Ed Bye

Angleterre Royaume-Uni Nationalité anglaise - britannique

Né le 12 juin 1955 (66 ans) • Hammersmith, Grand Londres, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)

Ed Bye

Père de Marina Bye (28 ans)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2000 Kevin & Perry (Kevin & Perry Go Large) 82
Moyenne de tous ses films8.57

Réalisation de séries

Red Dwarf
1x01 The End15/02/1988
1x02 Future Echoes22/02/1988
1x03 Balance of Power29/02/1988
1x04 Waiting For God07/03/1988
1x05 Confidence and Paranoia14/03/1988
1x06 Me221/03/1988
2x01 Kryten06/09/1988
2x02 Better Than Life13/09/1988
2x03 Thanks For The Memory20/09/1988
2x04 Stasis Leak27/09/1988
2x05 Queeg04/10/1988
2x06 Parallel Universe11/10/1988
3x01 Backwards14/11/1989
3x02 Marooned21/11/1989
3x03 Polymorph28/11/1989
3x04 Bodyswap05/12/1989
3x05 Timeslides12/12/1989
3x06 The Last Day19/12/1989
4x01 Camille14/02/1991
4x02 D.N.A.21/02/1991
4x03 Justice28/02/1991
4x04 White Hole07/03/1991
4x05 Dimension Jump14/03/1991
4x06 Meltdown21/03/1991
7x01 Tikka To Ride17/01/1997
7x02 Stoke Me A Clipper24/01/1997
7x03 Ouroboros31/01/1997
7x04 Duct Soup07/02/1997
7x05 Blue14/02/1997
7x06 Beyond a Joke21/02/1997
7x07 Epideme28/02/1997
7x08 Nanarchy07/03/1997
8x01 Back in the Red (1)18/02/1999
8x02 Back in the Red (2)25/02/1999
8x03 Back in the Red (3)04/03/1999
8x04 Cassandra11/03/1999
8x05 Krytie TV18/03/1999
8x06 Pete: Part 125/03/1999
8x07 Pete: Part 201/04/1999
8x08 Only The Good...05/04/1999
1x01 Smells17/09/1991
1x02 Gas24/09/1991
1x04 Apocalypse07/10/1991
1x05 's Up14/10/1991
1x06 Accident28/10/1991
2x01 Digger01/10/1992
2x02 Burglary08/10/1992
2x03 Culture15/10/1992
2x04 Parade22/10/1992
2x05 Holy29/10/1992
2x06 's Out10/04/1995
French & Saunders
6x01 Back at the BBC15/10/2004
6x02 Three-Letter Words22/10/2004
6x03 The Queen29/10/2004
6x04 Offers05/11/2004
6x05 Minutes12/11/2004
6x06 After Show Party26/11/2004
After You've Gone
2x01 Web of Deceit07/09/2007
2x02 The Tattoo14/09/2007
2x03 Tell Tale21/09/2007
2x04 Meet the Parent28/09/2007
2x05 Love and War05/10/2007
2x06 When She Came Back12/10/2007
2x07 Ride of Valkyride19/10/2007
2x08 Just Say No26/10/2007
2x09 And So This Is Christmas...23/12/2007
3x01 Dawn of the Dad14/09/2008
3x02 Not Love Actually21/09/2008
3x03 Going Solo28/09/2008
3x04 Bad, Bad Old Days17/10/2008
3x05 The Lure of the Rings24/10/2008
3x06 Damaged31/10/2008
3x07 The Law of the Skip07/11/2008
3x08 Too Cool for School21/11/2008
3x09 There Will be Pud21/12/2008
My Family (Ma Tribu)
10x00 2039: A Christmas Oddity24/12/2009
10x01 Wheelie Ben09/07/2010
10x02 The Son'll Come Out16/07/2010
10x03 Desperately Stalking Susan23/07/2010
10x04 The Melbourne Identity30/07/2010
10x05 He's Just Not That Into Ben06/08/2010
10x06 Slammertime13/08/2010
10x07 Ben Behaving Badly27/08/2010
10x08 Mary Christmas24/12/2010
11x01 Janey's Choice17/06/2011
11x02 Labour Pains01/07/2011
11x03 Accusin' Susan08/07/2011
11x04 Germs of Endearment15/07/2011
11x05 Harper vs. Harper22/07/2011
11x06 Relationship Happens29/07/2011
11x07 'Booked05/08/2011
11x08 A Decent Proposal12/08/2011
11x09 Darts All, Folks19/08/2011
11x10 Susan For A Brusin'26/08/2011
11x11 A Night Out02/09/2011
1x01 Wake29/04/2013
1x02 Cheat06/05/2013
1x03 Audition13/05/2013
1x04 Clubbing20/05/2013
1x05 Dinner Party03/06/2013
1x06 Anniversary10/06/2013
1x07 Christmas Special27/12/2013
2x01 Sister01/06/2015
2x02 Gym08/06/2015
2x03 Ballroom15/06/2015
2x04 Stag Do22/06/2015
2x05 Flatmates29/06/2015
2x06 Wedding06/07/2015