Fred Rubin

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Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Archie Bunker's Place
4x16 Relief Bartender23/01/1983
4x24 I'm Torn Here04/04/1983

Scénariste de séries

Diff'rent Strokes (Arnold & Willy)
1x04 Prep School24/11/1978
1x07 The Trial15/12/1978
1x17 Willis's Privacy23/02/1979
2x07 The Adoption (1)31/10/1979
2x08 The Adoption (2)07/11/1979
2x09 Father and Son Day14/11/1979
2x18 Return of the Gooch06/02/1980
2x24 The Squealer26/03/1980
Alice (1976)
3x11 A Slight Case of ESP03/12/1978
Archie Bunker's Place
2x02 Archie Alone (2)02/11/1980
2x04 Hiring the Housekeeper16/11/1980
2x13 Murray Klein's Place15/02/1981
3x03 The Date11/10/1981
4x24 I'm Torn Here04/04/1983
Mama's Family
2x17 Mama for Mayor (Part 2)25/02/1984
On Our Own (Seuls au monde)
1x14 The Boarder03/03/1995
1x19 The Easy Way07/04/1995
Family Matters (La vie de famille)
7x01 Little Big Guy22/09/1995
7x18 My Big Brother23/02/1996
7x19 Eau de love08/03/1996
8x04 Movin' On04/10/1996
8x07 Stevil25/10/1996
8x11 Chick-a-Boom22/11/1996
8x21 Flirting with Disaster28/03/1997
8x22 Pound Foolish25/04/1997
Step by Step (Notre belle famille)
7x05 Poetic Justice17/10/1997
7x12 Goin' to the Chapel16/01/1998
Two of a Kind (Les jumelles s'en mêlent)
1x06 Nightmare on Carrie's Street30/10/1998
1x16 Carrie Moves In19/02/1999