Gail Lerner

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États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

5x14 WTF Happened Last Year?22/03/2016
2x21 The Johnson Show27/04/2016
3x14 The Name Game08/02/2017
4x14 R-e-s-p-e-c-t13/03/2018
4x22 Collateral Damage08/05/2018
5x01 Gap Year16/10/2018
5x17 Each One, Teach One02/04/2019
Grace and Frankie (Grace et Frankie)
4x08 The Lockdown19/01/2018

Scénariste de séries

Will & Grace
2x18 Sweet & Sour Charity04/04/2000
5x06 Boardroom & a Parked Place07/11/2002
5x18 Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me13/03/2003
5x24 2415/05/2003
6x05 A-Story, Bee-Story30/10/2003
6x17 East Side Story11/03/2004
7x09 Saving Grace, Again (2)18/11/2004
7x16 Dance Cards & Greeting Cards10/02/2005
8x04 Steams Like Old Times20/10/2005
8x10 Von Trapped05/01/2006
Andy Barker, P.I.
1x03 Three Days of the Chicken29/03/2007
Back to You (Moi et mon public)
1x03 The First Supper03/10/2007
1x11 Hug & Tell23/04/2008
1x15 Date Night02/07/2008
Worst Week
1x03 The Monitor06/10/2008
1x09 The Wedding24/11/2008
1x13 The Puppy19/01/2009
Ugly Betty
4x09 Be-Shure11/12/2009
4x13 Chica and the Man03/02/2010
1x04 Crazy Mom15/10/2014
1x10 Black Santa/White Christmas10/12/2014
1x18 Sex, Lies and Vasectomies01/04/2015
2x03 Dr. Hell No07/10/2015
2x14 Sink or Swim10/02/2016
3x06 Jack of All Trades09/11/2016
3x11 Their Eyes Were Watching Screens04/01/2017
4x04 Advance to Go (Collect $200)24/10/2017
4x20 Fifty-Three Percent17/04/2018
5x05 Good Grief20/11/2018