/2000
7x10 The One with the Holiday Armadillo14/12/2000
7x11 The One with All the Cheesecakes04/01/2001
7x18 The One with Joey's Award29/03/2001
7x19 The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin19/04/2001
7x20 The One with Rachel's Big Kiss26/04/2001
7x21 The One with the Vows03/05/2001
7x22 The One with Chandler's Dad10/05/2001
8x05 The One with Rachel's Date25/10/2001
8x06 The One with the Halloween Party01/11/2001
8x09 The One with the Rumor22/11/2001
8x11 The One with Ross's Step Forward13/12/2001
8x17 The One with the Tea Leaves07/03/2002
8x18 The One in Massapequa28/03/2002
8x19 The One with Joey's Interview04/04/2002
8x21 The One with the Cooking Class02/05/2002
8x22 The One Where Rachel Is Late09/05/2002
9x07 The One with Ross's Inappropriate Song14/11/2002
9x11 The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work09/01/2003
9x13 The One Where Monica Sings30/01/2003
9x14 The One with the Blind Dates06/02/2003
9x15 The One with the Mugging13/02/2003
9x16 The One with the Boob Job20/02/2003
9x17 The One with the Memorial Service13/03/2003
9x18 The One with the Lottery03/04/2003
9x21 The One with the Fertility Test01/05/2003
10x03 The One with Ross's Tan09/10/2003
10x04 The One with the Cake23/10/2003
10x08 The One with the Late Thanksgiving20/11/2003
10x10 The One Where Chandler Gets Caught15/01/2004
10x13 The One Where Joey Speaks French19/02/2004
10x14 The One with Princess Consuela26/02/2004
10x15 The One Where Estelle Dies22/04/2004
10x16 The One with Rachel's Going Away Party29/04/2004
2x01 Jesse's New Job23/09/1999
2x09 The Christmas Party16/12/1999
2x14 Jesse Gives Birth03/02/2000
2x15 My Boyfriend Went to Chile and All I Got Was This Lousy Moustache10/02/2000
2x16 Jesse's Coat a Useful Crutch, Diego's Kitchen Not So Much24/02/2000
2x17 The Dump02/03/2000
2x19 First Blood25/05/2000
Grounded for Life (Parents à tout prix)
1x01 Lily B. Goode10/01/2001
What I Like About You (Ce que j'aime chez toi)
1x01 Pilot20/09/2002
1x02 Spa Day27/09/2002
1x03 Roommates04/10/2002
1x07 Tankini08/11/2002
2x05 Like a Virgin (Kinda)09/10/2003
2x08 Partially Obstructed View30/10/2003
2x21 The Anti-Prom30/04/2004
Two and a Half Men (Mon oncle Charlie)
1x20 Hey, I Can Pee Outside in the Dark19/04/2004
2x19 A Low, Gutteral Tongue-Flapping Noise21/03/2005
2x22 That Old Hose Bag Is My Mother09/05/2005
3x01 Weekend in Bangkok with Two Olympic Gymnasts19/09/2005
3x02 Principal Gallagher's Lesbian Lover26/09/2005
3x03 Carpet Burns and a Bite Mark03/10/2005
3x04 Your Dismissive Attitude Toward Boobs10/10/2005
3x05 We Called It Mr. Pinky17/10/2005
3x06 Hi, Mr. Horned One24/10/2005
3x07 Sleep Tight, Puddin' Pop07/11/2005
3x08 That Voodoo That I Do Do14/11/2005
3x14 Love Isn't Blind, It's Retarded06/02/2006
3x15 My Tongue is Meat27/02/2006
3x16 Ergo, The Booty Call06/03/2006
3x17 The Unfortunate Little Schnauser13/03/2006
3x18 The Spit-Covered Cobbler20/03/2006
3x19 Golly Moses, She's A Muffin10/04/2006
3x20 Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Burro24/04/2006
4x01 Working for Caligula18/09/2006
4x02 Who's Vod Kanockers25/09/2006
4x03 The Sea is a Harsh Mistress02/10/2006
4x04 A Pot Smoking Monkey09/10/2006
4x05 A Live Woman of Proven Fertility16/10/2006
4x06 Apologies for the Frivolity23/10/2006
4x07 Repeated Blows to His Unformed Head06/11/2006
4x08 Release the Dogs13/11/2006
4x09 Corey's Been Dead for an Hour20/11/2006
4x10 Kissing Abraham Lincoln27/11/2006
4x11 Walnuts and Demerol11/12/2006
4x13 Don't Worry, Speed Racer22/01/2007
4x14 That's Summer Sausage, Not Salami05/02/2007
4x17 I Merely Slept with a Commie26/02/2007
4x18 It Never Rains in Hooterville19/03/2007
4x19 Smooth as a Ken Doll (1)09/04/2007
Complete Savages (Les Sauvages)
1x04 Nick Kicks Butt15/10/2004
1x19 Hot Water17/06/2005
Lucky Louie
1x01 Pilot11/06/2006
Rules of Engagement (Leçons sur le mariage)
2x01 Flirting with Disaster24/09/2007
2x03 Mr. Fix It08/10/2007
2x06 Old School Jeff29/10/2007
2x08 Fix Ups & Downs12/11/2007
'Til Death (Pour le meilleur et pour le pire)
2x08 No More Mr. Vice Guy28/11/2007
Mom (US)
1x02 A Pee Stick and an Asian Raccoon30/09/2013
1x03 A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork07/10/2013