Ellen Gittelsohn

pas de portrait

Née le 12 avril 1945 à New York (New York) (États-Unis) (75 ans)

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Ellen Falcon

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Diff'rent Strokes (Arnold & Willy)
6x22 Kathy's Olympics24/03/1984
The Facts of Life (Drôle de vie)
6x16 Jazzbeau16/01/1985
Designing Women (1986) (Femmes d'affaires et dames de cœur)
1x01 Designing Women29/09/1986
4x26 Their Finest Hour09/05/1990
My Sister Sam (Sam Suffit)
1x01 Samantha Russell, Man Stealer06/10/1986
1x02 Patti's Party20/10/1986
1x03 Shooting Stars27/10/1986
1x04 What Makes Samantha Run?03/11/1986
1x05 Roomies10/11/1986
1x06 The Aunt Elsie Crisis: Day One24/11/1986
1x07 Teacher's Pet01/12/1986
1x08 Mirror, Mirror... on the Wall08/12/1986
1x11 Club Dread12/01/1987
1x14 Go Crazy02/02/1987
1x15 Another Saturday Night09/02/1987
1x16 Family Business16/02/1987
1x18 If You Knew Susie02/03/1987
1x19 Sister, Can You Spare a Fifty?16/03/1987
1x20 Exposed06/04/1987
1x01 Life and Stuff18/10/1988
1x02 We're in the Money25/10/1988
1x03 D-I-V-O-R-C-E01/11/1988
1x04 Language Lessons22/11/1988
1x05 Radio Days29/11/1988
1x06 Lovers' Lanes06/12/1988
1x07 The Memory Game13/12/1988
1x08 Here's to Good Friends20/12/1988
1x09 Dan's Birthday Bash03/01/1989
1x10 Saturday10/01/1989
1x11 Canoga Time17/01/1989
1x12 The Monday Through Friday Show24/01/1989
1x13 Bridge Over Troubled Sonny31/01/1989
1x14 Father's Day07/02/1989
1x19 Workin' Overtime14/03/1989
1x23 Let's Call It Quits02/05/1989
Major Dad
1x14 Lemon01/01/1989
1x08 Robin's Awakening06/11/1989
1x09 Major Mom13/11/1989
1x10 Love Doctor20/11/1989
1x11 See the Hill ... Over the Hill27/11/1989
1x12 Boxer Rebellion04/12/1989
1x13 Discipline11/12/1989
1x20 Officer of the Day12/03/1990
1x22 All Quiet on the Home Front, pt. 209/04/1990
The Cosby Show (Cosby Show)
7x03 The Last Barbecue04/10/1990
7x04 Period of Adjustment11/10/1990
7x06 Getting the Story25/10/1990
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Le Prince de Bel-Air)
2x01 Did the Earth Move For You?09/09/1991
2x02 The Mother of All Battles16/09/1991
2x03 Will Gets a Job23/09/1991
2x04 PSAT Pstory30/09/1991
2x05 Granny Gets Busy07/10/1991
2x06 Guess Who's Coming to Marry?14/10/1991
2x07 The Big Four-Oh21/10/1991
2x08 She Ain't Heavy04/11/1991
2x09 Cased Up11/11/1991
2x10 Hi-Ho Silver18/11/1991
2x11 The Butler Did It25/11/1991
2x12 Something For Nothing09/12/1991
2x13 Christmas Show16/12/1991
2x15 My Brother's Keeper13/01/1992
2x16 Geoffrey Cleans Up20/01/1992
2x17 Community Action03/02/1992
2x18 Ill Will10/02/1992
2x19 Eyes on the Prize17/02/1992
2x05 The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant19/10/1995
Everybody Loves Raymond (Tout le monde aime Raymond)
2x05 Golf13/10/1997
2x04 Mozart20/10/1997
2x06 Anniversary27/10/1997
Dharma & Greg
1x13 Do You Want Fries With That?07/01/1998
2x10 Yes, We Have No Bananas (or Anything Else for That Matter)25/11/1998
The Closer (1998) (L'Irrésistible Jack)
1x06 Baby, It's Cold Outside06/04/1998
Two Guys and a Girl (Un toit pour trois)
2x09 Two Guys, a Girl and Oxford18/11/1998
2x17 Two Guys, a Girl and the Storm of the Century (1)17/02/1999
2x19 Two Guys, a Girl and a Fighter17/03/1999
2x20 Two Guys, a Girl and a Mother's Day12/05/1999
2x21 Two Guys, a Girl and Barenaked Ladies19/05/1999
Lizzie McGuire
1x21 Lizzie Strikes Out31/08/2001
1x10 When Good Credit Goes Bad11/01/2002
1x19 Labor of Love26/04/2002
2x20 The Best Defense14/03/2003
2x21 For Sale, Cheap28/03/2003
Half & Half
1x01 The Big Pilot Episode23/09/2002
1x02 The Big Forget-Me-Not Episode30/09/2002
1x04 The Big Pimpin' Episode14/10/2002
1x05 The Big Dose of Reality Episode21/10/2002
1x06 The Big Award Episode28/10/2002
1x07 The Big Sistah Sans Soul Episode04/11/2002
1x09 The Big In with the In Crowd Episode18/11/2002
1x10 The Big Thanks for Forgiving Episode25/11/2002
1x11 The Big Upsetting Set-up Episode16/12/2002
1x13 The Big Condom-nation Episode03/02/2003
1x14 The Big Game of Love Episode10/02/2003
1x15 The Big Phat Mouth Episode (1)17/02/2003
1x16 The Big Phat Mouth Episode (2)18/02/2003
1x17 The Big Mixed Up Mojo Episode17/03/2003
1x18 The Big Sexy Shame Episode24/03/2003
1x19 The Big Falling for It Episode21/04/2003
1x20 The Big 'I Have a Dream' Episode21/04/2003
1x21 The Big Much 'I Do' About Nothing Episode28/04/2003
1x22 The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Episode05/05/2003
1x23 The Big Bad Neighbor Episode12/05/2003
2x01 The Big Mis-Conception Episode (1)15/09/2003
2x02 The Big Mis-Conception Episode (2)22/09/2003
2x03 The Big Keep Your Eyes Off My Prize Episode29/09/2003
2x04 The Big Birth-quake Episode06/10/2003
2x06 The Big Butting In Episode20/10/2003
2x07 The Big Foot in My Mouth Episode03/11/2003
2x08 The Big Forbidden Fruit Episode10/11/2003
2x09 The Big College Admission Episode17/11/2003
2x10 The Big Bitter Baby Shower Episode24/11/2003
2x11 The Big How the Ex Stole Christmas Episode15/12/2003
2x12 The Big Double Date With My Mate Episode12/01/2004
2x13 The Big You're Not the Boss of Me Episode09/02/2004
2x14 The Big Love Is Here and Now You're Gone Episode16/02/2004
2x15 The Big I Haven't Got the Vegas Idea Episode23/02/2004
2x16 The Big Labor of Love Episode01/03/2004
2x17 The Big Typecast Episode29/03/2004
2x18 The Big Good Help Is Hard to Fire Episode29/03/2004
2x19 The Big Practice What You Preach Episode12/04/2004
2x20 The Big Employee Benefits Episode26/04/2004
2x21 The Big Mother of a Mother's Day Rides Again Episode03/05/2004
2x22 The Big Fetish What You Started Episode10/05/2004
2x23 The Big Rules of Engagement Episode17/05/2004
2x24 The Big My Lover, My Brother Episode17/05/2004
3x01 The Big My Little Pony Episode20/09/2004
3x02 The Big Birth-Date Episode27/09/2004
3x03 The Big Advice to Put It on Ice Episode04/10/2004
3x04 The Big One Wedding and a Funeral Episode11/10/2004
3x05 The Big Don't Leave Me This Way Episode18/10/2004
3x06 The Big Not So Loyal Family Episode25/10/2004
3x08 The Big My Life and Kids Episode15/11/2004
3x09 The Big Thanks for Nothing Episode22/11/2004
3x10 The Big Parent Trap Episode29/11/2004
3x11 The Big Home Is Where the Car Is Episode03/01/2005
3x12 The Big All Bets Are Off Episode31/01/2005
3x13 The Big Credit Check Episode07/02/2005
3x14 The Big Performance Anxiety Episode14/02/2005
3x15 The Big Fast Track Episode (1)21/02/2005
3x16 The Big Fast Track Episode (2)28/02/2005
3x19 The Big Who's Wooing Who Episode02/05/2005
3x20 The Big Mothers for Others Episode09/05/2005
3x21 The Big Thorne in My Side Episode16/05/2005
3x22 The Big Pomp and Circumstance Episode23/05/2005
The Suite Life on Deck (La Vie de croisière de Zack et Cody)
1x16 Mom and Dad on Deck20/02/2009
1x17 The Wrong Stuff28/03/2009
2x13 The Swede Life04/12/2009
1x04 The Break-In13/04/2009

Scénariste de séries

The Suite Life on Deck (La Vie de croisière de Zack et Cody)
1x04 The Kidney of the Sea10/10/2008