Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Aussi appelé : Liz Allen-Rosenbaum

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2015 Manipulation (Careful What You Wish For)91
2010 Ramona et Beezus (Ramona and Beezus) 103
2006 Aquamarine 104
Moyenne de tous ses films12.44

Réalisation de séries

Gossip Girl
2x17 Carrnal Knowledge02/02/2009
Life UneXpected
1x12 Father Unfigured05/04/2010
1x13 Love Unexpected12/04/2010
2x04 Team Rebounded05/10/2010
2x09 Homecoming Crashed16/11/2010
90210 (90210 : Beverly Hills - Nouvelle Génération)
3x09 They're Playing Her Song15/11/2010
3x17 Blue Naomi28/02/2011
4x01 Up In Smoke13/09/2011
4x02 Rush Hour20/09/2011
The Vampire Diaries
2x11 By the Light of the Moon09/12/2010
Emily Owens, M.D. (Dr Emily Owens)
1x07 Emily And… the Good and the Bad04/12/2012
1x12 This Trick May Chance to Scathe You05/05/2014
Red Band Society (Les bracelets rouges (US))
1x04 There's No Place Like Homecoming08/10/2014
The Kicks
1x01 Pilot26/06/2015
Mistresses (US)
3x11 Guilt By Association20/08/2015
3x12 Reasonable Doubt27/08/2015
1x05 The Eye of the Needle18/07/2016
1x06 A Simple Plan25/07/2016
MacGyver (2016)
1x20 Hole Puncher07/04/2017
2x05 Skull + Electromagnet27/10/2017
Famous in Love
1x10 Leaving Los Angeles18/04/2017
Empire (2015)
4x08 Cupid Painted Blind06/12/2017
The Exorcist (L'Exorciste)
2x09 Ritual & Repetition08/12/2017
The Resident
1x11 And the Nurses Get Screwed23/04/2018
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
9x05 A'ohe mea ‘imi a ka maka (Nothing More the Eyes to Search For)26/10/2018
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (The Perfectionists)
1x01 Pilot20/03/2019
1x02 Sex, Lies and Alibis27/03/2019
BH90210 (Beverly Hills : BH90210)
1x01 The Reunion07/08/2019
Why Women Kill
1x07 I Found Out What the Secret to Murder is: Friends. Best Friends.26/09/2019
Spinning Out
1x01 Now Entering Sun Valley01/01/2020
1x02 Welcome to the Family01/01/2020
Dead to Me
2x05 The Price You Pay08/05/2020
2x06 You Don't Have To08/05/2020