E.F. Wallengren

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Né le 15 décembre 1952 à Heber City (Utah) (Etats-Unis)

Décédé le 27 mai 2003 à l'âge de 50 ans à Calabasas (California) (Etats-Unis)

Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation de séries

Promised Land
1x15 The Collapse11/02/1997

Scénariste de séries

Falcon Crest
1x03 The Tangled Vines18/12/1981
1x08 Lord of the Manor22/01/1982
1x13 The Candidate26/02/1982
1x16 The Good, the Bad and the Profane02/04/1982
2x07 The Namesake19/11/1982
2x11 United We Stand...17/12/1982
2x19 The Odyssey18/02/1983
3x05 Judge and Jury28/10/1983
3x06 The Wages of Sin04/11/1983
3x11 The Betrayal09/12/1983
3x12 Coup d'Etat16/12/1983
3x14 Sport of Kings06/01/1984
3x15 Queen's Gambit13/01/1984
3x19 The Aftermath17/02/1984
3x28 Ashes to Ashes18/05/1984
4x02 Father's Day05/10/1984
4x06 Lord of the Valley02/11/1984
4x11 Going Once, Going Twice07/12/1984
4x14 Suitable for Framing28/12/1984
4x18 The Showdown01/02/1985
4x19 Retribution08/02/1985
4x30 The Avenging Angel24/05/1985
5x02 Unfinished Business11/10/1985
5x03 Blood Brothers18/10/1985
5x09 The Naked Truth29/11/1985
5x12 False Hope20/12/1985
5x13 Fair Game03/01/1986
5x14 Conundrum10/01/1986
5x20 Flesh and Blood21/02/1986
5x21 Law and Ardor28/02/1986
5x29 Cataclysm22/05/1986
6x06 Flashpoint07/11/1986
6x10 Maggie05/12/1986
6x15 When the Bough Breaks23/01/1987
6x16 The Cradle Will Fall30/01/1987
6x20 Hat Trick27/02/1987
6x26 The Great Karlotti01/05/1987
Little House on the Prairie (La petite maison dans la prairie)
9x13 Sins of the Fathers10/01/1983
Knight Rider (1982) (K-2000)
2x03 Brother's Keeper09/10/1983
Baywatch (Alerte à Malibu)
1x03 In Deep22/09/1989
Flipper: The New Adventures (Les nouvelles aventures de Flipper le dauphin)
1x01 Pilot02/10/1995
1x02 Treasure Hunt09/10/1995
1x12 Pearl Maker15/01/1996
1x18 The Girl Who Came to Dinner15/04/1996
1x21 Sharks!06/05/1996
Promised Land
1x01 The Expatriate17/09/1996
1x03 The Motel01/10/1996
1x05 The Magic Gate15/10/1996
1x06 Leap of Faith29/10/1996
1x09 The Homecoming (2/2)26/11/1996
1x11 Christmas17/12/1996
1x15 The Collapse11/02/1997
1x17 Amazing Grace25/02/1997
Touched by an Angel (Les anges du bonheur)
3x20 Labor of Love09/03/1997
4x01 The Road Home (1/2)21/09/1997
4x02 Great Expectations28/09/1997
Diagnosis Murder (Diagnostic : Meurtre)
6x14 Murder, My Suite28/01/1999