Eric Dean Seaton

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Cleveland, Ohio (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

That's So Raven (Phénomène Raven)
3x09 The Big Buzz28/01/2005
3x17 They Work Hard for His Honey29/04/2005
3x18 Mind Your Own Business13/05/2005
4x05 Adventures in Boss Sitting24/03/2006
4x07 Driving Miss Lazy21/04/2006
4x12 Fur Better or Worse05/08/2006
4x14 When 6021 Met 426718/08/2006
4x18 Rae of Sunshine06/10/2006
4x19 The Dress Is Always Greener25/11/2006
4x21 The Way We Were02/03/2007
4x22 Where There's Smoke10/11/2007
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (La Vie de palace de Zack et Cody)
2x19 Ask Zack15/07/2006
Sonny with a Chance (Sonny)
1x03 Sonny at the Falls15/02/2009
1x05 Cheater Girls01/03/2009
1x06 Three's Not Company08/03/2009
1x09 Sonny With A Chance Of Dating12/04/2009
1x10 Sonny and the Studio Brat26/04/2009
1x12 The Heartbreak Kid17/05/2009
1x13 Battle of the Networks' Stars07/06/2009
1x15 Tales From the Prop House02/08/2009
1x17 Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star27/09/2009
1x18 Hart to Hart01/11/2009
1x19 Sonny in the Middle08/11/2009
1x20 Cookie Monsters15/11/2009
1x21 Sonny: So Far22/11/2009
2x01 Walk a Mile in My Pants14/03/2010
2x02 Sonny Get Your Goat21/03/2010
2x03 Gassie Passes28/03/2010
2x06 Legend of Candy Face02/05/2010
2x09 Grady With a Chance of Sonny23/05/2010
2x10 Falling for the Falls: Part 113/06/2010
2x11 Falling for the Falls: Part 220/06/2010
2x12 Sonny with a Secret: Part 118/07/2010
2x13 Sonny with a Secret: Part 218/07/2010
2x15 That's So Sonny29/08/2010
2x16 Chad Without a Chance19/09/2010
2x17 My Two Chads26/09/2010
2x18 A So Random Halloween Special17/10/2010
2x20 Dakota's Revenge14/11/2010
2x21 Sonny with a Kiss21/11/2010
2x22 A So Random! Holiday Special28/11/2010
2x23 Sonny with a Grant05/12/2010
2x25 Sonny with a Choice19/12/2010
Good Luck Charlie (Bonne chance Charlie)
1x22 Teddy Rebounds28/11/2010
Shake It Up
1x13 Glitz It Up06/03/2011
1x14 Hot Mess It Up20/03/2011
1x17 Vatalihootsit It Up12/06/2011
1x18 Model It Up17/06/2011
The Haunted Hathaways (3 fantômes chez les Hathaway)
1x07 Haunted Doll21/09/2013
1x22 Haunted Bowling Ally12/04/2014
1x23 Haunted Boo Crew26/04/2014
2x05 Haunted Mind Games20/09/2014
2x07 Haunted Rapper04/10/2014
2x10 Haunted Mascot15/11/2014
2x12 Haunted Temptation23/02/2015
1x13 Go for Gary03/07/2014
2x03 An Imaginary Torch Walks Into a Bar31/03/2015
2x05 A Priest Walks Into a Bar21/04/2015
Bella and the Bulldogs (Bella et les Bulldogs)
1x05 Tex Fest07/02/2015
1x09 Bromantically Challenged14/03/2015
1x16 Root for Newt02/05/2015
1x20 No Girls Allowed30/05/2015
The Thundermans (Les Thunderman)
2x17 Who's Your Mommy?02/03/2015
2x23 The Girl with the Dragon Snafu25/03/2015
3x01 Phoebe Vs. Max: The Sequel27/06/2015
3x03 Why You Buggin'?18/07/2015
3x20 Can't Spy Me Love23/07/2016
3x23 Stealing Home13/08/2016
4x01 Happy Heroween22/10/2016
4x04 Max to the Future14/01/2017
4x08 Orange is the New Max18/02/2017
4x22 Make It Pop Pop24/02/2018
4x27 The Thundredth25/05/2018
4x29 The Thunder Games25/05/2018
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky et Dawn)
2x01 Wanted: The Sugar Beet Gang23/05/2015
2x03 Urban Legend Outfitters06/06/2015
2x07 I Want Candace11/07/2015
2x10 Quaddy-shack11/11/2015
2x17 Three Men and a Mae B.13/02/2016
Truth Be Told (2015)
1x08 Love Thy Neighbor11/12/2015
Dr. Ken
1x20 Dave's Sex Talk08/04/2016
2x11 A Park Family Christmas16/12/2016
School of Rock (Rock Academy)
2x08 Voices Carry12/11/2016
3x02 Do You Want to Know a Secret15/07/2017
Fuller House (La fête à la maison : 20 ans après)
2x11 DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion09/12/2016
Raven's Home (Raven (2017))
1x01 Baxter's Back!21/07/2017
1x04 Exes with Benefits23/08/2017
1x06 Surprises30/08/2017
2x10 Funeral Party12/07/2018
The Mick (Very Bad Nanny)
2x12 The City16/01/2018
2x16 The Accident06/03/2018
1x09 Who Gon Stop Me28/02/2018
2x11 Face the World06/03/2019
Knight Squad (L'École des chevaliers)
1x07 A Knight's Tail31/03/2018
Superior Donuts
2x17 Balls and Streaks09/04/2018
Modern Family
9x20 Mother!02/05/2018
10x07 Did the Chicken Cross the Road?07/11/2018
10x21 Commencement01/05/2019
11x07 The Last Thanksgiving20/11/2019
The Cool Kids
1x04 Sid Comes Out19/10/2018
Prince of Peoria (Le Prince de Peoria)
1x02 Teddy vs. The Wild16/11/2018
1x03 Emil the Mom Thief16/11/2018
1x01 The Prince Arrives16/11/2018
2x08 The Summer of Teddy & Emil20/05/2019
Family Reunion (Bienvenue chez Mamilia)
1x01 Remember How This All Started?10/07/2019
1x02 Remember Charlie Wilson?10/07/2019
1x06 Remember That Crazy Road Trip?10/07/2019
1x07 Remember the First Day of School?10/07/2019
1x09 Remember Black Elvis?10/07/2019
6x03 Feminisn't08/10/2019
6x18 Best Supporting Husband17/03/2020
7x06 Our Wedding Dre18/11/2020
7x08 Compton Around the Christmas Tree02/12/2020
5x03 Blurred Lines20/10/2019
The Goldbergs (Les Goldberg)
7x10 It's a Wonderful Life11/12/2019
The Flash (2014) (Flash (2014))
6x15 The Exorcism of Nash Wells17/03/2020
7x17 Heart of the Matter, Part 113/07/2021
3x02 Goodbyes Sure Do Suck28/01/2021
2x10 Time Off for Good Behavior11/04/2021
Superman & Lois (Superman et Lois)
1x09 Loyal Subjekts08/06/2021
DC's Legends of Tomorrow
6x09 This is Gus11/07/2021