Ellie Herman

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

• États-Unis

Aussi appelé : Ellen Herman

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Northern Exposure (Bienvenue en Alaska)
2x04 What I Did For Love29/04/1991
3x02 Only You30/09/1991
Doogie Howser, M.D. (Docteur Doogie)
3x08 Doogstruck20/11/1991
3x12 It's a Wonderful Laugh18/12/1991
3x13 Dangerous Reunions08/01/1992
3x14 Mummy Dearest22/01/1992
3x21 Sons of the Desert22/04/1992
3x22 That's What Friends Are For29/04/1992
Melrose Place (1992)
1x05 Leap of Faith05/08/1992
1x13 Dreams Come True28/10/1992
1x19 Single White Sister06/01/1993
My So-Called Life (Angela, 15 ans)
1x13 Pressure01/12/1994
1x16 Resolutions05/01/1995
1x03 First Impressions05/10/1996
1x06 Fathers26/10/1996
1x10 Role Model14/12/1996
1x12 New Year's Eve04/01/1997
1x16 Valentine's Day07/04/1997
Party of Five (1994) (La vie à cinq)
4x18 True or False25/02/1998
The $treet
1x03 High Yield Bonds15/11/2000
Joan of Arcadia (Le Monde de Joan)
2x05 The Election22/10/2004
2x10 The Book of Questions26/11/2004
2x16 Independence Day18/02/2005
Desperate Housewives
2x03 You'll Never Get Away From Me09/10/2005
Jericho (US)
1x04 The Walls Of Jericho11/10/2006
The Riches
1x06 Reckless Gardening16/04/2007
1x10 This Is Your Brain On Drugs14/05/2007
1x10 This Is Your Brain On Drugs14/05/2007
2x02 Friday Night Lights25/03/2008
2x04 Slums of Bayou Hills08/04/2008
Hung (Le Réjouisseur)
1x06 Doris is Dead or Are We Rich or Are We Poor?09/08/2009