Erik Oleson

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

2x10 The Prince19/01/2002
Jack & Bobby (Jack et Bobby)
1x08 Election Night03/11/2004
1x12 Running Scared26/01/2005
1x16 And Justice for All23/02/2005
E-Ring (DOS : Division des Opérations Spéciales)
1x03 Escape and Evade05/10/2005
1x09 Delta Does Detroit16/11/2005
1x15 Five Pillars30/11/2006
1x21 Isolation30/11/2006
1x19 Brothers In Arms30/11/2006
1x05 Insurrection05/04/2009
1x13 The New King (2)25/07/2009
1x07 The Posse08/11/2010
1x13 Narco, Part 226/01/2011
1x14 Father Figure23/04/2011
1x16 Roundup07/05/2011
1x04 Up In Flames11/10/2011
1x05 With Honor18/10/2011
1x10 Trajectories22/11/2011
1x17 Blind Alleys28/02/2012
1x07 Homecoming27/04/2014
1x11 Best Laid Plans15/06/2014
3x03 Corto Maltese22/10/2014
3x06 Guilty12/11/2014
3x10 Left Behind21/01/2015
3x14 The Return18/02/2015
3x15 Nanda Parbat25/02/2015
The Man in the High Castle (Le Maître du Haut Château)
2x03 Travelers15/12/2016
2x10 Fallout15/12/2016
2x05 Duck and Cover15/12/2016